Ski-gliding w/ Peter Prevc & Matjaž Klemenčič

When I first spoke with Matjaž, I said to myself: Ok, this is interesting. After a while I started thinking of ways to pull this off, where will Matjaž take off… After two or three tries we both started to understand each other’s movement in the air. I saw Matjaz’s shadow when he passed me above. On one try I saw him, as he was way in front of me. I think the majority of “work” was done by Matjaž, as he was the one overlooking all the action. All in all we managed to pull off a number of good tries in which I had the opportunity to witness Peter in action from point blank range. It felt good to share the sky over a ski jumping hill with someone. I think this was a first here in Planica. To observe a ski jumper in mid-air at point blank range is certainly a unique experience, that I will never forget.

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