South Africa vs Japan Rugby World Cup!

South Africa vs Japan Rugby World Cup!

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  1. Really wish you could have shown rugby in a better way. It's actually a amazing sport and you made it about food and small shirts.

  2. I'm from south africa, Nelspruit to be exact and i was so shcoked whan i was watching the finals and WE WON
    HAHAHAH and ive realised that South Africa has won every twelve years since 1995 we won then and then 2007 and then now again 2019

  3. Dan, how cool! Through my interest in Tesla I stumbled across your videos and feel my hart warmed as a South African living in the UK to see you watching us play rugby. Great editing and music, is there anything you don't do well? Hope you enjoy your new home with your lovely family!

  4. And then South Africa went and won the Rugby World cup
    I am From South Africa live in a small town called Bethal 🇿🇦

  5. Could you actually just buy tickets on the day? Would have thought a QF especially with Japan in it would have been sold out…

  6. Ayyyyyyyyy finally someone who’s famous and know nothing about rugby but I play rugby soooooo yeah love you dude 💗 💖 💕 you’re the best I’m a giant fan of you

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