Shoot The Person Behind The GIANT Wall!!

O My Gosh, to much.That was way to much. That tore a big part out of the way, baby!
Are you out of your mind? I gotta big opening there!
What’s up you guys welcome to the- shh we’re hiding
ohhh, shh
Welcome to the shoot the person behind the wall challenge. part three, three
we’re hiding behind these walls. Brian and Kevin are on a team. Joey and I are on team or the Joey’s and I are on a team
We can’t get hit they’re trying to hit us
Round one is gonna be traditional three panels. They’re hiding behind one of those, three.
Hey guys. you guys voted on Twitter for my weapon. I was trying to imitate myself, I could’ve just spoken in my regular voice.
You guys chose my weapon on Twitter, so if you guys want to be a part of future video votes.
Go follow us right there. All right, did they choose this weapon? Did they choose that one for Kevin?
No, we chose that one for Kevin because we didn’t know Kevin was gonna be in it until the last minute so
All right
I go
The way we’re going to score this
Is the team that uses the least amount of turns to knock them both out
wins and they get an advantage, a little sneak peek into where the other team is hiding on the next round. There’s gonna be a
giant wall of this stuff. The Great Wall of Team Edge. oh
I like that the Great Wall, so creative. If your wondering where Kevin got his shirt, don’t cause you can’t buy it anywhere.
Watch It.
Your going to hurt somebody.
All right, I get one thrust
It is at 350 standard psi
I thought you hit, Joey.
This is awesome!
O My Gosh
Let’s make a whole in the other one, you haven’t done that one over there. Yeah. Kevin, just said that probably
Wait- shhh. I can hear them talking. You can hear them?
Your sword, I lost my sword!
Brother, how much pressure was that? That was one fifty, bro.
Did I get someone? Oh, you got someone.
Did I get someone? Yes! Got Bobby.
Awww. Dude, you hurt him.
He’s alive!
I was thinking go low this time. He’s thin, he’s like a pole. So we have to be care. He’s a pole but he’s a clever little pole
He’s probably laying on the floor. Oh
Wait, I heard Bobby say oh. I think he’s in this area. I say Oh to everything though. Watch your aim! Fire!!
Dang it, dude. I can’t do it It’s gonna hurt him..
Just kidding
Wait, did he just touch it? Oh, Brain. Go. Get. Down here. Load me up, Bro! Load me up! Load me up, bro!
We put it at 300 psi, load me up bro, load me up! LOADING!
You saw me. Yeah, you were moving around. You’re moving
All right, they got to beat 8. Vote down below, if you think. They’re gonna be able to top it.
Bobby and I are gonna turn around. You guys hide. what happened?
Where that hit him? Did I get him?
Bobby? Are you alive?
Go ahead and hide, you guys. Hide folks, we’ll turn around.
All right. Go download Michael Modell’s album. Korie, put in a dope song right now of me meditating from his album.
Ge..Get your hands off my tush.. I’m going, all right. Should we start? No, we didn’t say we are ready. How does it take you so long?
How did you fall for that? I was just like
Am without resolve buy it on iTunes down below link in the description. I know. Bryan’s got to be on top. Someone got to be on top.
You cheater. Did you get him? I guess so. You got him? Such a cheater, Bro.
Get Brian next. I’m very good at this game for some reason.
Too much pressure. Brian, walked up to it backwards.
That’s too hard.
Wow! All or nothing. That was close. That’s too hard.
You’re such a cheater, Brian.
What? Don’t look! Bobby
His just trying to make big holes.
Oh, He’s right there, I just saw his hood. He’s right there. There’s three holes. Oh, I see him. Yeah.
There he is. Don’t move. Where are you..?
He was hiding in the middle.
Don’t stab so hard, Bro.
You missed! You missed!
Okay. All right. Get him Bobby. I’ll get him. What number is that?
Wait, We won. We won, you don’t have to shoot have to shoot.
Somehow I still feel like we won. Yeah.
I got Kevin on the first one though. Moving on to the next one next round. What is the next round, Bobby?
What’s the next round, Bobby? Give me a second. No, what’s the next round? Bobby, What is it?
Wait! No.
Since Kevin annoy. Since Kevin and I won that first round. I get to go first and I can pick my weapon, one of these.
And as you can see if we had the giant edge wall
And we’ve also added some civilians, so here’s the scoring or here here is here are the rules we have Marvin back there
We have Cameron
He is the editor for get good gaming
Link down below if you want to go watch some of their videos each time I take a shot
it’s at one tally if I hit my own teammate that is plus two if I hit a civilian that is also plus two the
Round is over when I take out Bobby and J Fred load it up
I got Cameron. Oh, he got me.
Right on the noggin, dude. We are gonna to need another doctor, guys. We need another doctor.
Fire!!! Oh dang it
Oh, shoot.
I gotta grab the same spot. Fire!!! I’m so scared right now
Someone it around their.
Dang it.
My tushy
My tush. All right since Kevin
And I won that first round. I get a hint.
My hint was there in panel number behind panel number two
What ah
Dang it
Who was that?
Ow, that hurt. I know, dude. That hurt my butt.
Where are you Bobby son?
Dang it
Are you are you allowed to do that. What? Look through like that? No.
So, then don’t.
You got 21 shots. 21?!
right on the head!
You got me, right here.
I had I had a total of 22 shots
But I got four points in penalties reading Cameron and Dan so a total of 26 points
J-Fred, you’re up. Bobby is on Joey’s team, and I don’t know if they try to cheat and bobby try to communicate were his going to hide.
We get to place him. We are going to place you right here, Bobby.
Hey, Bobby. We will help you out. We help you out. Here, put that down your pants. Tuck this down your pants. Will that does not help much. Tuck that down your plants, bro.
Not enough space.
Yeah, fine. Your good. Your good. Just the sight of seeing…
Bobby. Perfect. This doesn’t help that much. No.
Time for carnage.
O My Gosh. O My Gosh, to much.That was way to much. That tore a big part out of the way, baby! Are you out of your mind? I gotta big opening there!
Joey that’s too hard y’all ain’t getting away from me
No, that’s too… Joey
I think daddy like
Who did I hit?
Oh, I got my guy. I got Bobby. Joey, Joey. I can’t think straight. I got music blasting in my ears. My arm is tired. Dang it, I got Bobby.
I’m freaking out here. The way he screams scares me even more.
Who did I get? Did I get somebody? All right, here we go baby. He can see.
Goodbye, brother. Goodbye. I love you. Why are you bent over like this? Oh, That’s why?
Dang, it took me so many hits to get him. Did I get him?
You got Kevin. I got him? Yeah, you got it. I can’t hear anything
I’m gonna find Brian, and he is going to die.
Dang it so we have 28 points right you currently have 25 wait. Wait, he has 27 because he hit me. Oh that’s right. He does
So. Right now. So, you need to hit Brian. Yeah, to win you need to hit in one. You got that. Oh, all right?
He was trying to listen to you Brian the whole time. His such a cheater. You’re such a cheater, bro
I can’t hear what he said you got one more shot to win
Oh, yeah!!! oh, that’s Dan. Dang it.
You got a civilian. I lost. My done.
Guys, make sure you go check out our shoot the person behind the wall playlist. That’s is all of our shoot the person behind
wall videos. I think there’s two and they each have over 9 million views apiece.
Insane. Also go check out our giant foosball
Video. Where we had giant foosball and the people were the people. The people were the people. Peace.

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