Sugar Gliders as Pets : All About Male & Female Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders as Pets : All About Male & Female Sugar Gliders

Hi my name is Elizabeth Cantu and I am speaking
on behalf of Expert Village about sexing your sugar glider and gender differences between
the two. Right now on me I have a little female. The main differences in being unaltered or
having a sugar glider that has not been neutered would be that the females have a pouch which
would be a slit right about their belly button and the males have a cloaca and a testicle
sack where the pouch would be so that would be above right where their belly button would
be so it is a little different from a dog or a cat. The males if they have not been
neutered have a patch right about the center of their chest. This is an oil gland which
is a gland that they use to mark their territory and they also have the same gland on their
head kind of like a bald spot. The personality differences between males and females – some
people argue that there are no differences. My personal experience is that males overall
seem to be a bit more outgoing and friendly and females are a little more grumpier and
more possessive and that is not necessarily towards human beings but towards other sugar
gliders. Both of the females that I have are very possessive of their male cage mates and
have tried to kill any other female that has been near their cages so this is something
worth considering when buying another glider to go with your gliders that males generally
will get along better with other gliders if you get them separate. If you get them together
it does not matter since they are babies and have been together. That about covers gender
on these guys.

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  1. She is pretty dead on about this subject. I have found though that once they are a little bit older it is much easier to group 2 females together than it is male and female. Male and female pairs are best paired young. And you should always get gliders from professional breeders with the males already neutered. Never buy one from a petstore. There is a very good breeder in Florida called suncoast. That is where my pair are from. And they are the most behaved of any gliders I have seen.

  2. Please try to get 2. They get very lonely by themselves and are prone to depression. Some will stop eating and mutilate themselves. If you plan to neuter, I personally prefer boy.

  3. NEVER get just one glider. Always get at least two. There is no "better" choice. Males are said to be more docile (make sure they are both neutered) but both males and females are amazing and you can still get agressive males and very docile females. So, it doesn't really matter which you get. I have two females, both of which are just over a year old. They have had their rough spots but they are now as sweet as can be!

  4. 1.cuz she chose to talk about 'em got a problem with it? good then go mature a bit.

    2.learn to spell the name of them is in the title of the video moron

  5. Listen to some more of her videos, it will start to be very noticeable. She does it often in every video, and it becomes annoying really quickly.

  6. @ 0:54 she says

    "males overall seem to be a bit more outgoing and friendly and females are a little bit more grumpier and more possessive"

    Why is she talking about humans? I thought it was a glider video?

  7. ASGV is FAKE. Please search ASGV in Glider Gossip and you'd know that it's actually a mill breeder that deceived a lot of people that included vets! ASGV is even a business owned by Perfect Pocket Pets and is a fictitious business name. It doesn't even exist anymore because of 13 pending cases. Just because an organization looks authentic doesn't mean that it actually is and it's all over the net. THINK PEOPLE! THINK!

  8. I've had my gliders for a few days and my make is a sweety and my female an ass 😛 I've just been calling her miss crabby 😛

  9. I have a sugar glider named Spaz and my family loves him. He perfers my mom, my sisters, and I. He is the cutest little thing ever. He used to sleep in our shirts and in hiis bag. He now sleeps in the couch lol. He climbed down the hole one day but he loves it so we let him.It doesn't cause a problem for us at all.

  10. – .- u really didn't do ur research did you hun? a good breeder will tell you that and along with if ur to introduce them to a colony u separate it from it's prior colony in a cage near the colony ur gonna introduce it to. females are shy and stand offish to new things and protective over the owner(normally) as for its mate it's normal because when the mate it's for life not a 1 time thing. think about it would u want some tramp on ur man. 2 guys are outgoing they love to explore and new things.

  11. Read this:
    The videos by 'SugarGliderVet' are fake and provide misinformation about proper sugar glider care. The 'vet'Dr. Brust in these videos is not a licensed vet. Some of the statements in the videos are indeed true but the majority – ESPECIALLY in regards to diet are false. The 'ASGV' is NOT an actual association. It is a fictitious name registered in the state of Florida by Kathy Klunder – Wife of Virgil Klunder who is the head for Perfect Pocket Pets.[Continued]

  12. Depending on pet, and owner. Also bloodline, and char'. of the parents.. That possesive crap SHE talking is all personal baby.. lmao!! look t how here face turns 2 stone ammed. after done talking…

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