19 Comments on “Stickhandling Drills: 2 The Quick Move”

  1. Hey TheHockeyMovement and jeremy I love these Videos and ive watched all of yours and It made me the bes tplayer I can be.Hopefully you see this comment and P.s I have dirty hands now 

  2. Hey Jeremy,
    I just saw you on cbc in hockey night in Canada. Learned a lot from you too. Cheers! Keep it up!

  3. Hi jeremy i just started hockey D2 A and ur tips are great and if i in futute will play in AAA i will make video of that or to long way future if i ever get pro player i will buy for u a fuckin ferrari

  4. So jealous you have free ice to practice on. In California we have to pay $15 every time we want to practice on the real thing. Ever thought about putting on a hockey camp?

  5. Hi Jeremy! Thank you for your hockey tips, I'm a casual hockey player and I really appreciate your teaching. Since you share all your hockey tips, here is my contribution. 😉

    To improve my stickhandling, I wrap light weights (about 0.5-1.0 kg) around my wrists during practice. It makes every movement a bit more difficult and will enhance your forearms/arms/shoulder strength and endurance, resulting in faster stickhandling. Yet, the weights must be light enough not to stop you from moving your hands like you would without them. If they are too heavy, they can also hurt your joints so… let's be reasonable and adapt the weight for every age.
    The weights I use are arm/ankle weights you can find in any sports shop for a very decent price.

    I hope it can help you and every other hockey player reading this message.

    Thanks again for your investment. All the best!

  6. Something I found helpful off ice is standing on a stack of two pucks under each foot. It will lift your feet off the ground so you can use a stick that would be the same length on the ice, and the pucks are small enough area to help you with balance and strengthen your core and legs.

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