Sexy Female Rugby Ad by Lynx

Sexy Female Rugby Ad by Lynx

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did in those four years you say that because okay i know nothing about rugby
right n_i_h_ obviously i’m straight i’m not interested in females but you know
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100 Comments on “Sexy Female Rugby Ad by Lynx”

  1. everybody who's bugged by this advert, take the stick out of your arse and enjoy it. yes women and men are both fun to watch when sexualised. you want to make a male version of this ad, go ahead, I wouldn't mind.

  2. Hot chicks on a commercial put their to catch the male or sexually confused female's eye on a product. Guess what! SEX SELLS. So get over it. You dont like it? Move the fuck on.

  3. can't that woman tell that this is the Kiwi version of the ad? The All Blacks win and it has the NZ site at the end…

  4. Don't get me wrong, I've seen a fair few hotties playing it..Fastest growing? Yeah I could see that, but you need to look at what that means..take a group of 10, and add 10 to it, you have 100% growth.. take a group of 1000 and add 100 to it, and you only have 10% growth. Point is, you might be fast growing, but that's only due to the small nature of your population that's playing it.

  5. As a female rugby player, I tried so hard not to be offended by this. I couldn't. This ad is just so offensive to female athletes

  6. If it were males would it be offensive? I don't know how its offensive? Because sexy athletic women doing rugby is offensive?

  7. Of course it is offensive and objectifies women giving girls complexes about their body image and effecting their self esteem. As a man I enjoyed the add for obvious reasons but we have to be responsible too. Also I hate commercials because they are trying to manipulate us to buy their product and they have no scruples and only regulatory bodies control them. They would do and say anything so we must be aware, and respect others and not dismiss them because they take it too seriously….. it is.

  8. this is the shittest thing ive seen. no one on my women's rugby team looks like that. no woman looks like that. no one plays rugby like that. most of our women have bigger muscles than the men.

    im fucking sick of shit like this. rubbishing a women's sport and women as sex symbols again.

  9. no, i really dont think i am.
    i get it, they're sexy… but they dont look a thing like the girl's i play rugby with. or the two girls that play on the Australian national team.
    tell me which point im missing?

  10. i agree. im sick of this shit… i try not to get offended by the "do you all shower together" shit. i mean really, if i did shower with the rest of the team is because they are a hell of a lot nicer than the guys that say that shit and i'd much rather be friend-zoned by a female rugby player.

  11. Great Ad ๐Ÿ™‚

    Though I feel offended by the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sulpshite = Shit deodorant!

    Anyone with a brain cell knows that Lynx is no good for your health.

  12. The point is, is that Lynx is selling their male product by gaining the attention of men. It is focused on the males in New Zealand as they mix two popular things. One: Rugby which is hugely popular in NZ. Two: Hot chicks, which is pretty much popular around the world.
    This ad really doesn't promote Rugby in a way, it just uses it to gain mass main-stream attention.

  13. It's wrong bcs imagine if you had to watch a similar commercial with men in it (and your a man). You wouldn't approved of it, therefore naturally women shouldn't approve of this…

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  16. WOO THESE GIRL SO SEXY BEAUTIFUL !!!! WANT A HOT HUG WITH THEM !!!! YA !!!! CHECK THE BEST SONG CALLED BRISK- Briskpocalypse !!!! AND, CHECK A NO 1 BEST FPS GAME CALLED TEAM FOTRESS 2 !!!! JEVOVADBOTO !!!! WOW Mike Diva AND CorridorDigital SO VERY PRO COOL FUNNY LOGIC !!!! YEAH !!!! Mike Diva AND CorridorDigital are THE BEST !!!! And my image is a man in red,Dante from DevilMayCry 4 !!!! CHECK THE BEST GAME EVER IN THE WORLD CALL Devil May Cry 4 !!!!

  17. there is countless webpages where girls are on their webcam that are many times better than these vids, i understand you all too lazy to search so ill tell you where i find all the babes check out GIRLCM.COM

    I don't know of a soul who doesn't maintain two separate lists of doctrines – the ones they believe they believe; and the ones that they actually try to live by.

  18. I agree. Women should be objectified on such a public thing like television. We should teach our children now that women are just for sex. I mean linx has everything to do with lady's bums.
    If you can't detect the ssarcasm you misunderstood.

  19. Young Turks once again with such deep comprehensive research….its a New Zealand ad not Australia, try using google next time

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