Si Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge – Costa Rica

Welcome to the Central Pacific coast. I’m
Adam Baker, today we’re back here in the
heart of Manuel Antonio to discover one
of the very best resorts when it comes
to family vacations by the sea with
stunning service exciting wildlife and
genuinely warm Costa Rican service.
This is the Si Como No Resort and Wildlife Refuge.
The resort is the flagship property of
Greentique Hotels,
one of Costa Rica’s leaders in sustainable hospitality,
this like all Greentique Hotels puts you
right into the surrounding area offering
comfort great dining and personalized service,
that is very “Pura Vida” This is
Greentique prime resort if you’re
looking for a vacation spot right by the
Si Como No is around three hours
away from the San Jose ideally located
in the very heart of Manuel Antonio.
You can also take a 25-minute flight into
the nearby Quepos airstrip the
property sits on a hillside blending
seamlessly into the jungle overlooking
the Azul blue water of the Pacific Ocean
the views on-site are fabulous.
Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with warm
smiles in a lobby atrium open to soft
ocean breezes overlooking the lush
tropical gardens and jungle landscape
there’s a selection of custom design
rooms offering comfy king and queen beds
with a bright locally inspired decor
that is reflective of the ocean
environment the rooms are connected by
garden walkways to pools restaurants and
the spa right on-site it’s a great spot
for families friends and couples as well
the views from your private balcony are
simply stunning and not to mention the
local wildlife you can see here as well
sloths playful monkeys Basilisk lizards
and dozens of other exotic species share
the animal corridors with guests.
Beyond the views Si Como No is a quick ride to Manuel Antonio beach and national park
via the complimentary shuttle service
offered the Manuel Antonio National Park
is undoubtedly the biggest draw to the
area there’s plenty of wildlife
beautiful pristine beaches an exotic
it’s one of the best-known national parks in the country
forget you even closer to the wildlife you’ll see
at the resort Si Como No Greentique
Wildlife Refuge and butterfly atrium is
right across the street and offers day
and night tours into this oasis of
Pacific Coastal wet forests here you’ll
learn about yet more of Costa Rica’s
incredible biodiversity it’s a great
spot to explore with your kids and get
great photos and be very much immersed
in a tropical beauty of the area
after a long day of adventure or beach
time there is no better way to relax and
with a soothing massage at the Cala
here you’ll find a welcoming variety of
treatments where there is something for everyone
Si Como No is an evolution of ideas has
started back in 92 in which we had this
idea to come down to Costa Rica and
create something that was totally green
and in harmony with nature so since then
we’ve gone from the original four rooms
into now we have 50 online and
fortunately in the process we seem to
have brought more nature back than we
had before this property is ideal I
think well for families we’re always
recognized in families but it also – we
have an adult pool and a spa for adults
we feel that there’s a big enough
property here within the resort so you
can have both atmospheres parts of this
hotel were designed for romance meaning
we have beautiful venues where you can
go and just be with your
boyfriend/girlfriend your spouse
whatever and feel like you’re the only
one at hotel we are very much involved
with Costa Rican gastronomy and our
ideas is to bring back the identity of
what grandma used to cook for the kids
which is authentic Costa Rican cuisine
using as many natural local sources we
feel that we can continue to host people
from around the world without damaging
the very attractions that come to visit
so Greentique is very much involved with
the community so it’s not just an island
in the middle of a community it’s us
interacting with the community with the
schools with the Barrios where the
employees live getting everybody
involved in the whole concept of
sustainable living seriously you should
come down and check out what we’re doing
here at Si Como No and what we’re
doing with Greentique because when it
comes to exceptional hospitality we’ve
been doing this for a while so we look
forward to hosting you chao.
I’ve had a great couple of days here at Si Como No
You can expect authentic warm Greentique service as well as stunning
views from just about everywhere on site
the nature is fantastic you’ll get up
close and personal and of course you’re
right here in the heart of Manuel Antonio
meaning easy access to the
beaches and national park.
for more information on a visit you can click the link below
for Greenquite Hotels. I’m Adam Baker until next time.

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