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  1. The tip you gave about rolling the puck off the back of your blade is by far the best stick handling tip for any hockey player. I'd advise everyone to work on that technique and you'll see immediate results.

  2. Very good drill ideas. Wish I had some ice where I am. It was mid 50's. yesterdays. Still, I got tons of pucks so I can use the stick handling ball and use that between the pucks instead. Will start today.

  3. You just inspired me to get out today and play in -20 (with wind chill) weather and get dangled by some Jr. A and college players.

  4. This doesnt have much to do with the video but do you prefer wax or non waxed laxes and what do you prefer too mid level players such as bantam and peewees

  5. What tips can you give a younger adult who's just getting into the sport about feeling discouraged? I went to a stick and puck today at a local arena and the place was full of kids who've obviously been playing since before they could walk and i felt like i couldn't do a thing so I got off the ice after 15 minutes. Any suggestions? I also didn't know the local schools were on break this week; so that probably played into this

  6. Appreciate the stick handling tips! As a defense man having quick hands is actually very useful when your 1v1 deep in the defensive zone, thanks again!

  7. Must have been minus 20 when this was filmed.  A true sense of the real Outdoor Classic.  Good introduction to stickhandling and lessons to learn. As always, a clear specific example of what can be taken to the ice for practice, practice and more practice.  The Kane reference puts the importance of the soft touch into perspective. 

  8. I wish I still lived where the lake was 40 feet away from my back door I was in a spot where the ice was very smooth and I would just go out there almost every single day

  9. Hey, I normally use my right hand for writing e.t.c but i use a right stick for 5 years. i was never aware of what each hand was supposed to do before your videos and sadly, i realized that i use my bottom hand for twisting the stick what do you suggest? Teach my top hand(which is left ) to do the right thing or get used to a left stick ? i think getting used to a left stick would be really challenging. By the way. Thanks your videos help a lot. 

  10. Great tip about the top hand doing most of the work. I see a lot of the kids I train having a bottom dominate hand when stick handling. Hard to get them to understand the concept, but once they do it makes a world of difference.

  11. How quiet should I be when stickhandling? I find that I can hear my stick hitting the ground when I stickhandle even though I'm trying to roll my wrists as much as I can.

  12. This is a great video! Within a day of practicing I've already had major progression! I've had much quicker hands and don't hardly ever lose the puck!

  13. Cannot put into words how grateful I am for you guys doing all these awesome videos. I'm 23 years old and in grad school, but I LOVE HOCKEY. Since obviously there aren't many opportunities as a 23 year old beginner to join any teams or get coaching time, I ended up joining an adult development league. Your videos have helped me drastically and I always train at home or whenever Im on the ice. Unfortunately I'm from New York, and not the area with too many outdoor hockey rinks, so Im really confined strictly to the indoor ice rink. However, with your help I have drastically improved my overall gameplay. Thank you guys very much. You guys are really doing an awesome job.

  14. The lady in the background at 1:41 is probably the best skater I've ever seen she's so fast and she's definitely skating correctly

  15. Thanks Jeremy This Helped So Much When I Talk To People about this I will give you all the credit Keep Up the good work 😀

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