Sun Resort Præsentationsfilm 2019

During one week, we from Sun Resort
examine and show how far we can come
in the treatment of
of people who had a blood clot in the brain and who therefore
have reduced function in one half of the body

What would you like to get out of these 8 days
I would like to get function back in my arm
and get to play a bit of guitar again.

That is what I miss the most

in my life right now.
We treat our two participants
with a blend
of traditional methods like acupuncture,
cupping and
modern physiotherapy
both training and treatment.
Then with the electricity on the arm we can

train, yes?
And this will give a signal to the brain
and hopefully
the brain will find a way
to make this work again.
So if we try
this every time that
you are training,
then hopefully we get a good result.
It is fantastic
that the hand opened!
In acupuncture, a reaction will occur
That is what I miss the most in my life right nowke, forexample, you say “Uh!”
or that the eyessuddenly open
or that suddenly one gets very red in the face
and this means that the energy is moving.
The cup makes a small

you get blood to connective tissue that has perhaps been

hibernating a bit .
I want this every day!
Det special thing about our concept is,

that you come

here to Spain

in beautiful surroundings where it is sunny
and you will be here for 21 days

21 days
is the time it takes
you need for our nerves to make new connections.
Another particular thing about the concept is
that we combine several different things:
electrotherapy, acupuncture, gua sha,

chi gong, and other things
and we work in

a playful,

atmosphere, which is in the same time
is extremely intensive.
And then we use the intention.
There is an old Chinese method, named Dao Yin
where you use intention to lead the energy
and we all use that,

both the


of therapy

and the therapists

all have the intention directed towards the common aim, that the users get better.
I feel bubbling inside!
I just get happy!
I really do!
It is funny to see your hand, which has not been able to move
for 6 years,


if I were so inclined, I would shed a little tear right now
But I am not inclined for tears right now, I am just happy!
I think it is fantastic
that this electricity

has caused me to have contact between brain and hand!

That is what it is all about!
I had a lot out of it – I prefer the water!

was happy
to be able to get on my belly

and also that I could sit down

like a normal person
In the water, you alsoused your feet.
Yes, that is fantastic!
In the Timed Up and Go test,

you are 20% quicker today,
than you were
the first time.

The best would be,

if I

train every day.
And then
slowly, slowly get better and better.
Bend your knees a bit,
let the knee

point out towards the 2nd toe, never mind if the toes bend a little
Turn to this side
your weight here on this side
and then we both sit down now – come. on
Not that I have control over my body all the time
but I feel I am very grounded,

and that I have not been before.
The first time you did the test
in 37,12 seconds,
and today you did it in 19,88 seconds.
Thats almost precisely half!
Amazing! That is crazy!
It is fantastic!
When you come down here, it is very concentrated
when you are gathered around it, right here!
And Turid and her helpers are there all the time
to motivate you and you are on, on, on
except when you have a little bit of time off.
You can be a bit lazy when you are home – that is not possible here.
The difference is that now I can do something with my arm, which I couldn not do before.
So I will say, that this has almost been miraculous!
I could do nothing with my arm, when I came.
I will not play the guitar tomorrow, but I have got some tools that I can use when I am back home.

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