Soccer Tips : How to Buy Youth Soccer Turf & Indoor Shoes

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer, and today I’m going to be talking
to you about how to buy indoor shoes or turf
shoes. Indoor actually refers to flat surface
areas, such as rubbery ground, or a linoleum
ground. But most commonly used here in Diaz
is a hardwood floors, just the way people
play basketball here. So for the basketball
indoor field, or the wood floors, you want
to use a flat outsole. So this is the kind
of shoe I have right here. So basically, if
you play on a flat surface indoor, you want
a flat outsole, playing on a flat, hard ground.
Now note that you can also have an indoor
field that is made out of artificial grass,
which is turf. So, though you’re still playing
indoors, you actually require a different
type of shoe. You actually require a shoe
that is multi-studded, such as this one. So
we can see the difference is not flat, as
the indoor shoe is. It has studs to give better
traction on your feet for the quick turning
that is required in the game of soccer. So
this is how you can remember; if you play
on a flat surface, you want a flat outsole.
If you play on turf, you want multi-studded
soccer shoe to have better traction. And note
that turf, you can play it indoors or outdoors,
as well. Then you want to look at the upper
materials. You need to decide whether you
want to buy leather, or synthetic leather.
Leather always gives you a great feel on the
ball. Most adult soccer players that really
enjoy the game tend to buy kangaroo leather.
Kangaroo leather is the best out there. It
gives you a very good feel on the ball. So,
if you are en experienced player, I would
suggest, stay with kangaroo leather. If you
are a beginning player, or youth soccer player,
you can buy the synthetic shoes. They have
come….they have improved the quality of
the synthetic leather shoes. They still don’t
give you a good feel on the ball, but, you’re
going to be okay. They’re not going to be
as expensive. And, and, again, you’re going
to be needing, as you grow, a…buying more
shoes, so, to watch your budget stay with
the synthetic leathers. Once you reach your
top performance, then you want to go into
kangaroo leather. Okay? So just to summarize
it, remember, a flat surface such as wood,
you want to stay with a flat outsole. You
playing turf, you want to buy a shoe that
has multi-studs so that you can get better
traction on your feet. And that’s how you
can get indoor and turf shoes.

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