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Hey guys Dylan Tooby of Progressive soccer training I’m uploading soccer highlights from an indoor soccer game I played last night.
For those of you who haven’t seen indoor soccer it’s
a bit ridiculous it’s pretty much hockey
with a soccer ball so unfortunately here
in Canada in the winter that’s all we
have to play but that’s what I’m working
with so i just uploaded this video if
you check it out here tension in the
very beginning on Friday scored the
quickest goal goal I’ve ever scored but
maybe the quickest goal in this league
history so check that out and then just
this game was a really scrappy game we
played against my old team and they’re
supposed to be the best team in the
league but we stuck it to them we beat
them we came out really strong and we
went up early and then we pretty much
defended the whole game so our team
really didn’t possess the ball too much
and as you’ll see in this video its a
lot of press seen a lot of defending
just a lot of fighting not too much ball
possession that really wasn’t the nicest
game to watch but sometimes you gotta
win games and it’s more about grinding
rather than plain the way you want to
play sometimes you just gotta fight it
grounded out do the dirty work and get
the job done free team are you guys I
hope you enjoyed the video please like
please comment please share this video
and I’ll talk to you tomorrow
Thanks for watching soccer highlights of an indoor soccer game from progressive soccer training

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