Seven foods at Knoebels Amusement Resort you need to try

I don’t even really know what this sauce is.
Hot! Whoa. That was so hot. I have to wait till it cools off.
It tastes like chicken. It’s good though.
Gotta get a little bit of everything in
here: the cheese, the bacon, the sour cream.
And of course, the tri-tater. Cheers.
it’s so good but so bad. That’s amazing.
What’s the verdict?
Oh yeah. That’s a good piece of pizza.
It’s pretty, I like the color.
Initial looks I give it a 10, but the
woman who sold it to us said that it
tastes like toothpaste, so I’m anxious.
Teaberry ice cream, here we go.
I’m not a fan. I want some of the cone.
This is the best.
It’s kind of like a popsicle and ice cream
and a chocolate-covered something all in one.
Now that’s what pink ice cream is
supposed to taste like.
I’d say that’s a pretty solide bite. The chicken and waffles here at The Alamo.
So good. just like my mom makes it. Not
the fried chicken but just the pulled
chicken. The mashed potatoes are delicious.

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