Snowboarding for Beginners : Gliding Away From Lift Chair in Snowboarding

Snowboarding for Beginners : Gliding Away From Lift Chair in Snowboarding

Hi, I’m Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard
Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. The next thing you want to do is find a gentle
slop with a flat run out area, and we’re going to practice getting off the chair. Imagine
this a ramp–when you get off the chair–and we’re going to ride down it. The key thing
here is that we maintain a good stance; we look where we’re going. Nice. Now we’re going to work on doing a direction
change. Don’t get confused, this is not a turn, it’s a direction change. We’re going
to go straight, and just a little drift off the to the left or to the right, so when we’re
getting off the chair we can avoid anyone who’s in front of us. The key here, we’re
going to go off to the left here, to my toe side, same neutral stance we had at the beginning,
but now I’m going to press down on my toe, push my knee over my toe, and look towards
the direction I want to go, which is to my left.

17 Comments on “Snowboarding for Beginners : Gliding Away From Lift Chair in Snowboarding”

  1. the videos that this guy makes are very great.

    thanks bro. tomorro is my first snowboard experience and i am a bit worried but TOTALLY FRIGGIN JAZZED TOO.

    by the way…i am taking a one on one lesson cuz i wanna ROCK on my first day.

  2. I always fall of the ramp when i get off the chairlift because there is a small turn i have to make, and if i juist go straight down i land in a forest. 😀 but this should help me, i cant wait till my ski area is opened!!

  3. turning is alot different. once you start to pick up the feeling of letting the backside of the board glide out to turn you can edge the board and carve a turn which is supposed to be similar to skating… ive always sucked at skating but im alright at snowboarding… but im a wakeboarder and its pretty close to snowboarding… exept your weight is on the front for snowboarding and back for wakeboarding. From what ive heard skaters can pick up snowboarding pretty quick

  4. yea left is on the nose, the front is the nose the rear is the tail, most park boards are symmetrical so theres no difference between nose and tail however carveboards and powderboards are usually different at the tip and tail

  5. Actually i'm a skater and in my first day of snowboard i did a 360, i was embarsed beacasue i coudnt change direction, brake, slow down or pick up speed so i'm like: **** that i'm doing 360.

  6. haha… yea its something different for sure, i had no problem snowboarding sunday when i went, like i said its all in how you use your edges, let it slide out then tip on your toes or heels to dig in the edge and slow down. level it out to speed up keep your weight mostly up front to let the back slide out to turn or slow down, keep your weight even and bend your knees quickly while keeping whats above your knees inline to carve toeside and stick your ass out (basically) to carve heelside

  7. mother f i've been snowboarding for 16 years….no problems….no problems getting off lifts…UNLESS i am the middle person in a three person chair. don't know what the f it is…some mental block…but now i've killed my knee being stupid on a stupid chair lift and there is no pow for amy until next year!!!… whiney enough for ya?

  8. im going up later today for the first time and i know im going to eat shit getting off of the lift. oh gawd.. lolols

  9. how hard is it to find a decent snowboard lesson on youtube, it's not for me but my friend is going from ski to snowboard, so i wanna be able to help him learn 😛

  10. so ive been watching these videos, and turning is pretty much like skateboarding. just put youre bodys weight with it.

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