Smash Bros Custom Stages – Pinball, Arcade, Golden Sun and more

Last year I made stages for most of the robot
masters from the original 8 Mega Man games,
now I’m going
to periodically make batches of 8-10 stages
based on other iconic video games or concepts
such as pinball or pachinko.
I felt this grandfather of video games deserved
a stage. I’m honestly surprised Sakurai never
made a pinball
based stage given how so many icons such as
Kirby, Mario and Sonic had pinball games.
Nintendo even made a
generic pinball game for the NES with a Mario
and Pauline cameo. No, Sakurai gives us Electroplankton.
Pinball tables are known for several gimmicks
or mechanics, flippers, bumpers and lanes.
Since we can’t
have moving terrain in our stages, the flippers
and bumpers have to be able to launch the
fighters with
lava paste. To represent lanes, I have separated
parts of the stage linked with cannons. These
act as
chance moments where if the fighter can manage
to recover and traverse the lane’s path they
can return to
the main table. I also included sub-tables
above where you should fight if you are afraid
of being spiked.
For maximum pinball action turn only bumpers
This would be another great coin battle stage,
or a novelty for matches that are not fox,
no fun, final
destination for glory matches. Unfortunately,
fighting in a full Pac-Man stage makes stocks
last a long time, but
sudden death does get pretty epic, almost
reminiscent of the sudden deaths in Bomberman.
You can experience
sudden death on your own time though. Fine…
here is a little peek.
Yoshi’s Island DS in some ways was Yoshi’s
Island 2.0 one of which being the glorious
inclusion of Shy Guy
pirate fleets. The second I remembered this
ship, I knew it would make a great stage.
If only we had a
background layer or 3 and a foreground layer.
Otherwise that’s it, an epic Shy Guy pirate
One thing I wanted is for the barrels to be
able to roll down like in the arcade. Smash
Bros has some crazy
weird barrel physics though so the lips help
prevent the barrels from barreling uphill
after dropping and
coming to a complete stop. I included most
of the full ladders as platforms, because
tiny ladder-like
platforms would have meant 2 levels of girders.
Incomplete ladders are platforms and you even
having the
burning oil barrel with real lava paste. For
maximum nostalgia try turning on only crates,
barrels and
hammers and if it feels cramped try playing
in tiny smash. Since the stage dimensions
can’t be shifted i
had to squish the whole structure
It’s the first level of Donkey Kong Jr. Instead
of vines, you have platforms, please understand
the limited
tools I had to work with. That’s why this
doesn’t have a jungle backdrop and there are
no one-way drops so
bombchus can act like the snapjaws. Also the
only killer fruit you’ll get comes from Pac-Man.
In the original Donkey Kong Jr Mario suddenly
takes your damseled father into what appears
to be a cross
between a power plant and a torture chamber.
Throughout the level Mario will release spurts
of electricity
that orbit around the long platforms before
dropping and orbiting a new platform. For
maximum shocking,
turn on only bombchus and hotheads and watch
the classic mechanic occur as you play Smash
Bros. The
platforms even sometimes move bomchus or hot
heads to other platforms.
This level, this song. Both my favorites in
the Donkey Kong franchise. Due to the weird
weight limit
calculations and glitches, this was as elaborate
as I could make this stage, but i wanted to
have sections
of barrel cannons with a timing element like
the original. Everybody starts on the middle
level, but if you
are knocked into the transport cannon you
will be at the bottom to the right you have
some brambles with
lava paste… I mean thorns exposed, so fight
carefully there. If you move into the cannons
to the right,
time your shots right like in the original
game or you will land into a cannon that leads
to a lost stock,
luckily, it is easy to time it right. A string
of cannons will return you to the middle level.
There are
two sections of cannons that link the top
and middle level. The left one if you time
poorly, will drop you
to the bottom level, but you’ll live. The
right will either return you to the top floor
or lead to a lost
stock. It’s another easy shot, stay calm and
It’s the first level of Diddy Kong Racing!
Or a remix of it’s iconic landmarks, more
specifically. I
included the footprints of the derpysaur as
slight depressions; they make perfect trenches
for a Smash. The
focal point is the weird, towering rock before
the arch and the two trees. You can even see
part of the
arch to the left, but it’s been twisted because
of the lack of background and foreground layers.
The Rare
ramp has even been moved to make jumping to
the arch easier and look at that, Derpysaur
has even come
around to watch the fight and act as a platform
Isaac may still have to wait, but with the
limited magic of custom stages, I’m going
to make a damn good
Golden Sun stage, damn it! Let’s keep the
campaign going for Golden Sun 4 specifically,
e-mail or call
Nintendo periodically and… the stage, right.
It’s a profile of the Lemurian Ship flying
high above what
we’ll imagine is Weyard as a passionate Golden
Sun song plays. You have iconic figure head
and prow and
the crows nest in the middle of the boat.
You even have the damn ladders as a decorative
element. Top this
in the Custom Stage mode Sakurai!
Like Isaac and Golden Sun, Nintendo has forgotten
Custom Robo, but i haven’t. I love all the
Nintendo IPs
that were great, critically acclaimed, but
didn’t sell as much as Mario… and Xenoblade
is good too and
going strong. The problem with Custom Robo,
apart from Mute City version 2 being the closest
thing to
Custom Robo music is the arenas are 3D and
on a 2D plane, it looks like a bunch of tooth
picks stuck into
the ground. But there is a playful train level
with a giant slope. Even though there is no
reason, you can
drop down on the other side of the slope or
ride the steam, because the level needed to
feel more lively
and like a threat to Sakurai’s team, even
though it doesn’t really.
Now that we’re done for today, you can go
to my Miiverse, AdamTheGameBoy and download
these stages if any
caught your fancy, your grade a fancy… honey.
Whatever that means. Also you can leave comments
if there
are any IPs, levels or so on you’d like to
see me try to represent… or if you have
good stages of your
own, share a link to your video and shill
yourself in the most shilly way you possibly
can, just don’t

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