STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The Movie – Episode I: Legacies of Old 【Sith Inquisitor Storyline】

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The Movie – Episode I: Legacies of Old 【Sith Inquisitor Storyline】

Korriban: Ancient birthplace of the Sith. We believed ruins were all that remained of their evil empire. I swear, I had know idea what was in those crates. I’m innocent. You were smuggling Sith artifacts Captain. Fine…keep the artifacts… just give me back my ship! EYES FRONT

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  2. The aesthetics in this game are horrible. The story might be good, but I can’t stand the graphic design.

  3. I like this. I didn't know this existed. What is the exact light side program called. I will want to locate to watch. After finishing this old republic program.

  4. What I found funny about this run, is that the Inquisitor becomes nicer to his companions as time goes on. But more of an asshole to the rest of the universe, and it's great.

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  6. It's hard to care about the main character because of what decissions the player chose.. it seemed like he wanted to see what being a complete asshole would bring.. executing every person, making tyranical and authoritarian choices.. it makes you want to destroy the main characted yourself.. He could've saved the crew on Black Talon if only he chose not to be agressive towards them, especially when he said to the girl "if I need marines you will grab a blaster and become one".. I think that pushed the crew to rebel, which unfortunatelly meant the demise of #2.. she seemed loyal.. Oh well, uploader chose an asshole-mode, so be it..

  7. Riley from Paladeus's cult is quite a charmer.. you should've taken her as a concubine, to acompamy you on the long journey.. after all, Sith or Jedi, all need some poon.. 😚 + 💏 + 💋 + 👉👌 = 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 + 🔫 + ⚰ = 👦

  8. What was that one Star Wars game where you could buy character and islands, and it was online pc. There was a big hub with a ton of players too.

  9. I saw the Jedi view. Snowflake. This version is great. I hope there is much more of the Outlander with this voice. Fantastic. Thank You.

  10. Watched all 7 hours of this over the space of a week. This shit was good. Thank you for uploading this, you did a really good job 😌👌

  11. I played a Light side Inquisitor. All the fun of a Jedi without the silly restrictions. Plus it was fun watching the reactions as They didn't expect me to be good but other Imps feared/respected me too much to say anything LOL.

  12. Cinematics; outstanding, suggesting choice, animations, graphics, solid story.
    Gameplay; literally world of warcraft.
    My reaction; 18:44

  13. I think there's a little more to playing Sith than just choosing every darkside and asshole option – that's a good way to play an insufferable little cunt, but not necessarily a good Sith. Other than that, neat video. I'm very happy you included some important bits of gameplay to establish context and place, which is what most other "story" videos on this website lack, but I really dislike the whole "be as bad as possible and choose the worst options" stuff, it's just boring and hardly makes the player character seem like a nuanced and interesting character – guess it's a good way to see the options I'd never choose myself.

  14. Also, just an aside [SPOILERS]

    Did anyone else assume towards the beginning that it was going to be your ghost-grandad that betrayed you? Like, it turns out Zash is the one Sith Lord that wasn't actively plotting the betrayal of her apprentice and this whole time Casper-the-friendly-Sith was having you collect his old things because he was plotting on transferring his 'soul' or 'being' or whatever into your body, and sowing seeds of doubt towards Zashy-bae as a red herring towards that aim? I really thought it was headed in that direction, kinda bummed me out when it didn't come to pass but I sure as hell didn't expect the "sharing the body of the Deshade" bit so that was a fun surprise. This story had a lot more love put into it than some of the others. EDIT: It's been so long, I totally forgot Revan's in this one, and they gave him a fucking Buzz Lightyear voice for some reason. This bugs me all over again, this game is set centuries after the first two games – it didn't need Revan, I forgot I pretty much stopped playing after that part because it's just so annoying how they retconned so much, unnecessarily. They couldn't help but ruin their own characters.

  15. Can anyone tell me the name of the music that plays when Darth Nox forces Thanaton to kneel? The heavy powerful chorus that starts on 7:07:17

  16. Damnit I miss playing this…..
    Lol, star wars world of Warcraft.
    Twas actually the first time I ever saw a Jedi with a double sided light saber… Deff one of the better star wars games..

  17. ha-ha-ha,…moronic youtube tries to pay 20 usd for watching pedooods star wars…meantime, dvd`s and blue rays almost 4 free in 2hand shops….! youtube, i knew you would go the way bypassing the concept of resolution….youtube are pissing their pants to keep warm,,,,4 a second…! Great tacticts to exit the business.

  18. Hey thanks so much for making these movies. I really don't have time to play anymore, but I can watch these movies in much less time while I'm doing other things and at least I still get to enjoy the video game experience in some form.

  19. Hey Gamers Little Playground the onslaught update is finally release so can you update now please on both jedi knight movie and sith inquistor movie ok hurry hurry hurry up.😐

  20. Yic17 when he gets a flirt option but doesn't choose it: As you can see my Jedi powers are far beyond yours

  21. This should be a series. Untouched and not toned down… Just the original stuff of the old republic chaos and sith betrayals. Siths vs jedis without droids or clones ruining the battle.

  22. Look at star wars With princess leia and luke

    Then look at star wars revenge of the sith

    Then look at star wars the last jedi

    Then look at this and star wars needs too be like this

  23. Tip: when fighting thanaton and you can’t hurt him much just make some of the other sith apprentices and observers fight him. They end him in like a second

  24. This is such a wonderful showcase of how talented BioWare is in giving a coherent RPG filled with choices and narrative freedom to steer the story in the direction you desire. I long for the day a story like this is made into a Witcher esque rpg or even give me this game for consoles and that would be it 😁

  25. 1:24:45 – BioWare predicting mandolorian and now 2019 Disney making the Star Wars mandolorian. What a time to be alive.

  26. Did you have to be so evil all the time?

    You’d think someone who’d escaped slavery and learned the Force would be resistant to the ways of the Sith.

  27. Thank you very much. My son had told me about these but I didn't know where to find them. Now that I have, I feel just as excited as I did more than 40 years ago going to see New Hope at the old Foster drive in theatre in Portland OR.

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