Sugar Gliders as Pets : Having Sugar Gliders with Other Pets

Sugar Gliders as Pets : Having Sugar Gliders with Other Pets

Hi my name is Elizabeth Cantoon and I’m speaking
on behalf of Expert Village. Today we’re talking about sugar gliders and their ability to get
along with other pets. Sugar gliders pretty much don’t get along with any other animal.
They’re aggressive toward animals that are bigger than them even though most animals
with try and kill them. You can’t put them with things that are smaller than them because
they’re predictors and will try and eat them. So, they will try and eat a hamster, they’ll
try and eat a lizard, they’ll try and eat a small bird. If you have a canary in the
house I suggest you keep it completely away from these guys? cages because it will just
look like food to them. Obviously a dog or a cat could easily just bite right through
one of these small creatures. The best case scenario, you might be able to get a dog to
ignore the sugarglidder but the sugarglidder more or less won’t ignore the dog. They will
stand up on their back legs and try and bite the animal. They’re very very territorial,
they’re even territorial toward other sugarglidders so you have to be very careful when introducing
sugarglidders to other sugarglidders. So they’re pretty much an exclusive pet in and of themselves.
You can’t expect them to get along with any other creatures in your house.

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  1. WHAT!!!! My sugar gliders get along with all of my pets. One dog, one cat, two kittens. Actually, not only do they not mind each other, they love to hang out together and are completely bonded.

  2. Don't listen to this chick. Everything you ever needed to know about sugar gliders is at worldwidesugarglidernetwork. com Its a forum with over 8000 users.

  3. They don't get along with mice or anything smaller for sure, I've seen it. They will tear apart a fake mouse made with rabbit hair in seconds. Some gliders get along with cats yes,But it's equal to the one's who don't.

  4. You don't realize there's only a small percentage of gliders and cats etc. that get along. You happen to get lucky.

  5. They will kill birds. I have heard a few stories about that. You are lucky. You have to remember some cats have a natural instinct. How will you know when that will kick in?

  6. That's great they get along. I just become fearful when I hear about that stuff. I knew someone who had an incident once. I guess it's imprinted in my mind. Good luck with your gliders!

  7. thats an EXTREMELY rude reply lunarr! deviatblood wasnt saying that they would always get a long with pets! They were just saying that theirs get along! God, why dont you pay attention to what you're commenting on! They never said "hey people, dont listen to her, leave your animals together, it'll be fine!!!" they simply said what their pets do, so BACK OFF!

  8. I have to say I agree with Luna. People tell their story about how theirs gets along great making it seem like that is the rule when it's not true. Deviat's comment was completely uninformative and misleading. Though Luna could have kept the sarcasm down.

  9. I agree, I have 2 cats that are brother sister and loved each other and slept and groomed each other for 3 years straight without any problem. One incident one night and now they want to tear eachother apart and I have to get rid of one of them, its very heartwrenching.

  10. What elephants? Come on, There is always the small chance that their hunting instinct will kick in(cats). That's like letting a petaphilie who says he's rehabiltated baby sit your kids. There's always that chance.

  11. That's what I thought until my cousin's dog ate hers. They got along great for about 3 months and the moment my cousin turned her back her gliders were gone.

  12. i learned that the hard way, i put the adult glideiers back with their old babies and they attacted them ans one glider lost an eye it was awful i took her 2 the vet and everything and there was nothing they could do except clean out the eye

  13. ONCE AGAIN THIS IS NOT TRUE. gliders love other animals. dogs, cats and so fourth dont look at sugar gliders as food because they are not like rodents and they dont smell like food to other pets. you just have to introduce them correctly.

  14. Lordsnah is right… they arent like rodents and they dont smell like food to other pets… LOL wtf??

    That is the same BS PPP (Pocket Pets -mill breeder) tells their customers. Makes me sick.

  15. Just to throw my personal comment in here. Their scent is not of a rodents, so normal household pets won't take it as prey. These are MARSUPIALS. The LOVE household pets and see them as warm, fuzzy, cuddly heat sources when they're bonded properly to your pet.

    Reptiles are obvious no-no's for bonding for obviously reasons.

    Big birds are typically harder to bond with sugar gliders because in the wild they're preyed on by big birds.

    You must introduce your pets carefully and slowly.

  16. Also, it may help to mention, if you're going to bond yours or future sugarglider(s) with your household pets, do so AFTER they are bonded to you.

  17. Cats, dogs, etc. chase small animals because they are tiny and run fast. NOT because they smell like rodents. My friend lost 2 gliders to her cat. Why do you think cats chase laser pointers? Because they smell like rodents? You sound like you got your information from pocket pets.. or that "vet" who speaks for them… As for my friend.. the cat and gliders were "properly bonded" for almost 1 year and one day while she was watching, the cat got fiesty. That was that.. internal bleeding from bites

  18. @sweetReaper That's probably why it's a good idea to not let the sugarglider run from a household pet, but instead lazily rest on them or sniff their ear or some sort. Chasing is a primal instinct in all predatory animals such as cats, dogs, etc. Hence why it is a bad idea to actually put the glider down and run around a house hold pet or while any sort of naturally predatory pet is loose in the house.

  19. reading the comments on you guys arguing are a whole lot more fun than watching the vid itself 🙂
    thanks. cheers!

  20. Hi, my name is Monica Francesco and I have two sugar gliders, one female and one male ( the male is neutered). Just the other day I got two more sugar gliders, one female and one male (this male is not neutered). So, I brung the new ones home and I put them in the cage with our original two and the origanal two attacked the new sugar gliders. So I seperated them and put them in seperate cages, five inches apart from each other. What can I do to get them to get along? Please replie ASAP!

  21. im sorry but this girl has no idea what there talking about my friend has 3 suger gliders and they all get along with eatch other and along with the cats and dogs just fine ive seen othere videos that she talks about suger gliders and what she says is wrong so if u want to know about suger gliders look some place else

  22. WRONG! look it up lady sugar gliders love being with family cats and dogs i know this first had dont listen to this lady i own a girl sugar baby and although a few things are true 99% of it is WRONG!!!!

  23. If your sugar gliders and other pets like to be with each other then put them close together in a cage for a few mins then see if the glider is still there

  24. Read this:
    The videos by 'SugarGliderVet' are fake and provide misinformation about proper sugar glider care. The 'vet'Dr. Brust in these videos is not a licensed vet. Some of the statements in the videos are indeed true but the majority – ESPECIALLY in regards to diet are false. The 'ASGV' is NOT an actual association. It is a fictitious name registered in the state of Florida by Kathy Klunder – Wife of Virgil Klunder who is the head for Perfect Pocket Pets.[Continued]

  25. This company's main product are pellets. PELLETS ARE DANGEROUS TO SUGAR GLIDERS! Read more on [SugarGliderDOTcom] – FYI: These comments have been posted before and are often removed by the uploader to hide the truth (hence why comments require uploader approval). STOP KILLING GLIDERS – DO RESEARCH! (PLEASE Upvote so more people see this)

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