(Carrom) betting
on games is a kind
of addiction applause at the
winning moment and hand full
of money will always
mesmerize us when the games
cross the limit then it becomes
serious some games may
kill a life too ♫ don’t mess with me
I am king of kings ♫ ♫ don’t stretch
me into trouble ♫ ♫ don’t mess with me
I am the kind of kings ♫ this charitable
foundation is our castle the whole year the only goo
deed we do is only playing carom board hey..
take it. another board
fully 600 rupees how dare you all do
betting for the game? we play inside the
charitable trust only sir don’t lie to me
hey Kumar,take the entire board you have unwantedly
lost your 1200 rupees look at his face
I feel irritated while seeing him fast brother
hey,wait I will give
hey take it what is this brother?
hey, if I give everything to you… then who will pay for police,for
cycle,and for dress which you wear hey..catch them dude.. ♫ hey rasathi…rose flower..come!
come! ♫ ♫ hey you rich girl;keep a
flower and come come! ♫ ♫ your a angel
you are homely girl ♫ hey started
come here hey..
come man hey.. that bald headed person is covering
the screen. I cannot see clearly hey chepauk head(mocking)
bend down hey dalda head(mocking)
can’t you see the face hit that bald head now look..
hey.. who hit me?
hey,it is my father dude whenever we win
in the board game that day is
a festival to us we enjoy by boozing
and watching movies father..
hey,stay there where did you go to roam?
I did not roam anywhere there was a meeting at foundation
about temple occasion so…where?
in paayum puli charity foundation? are you people trying to
tie star for god Amman don’t mock at god, then you
have to face severe causes hey,my only mistake is
giving birth to you what are you starring at?
go inside I signaled you that he is drunk,but
you generally scolded and sent him father,if you see from here
you cannot see anything if we watch him closely we
know what is he doing.come latha,come here..
say dear.. even dog will eat
its food in plate but he is eating
food on the floor this is all
because of you don’t talk
unnecessarily how many days I have been
suffered with joint pain my son prayed to god,if I get
cured he will eat food on floor that is why he is
sitting here and eating but you are
insulting him mom, we should not
tell this to anyone don’t tell this in public, then
it will become worthless you’re right, oh god
please forgive me hey? enough. our family will be very good
if he does this mom.. why are you acting for him?
hey.. father has already left the
place, now what bothers get lost. why are you insulting me,
can’t you eat your food in plate sorry mom you have cleaned the
floor like plates so,i got confused don’t shower me
with these words are you drunk?
just one beer stop lying 2 beer?
no mom,keep
the plate and go to be honest,i should not
offer you food.leave my hand okay go. I will eat by myself
okay,what bothers me latha… still sir is sleeping? hey,give breakfast to
him and send him fast get lost
mom, look at him why are you always
disturbing him you are getting late
so, get ready soon coffee mom
will give wait check who came ♫ hey rasathi(beauty) ♫ ♫rasathi ♫ ♫ rasathi ♫ ♫ rasathi.. ♫ this is uma’s house right?
yes I am her friend
okay come in hey uma,your
friend has come whether I am believing
in good luck or not this matter I am believing kalai what kalai? you are
leaving so soon a small doubt you are so tall but your name kalai
is very short hmm,i will ask her dad about this
you come I said no he is a rude guy
believe me now thanks are you behaving like a PT master’s son
don’t you know to throw a ball? have it
look,hereafter you don’t bring me food I will manage
alas! what you are talking hereafter my service will be good
I will not miss chutney sambar to serve hey careful..
hey what happened man?
no idea what happened to me everybody is
looking like her shall we go for
movie after lunch look there he is
alike your brother that is exactly my brother only
why did he come here? I have told you many times about him
but you spoke with him that’s why
he came here what to do now? keep your face serious
and come along with me whatever he says
don’t listen to him what?
understood mm-mm
look there my angel is coming who is
your angel? next to uma orange color chudidhar
with white color shawl coming slowly ,look she is the one uma hey uma don’t turn back what dude your angel is not
looking at you what you said?
my angel is not looking at me? now watch
she will look at me near that turning hey ,so far you came silent
that’s not a big deal if you look at him now
that is it! what is the bet? I will start my 1-10 counting
she will turn and look at me what are you saying?
