Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Growing up, I was always
the littlest guy on my team.
Even now, I think I still am.
You don’t listen to what
anybody says you can’t do,
because you know that you can.
You ready?
Being able to shoot
is all about becoming
a more complete and
confident ball-handler.
“Curry, putting on a
dribbling clinic.”
To maximize the quickest
release possible for you,
lock in on the
path that the ball
takes from your
catch-ready position
to your final release point.
So that’s how you can shoot
the same from whether it’s
in the paint all the way out to
the deep 3 area and knock it down.
When you catch and
you’re ready to shoot,
I look where the rim
and the net meet.
Put that basketball
right on those hooks.
And that’s what I lock in on.
“Curry splits the defense.”
“Behind the back, fires a three.”
“Oh, and he puts it in!”
Stop it right there.
Rewind it.
My defender has clearly
established his lead foot.
Make him open his whole body,
and create a driving angle.
I have all the control,
all the leverage
in the world right here.
Look at Ian
travel, though.
Good gracious.
When we overload
ourselves in the workout
with two basketballs
or a tennis ball,
it makes the game
seem a lot slower.
And you’re able to process
things a lot better.
That’s why we’re
here, to get better.
It might be tough.
You might have to overcome a lot
more than the guy next to you,
but that’s what makes
it all worth it.
No matter where you are
in your progression,
we’re all in the same boat.
I’m still searching
for perfection
and the full potential
in this game.
The time is now for you
to start your journey
to find ways to get better.
That’s why we’re all here.
You need to get in the
gym and get to work.
Time’s ticking.
I’m Stephen Curry.
And this is my MasterClass.

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