Sugar Gliders as Pets : The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership

Sugar Gliders as Pets : The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m representing
Expert Village. I will be talking about the reasons that you will not want to own a Sugar
Glider. Number one, they are very difficult to take care of. They can bite, they not necessarily
friendly to children, they have sharp claws, and very sharp teeth. They will bite you if
you try to restrain them forcefully. They will urinate down you arm upon waking because
they cannot be potty trained, and their cage is also typically coated with urine. They
make a terrible mess when they eat and leave bits of food within a 2 foot radius of the
cage. If you don’t feed their cage every couple of days you will be able to smell the odor
from their cage. They will bark during the night, which can wake you up. The average
life span is fifteen years, food preparation takes about 5-15 minutes per night and live
insects are part of their diet. Required food is not available at pet stores because there
is not a kibble available. They are prone to getting into trouble when they get bored
and do not get along well with other animals. They are cute and cuddly and very exotic but
they are very difficult to care for. Visiting other families Sugar Gliders prior to adopting
your own is highly recommended to verify this is the pet for you.

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  1. Why the fuuuuuck would you want to own these people with these are exactly who I don’t want to be around covered in piss and food wtf

  2. What do you mean you can't train them? Potty train them at that….. And i mean you figure someone would know if they get s creature there gonna pee and poop everywhere and eat obnoxiously. A sugar glider is the summarisation of a parrot in rodent form. Except one actually flies.

    Parrots live longer though ✌️

  3. I’m so sorry to all the sugar gliders that have to hear this false information. My sugar glider is my world

  4. They are fine with children and i m a kid and i have a big English mastiff and my two gliders clime all over my english mastiff

  5. Sorry but I do have to step in and say not all of this is true. There are ways to contain food messes so that it's in one area and easy to clean up. Yes you do have to clean them everyday but it's not hard to do at all. As for being peed on simply wake them up in the cage and let them run for a couple seconds, they will pee in the cage and then you can hold them.

    Yes they live a long time so please, please, please make sure you are prepared for that! Yes they do make noise in the middle of the night but it's not every night and it's usually not for long. You don't need live insects for these guys if you don't want too, freeze dried meal worms work just fine as a protein source

  6. I own a sugar glider. Almost everything this video shares is NOT the case with mine. They eat pellets that take all of 5 seconds to put in a dish. As a treat, I give him yogurt, blueberries and meal worms (another 30 seconds to put in a dish). They can take some time to bond with you and you cant force it, once they do, they are wonderful pets. They are a little messy. You clean up after them, no big deal.

  7. Psychologically speaking, the amount of umm’s tells me she has a low IQ also her body language tells me that she isn’t sure about anything she’s saying as if firing at the hip with opinion she’s see’s as facts. I’ve watched some videos of registered veterinarians that contradict everything this woman is saying.

  8. There is another video on youtube that shows a person potty training a sugar glider.

  9. This is a completely false video about Sugar Gliders and should be removed. This is certainly more of an opinion piece than anything with actual facts behind it. Food for Gliders lyterally take us 2 minute to prepare. Sugar Gliders are adorable pets, but like any pet you should research them very well before. If you do I promise you Sugar Gliders will bring you much joy and excitement. This video is very very wrong.

  10. I own three of them and this woman knows nothing about caring for them. There is a way to train them to not bite. You can also get them to pee and poop right after you pick them up. She needs to do her homework. They are great pets

  11. Um….um……um….ummm.ummmm not going to ummmm get a ummm…. sugar…. glider anymore after watching. ….ummm….this video… ummm

  12. Thank you for telling the not so savory parts about ownership of these critters! You gave info I have not heard before & it made my decision easier. Thank you

  13. In Australia, where these marsupials are native, a special permit is required to care for Sugar Gliders – they are not domesticated, nor should they be available for sale as pets!

  14. I have gliders. She speaks the truth. Love my gliders but they are not like a dog. They are pretty wild. Not for people who don't want to get bit. And very messy.

