Sims Freeplay – How to Build a REAL Indoor Balcony, Loft or Double-Height Room (Early Access)

Sims Freeplay – How to Build a REAL Indoor Balcony, Loft or Double-Height Room (Early Access)

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Make2.
In this video we’ll tell you all you need
to know about building with mezzanines in
The Sims FreePlay.
Thanks to EA and Firemonkeys for giving us
early access to the latest update which unlocks
mezzanines, so we can share these tips with
OK, let’s break mezzanines (or indoor balconies
if you prefer) into THREE parts.
First, how do you unlock mezzanines in your
You need to:
1. be at level 17 or above in the game
2. complete all the standard quests in the
game up to and including the Multi Story
Renovations Quest.
This lets you build houses on more than one
level — kinda necessary for building mezzanines
between two levels, right?
3. complete the All Mezzed Up Discovery Quest
which will become available April 2 or 3,
2018, depending on your time zone.
With mezzanines unlocked, let’s get to the
fun part: building.
To build a mezzanine, you need to have a house
that is on at least two floors.
This can be a first floor and second floor,
or a first floor and a basement, or any other
You then need two rooms, one on top of the
The rooms can be any size – even just one
by two squares.
They don’t need to be the same size or anything,
as long as the one above overlaps the one
below, by an area that’s at least one by two
So, in other words, the two rooms need to
have at least two squares in common.
And don’t try drawing a mezzanine on an empty
part of the floor – it won’t work, it has
to be inside an actual room.
To build the mezzanine, make sure you are
on the upper floor.
Then go to the home store, tap the mezzanine
tab right here, then draw your mezzanine.
This works in the same way as drawing patios.
As you can see, it’s really easy to see where
the rooms are in the lower floor.
So, as long as the mezzanine fits in both
the room on the upper floor – the one you
are drawing it in – and the room below, you’re
Apart from that requirement, your mezzanine
can fill the whole of the room below, or the
room you built it in.
You can build it right to the edge of a room,
or touching the outside wall of the building.
You can also build mezzanines on top of mezzanines,
so you could, if you really, really want to,
make a hole in a building six floors high
just with mezzanines.
You can also build multiple mezzanines in
the same room.
This lets you create all sorts of cool shapes
— and works the same way as patios or balconies
As mezzanines touch they can combine into
larger mezzanine areas.
This is a super cool feature, because this
is the first time ever we can make rooms kind
of have weird shapes.
The room is still really it’s original shape,
but it feels really different because the
floor is now a strange shape.
And it’s all a single room.
Just like balconies, mezzanines have to have
railings — safety first!
To change the railing, tap on the railings
tab in the home store.
There are some extra limits to the rules about
building mezzanines.
These only apply when building separate mezzanines
in different rooms on the same floor.
So as you can see here, if you’ve got a mezzanine
in one room, and want to draw another one
in the room next door, you can, no problem.
But if you try to build one mezzanine touching
the one in the next room, it won’t work.
Their corners can’t even touch.
Other than that, looks like sky’s the limit!
Now, let’s get to the third and less fun part:
They’re hella expensive.
Currently, they’re cheaper than balconies,
but more expensive than patios.
That makes some sense, I guess, but it’s a real shame they cost so much, as it’s going
to limit the fun we can have with them.
That wraps up this mezzanine tutorial.
We’re having fun building with them so look
out for our house tours.
Did we miss any tips or ideas about mezzanines?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments
And if you haven’t done so already, please
feel free to subscribe, because we’ve got
plenty more Sims FreePlay (mezzanines included)
on the way.
Thanks for watching!

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  2. If it costs simoleons, then I don't care how expensive they are… I've been at max simoleons for a reeeeeally long time, lol. I spend a bunch, but within a day or two, I'm at max again! 😛

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  4. I don't understand. I've done everything right. I've even completed the quest and yet I don't have the mezzanine tab available in my game. What did I miss?

  5. ugh they have to add new railings for the mezzanines because the ones we have right now are specifically designed for outside. It would be rather helpful if they did something so the railing of the mezzanines/balconies matched the staircases'. They should at least add the blond railing we can find on the blonde landing!

  6. I deleted a second floor room that had a mezzanine in it and now there's a hole in my floor and it won't let me build a room there or edit the mezzanine nor can I delete the room under it now. Can someone please help me with this…?

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