Hi it’s Tom Bouboul welcome to my Up Rugby channel. If you saw last week’s video it was sure on a small skill “I get up I give” to 2 or 3 players with several balloons and it amused me a lot. I wondered if it was possible to do the same thing in cooperation with more players. With two or three players we are more about developing resources motor of the players that is to say to say: to learn the reading of the trajectory of the balloon, Dexterity, finally all I told you last week and I told myself that if we were more we would be numerous and more we would develop coordination. On the cooordination we will necessarily use other resources such as information gathering, peripheral vision etc … I will introduce you to a small series of exercises we are always on the same principle where I take an exercise and I try to make it evolve to see what is possible to do with it. There will be more players than last week. I do not make you wait anymore, it’s gone: In this first exercise there are 3 pairs of 2 players who make passes with a ball. The passes must alternate with his neighbor. There are 2 players on the side who will introduce a ball which will flow laterally I told myself that this skill can be made to evolve this way with had two balloons spinning at the same time. It’s more complicated because they really require a lot more coordination. It’s possible to do it once on the coordination and motor skills players are already good In this case, I changed the type of passes to find a gesture that is technique than in the previous one. We are more in coordination the goal is to automate a technical gesture with a volleyball pass with outstretched arms and a chistera with one hand. The motive resources that are solicited on this type of exercise are numerous and young people learn by themselves. They regulate themselves for succeed in staying longer than others. Just put them a little in competition. On this video there are two players who have made a selection France in U16 and I hope that the skill sequences they did participated in their development as a rugby player. In this one there are two players who are in the middle and who are passing the ball. Others will transmit the V-shaped balloon. This one is a little more difficult because for the players in the middle it goes much faster This is the end of this video I hope she liked you we were on skills and 6 or 8 players, and the goal is to make you discover in each video a new way to train, to improve one of my old ways I try to improve myself as I go do not hesitate to encourage me by putting a small LIKE, commenting to give your opinion, or by subscribing to the channel and we’ll see each other again soon for the next video Come on Ciao

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