  15. Your intentions are good , but you sound like a student pretending to be a professor. W1. Not difficult to care for, they are very bonding and great backyard animals like dogs…who BITE. I go to the store everyweek just for me and pick up $3 worth of food for the glider.10 min a day does not take a couple of hours of preparation for the week. They do not need insects. I'm glad I didn't watch any of your videos before I bought mine. He adapted to my schedule and doesn't "bark at night: His cage is protected at the bottome so there is not a mess. Take care of a dog , then tell me how hard its to take care of the gidder !

  16. They smoke weed, commit felonies, have they baby mama's calling ya phone all times of night, they have ya car in the peojects for two days at a time. They leave finger prints on ya glasses, they dont wrap the waterhose up after washing the car.

  17. Cute. They belong in their natural habitat. I also oppose people keeping birds. Very few animals outside of dogs and cats are good pets. I can think of a couple. Opossums and skunks make quite good pets, if you have the time.

  18. Both of my aunt's sugar glider aren't messy, and they never peed in her, and they are very friendly with her 3 dogs, this information is totally false.

  19. I don’t understand the concept of keeping a wild animal as your pet !! Like seriously!! It’s a sugar glider !! They fly and you keep them in cages ???

  20. they are not hard to take care of and you'll know when they need to use the restroom they get all frigidity at least mine does. either she is lazy or has no fucking clue how to take care or bond with a very loving animal.

  21. *Clap* Brilliant $1/$0.99 store training! Knew they could do it! But seriously, you can train Sugar Gliders. Most of this is false.

  22. they have amazing personalities and they love their owners if you treat them right. feeding them is cheap. you do not need live insects to feed them properly. there are plenty of them out there that need homes and honestly theyre more entertaining affectionate and cheaper to maintain than a cat. you also dont ever need to forcefully restrain them. they dont try to run away like a hampster, they stay with you when bonded and if you want them to stay still theyll sit in their pouch all day0

  23. Good information to know about a suger glider. Dont buy an animal just beacuse you want it. Buy it if you can be responsible and taking care of it.

  24. this is so outdated. it's also false. sugar gliders are literally known for being very intelligent and get attached to their owner and are friendly

  25. The potty trianing thing isnt true. If you move them to a spot shortly after they wake up they will go to the bathroom there.

  26. Um. Um. Um. I can’t stop hearing her say um. Go back and watch again and try not to have it take over your brain.

  27. Sum of the stuff is true I personally have never noticed a scent from my tow gliders I have a male and female the food does take a minute to make but its all worth it 😜😁 I have had my gliders since I was 12 so 2 years never a problem

  28. It's okay, I don't plan to have kids so I have plenty of time for my sugar glider. Also I don't even plan to ever get married either so even more time~ problem solved! Yes, I'm hardcore this way when it comes to keeping pets~ cheers~

  29. Actually Sugar Gliders are not bad pets at all. They are very emotionally attached to their owners and the animals they live with and are easily trained with simple commands. The issue is that they are nocturnal animals so they will cause you some trouble at night but not for that long. They do scream and make loud noises at night but that's because they are bored and want to play with you. The best solution is to buy it a friend (another sugar glider) for it to play with. Also you have to install a drinking spot for them and teach them how to use it, otherwise they might die of thirst. If more problems other than the ones I've mentioned happen, that's probably because you have bought your sugar gliders from an illegal or non professional exotic pet breeder, so make sure that if you buy any exotic pet it should be from a professional exotic pet breeder

  30. I’m getting mine tomorrow and we’re getting them from a breeder and has a lot of them like 20 I would say but I’ll have to be careful because I am 10

  31. How many times she said um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um

  32. This is terrific! Most people don’t research pets beforehand. It’s usually the poor animal that suffers. I appreciate your blunt honesty! Kudos!

  33. 😂😂😂😂 Your Joking Right!? Everyone Reading This Comment I Assure You That She Is Feeding You False Info

  34. I own t sugargliders and pretty much all of this is false they can be potty trained and when u wake them up they go to the bathroom and then u take them out this lady has no idea they are great pets and not hard to take care of and they are super gentle

  35. Can sugar gliders go without a cage? We live in a small apartment and if I bought one I’d like him to roam the apartment freely like a cat, is that possible?

  36. I got seven sugar gliders I need to sell because I'm pregnant anybody know where I can sell them but I want them to go to a good home and be treated really well I would like them to stick with each other I believe family should always stick with each other

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