my brother will bet on you now if you look at him
you are dead one two three seven eight twenty six twenty seven twenty eight hey is that timing yet to come?
by this time she would’ve reach her home hello?
had food who is speaking
I won’t say hello don’t play with me
why should I? hello
I will not believe your fake anger you know everything but you are
maintaining that you don’t know anything really you don’t
know who I am? uma’s brother right? why are you saying that
I am uma’s brother you can call
me prabha I don’t like this okay leave call me as you wish
say prabhakaran hello how do I know your phone number?
is that you are asking how dude? love is a calculation if we go closer,it will move
if we ignore it will come to me nice poetry not only poetry
if love comes everything will come everything? can I get air fro this repaired fan?
why not look there ♫ you come like a wind which
blowing along with rain ♫ ♫ she gave the silence of
talking with my eyes ♫ ♫ she is the
angel of dynasty ♫ ♫ and she is the
glorious aspect ♫ ♫ because of you
my heart repels me ♫ ♫ whenever I saw you
even my shadow is following you ♫ ♫ all this is done while
flirting with your views ♫ ♫ while speaking with anyone I am
hearing the sound of your anklet ♫ ♫ you have me chronic addiction
in my heart ♫ ♫ the love which goes straight
will turn back at your home ♫ ♫ why you did this magic
oh my love ♫ ♫ love rain is pouring;
in my heart.. ♫ ♫ poetry blown
like a storm ♫ ♫ because of you
my heart repels me ♫ ♫ whenever I saw you
even my shadow is following you ♫ ♫ even the sight which unseen
will my eyes blink at you ♫ ♫ my legs automatically
comes at your side ♫ ♫ as dusk route;
as dawn night ♫ ♫ you gave me the lingo of change
oh my love! ♫ ♫ only one word is
enough my dear ♫ ♫ one billion of lightning
will flash in my heart; ♫ ♫ because of you
my heart repels me ♫ ♫ whenever I look at you
my shadow is following you ♫ I will not succeed
anything at this place so my dad prepared to send
me to Dubai uh..ismail bhai he is out of the home
come after 30 minutes master,two cup
of strong tea dude look there hey can’t you
keep quite? playing
badly dude if they target white coin black
will be automatically pocketed hey which area?
otteri, why? call him come here
hey no wait dude
hey stop what did you say? to pocket black
coin have to target white? try it,let me see you will
pocket the coin or not hey don’t touch me
that’s it brother why are
you beating him hey you think hitting
this will pocket that one? wait
give him the striker try it how is it? I told you
no to hit white coin hey we are all crane
otteri crane hey
dude he hit him beating my friend
in front of me we will get a fire
without our knowledge hey what are
you starring? hey tell me
what? sir I am PT master sivakumar’s son
morning I came to your house okay sit yeah they said
why didn’t you come after that no bhai I got an urgent
work that is why dad said that
you gave a form I filled it and kept ready the only thing is you have to sign
okay bhai give me I will sign I don’t have form right now
it is in my house you go to my home I will
call them and inform you have no time
come before 4 pm what dude hey he messed form is in his home again we went to
that area if we are caught by them
they will cut us like fish I am so scared
they might come again okay come
let’s escape is this
necessary now? hey watching kamal movie with
lover is not an easy thing we will take two years to teach
but he will teach within 2 hours go and take ticket
go kamal fan? not like that I will not miss the good film
whoever the actor may be I am also like you I will not miss the good film everything is like
dream right? definitely need
good luck for this am I right? you?
when did you come? while you are in dream I did not see you outside if you have seen me
will you run away? that night they came in
search of us to our area they came here? yes dude
who are they I told incident happened in morning
they came what did
they asked? hey do you know to
whom you messed with? who?
hey they are bhakiyam’s guy why did you
beat them? he is bhakiya north madras biggest don he is guna he is bhakiya’s right hand when I came to know
to whom I fought with.. really I was in fear I thought that I should
not get caught by them again hey I pawned all
jewels from home hereafter you should earn what?
understood?? start the bike hey take right
but dad,you have to go to school no to bhai’s house
to give this money have coffee shall I make a phone call
sure you got a phone call hello what happened? puncture dad okay repair it
I will go by auto auto crap
this is troubling at this time hey what happened?
he did not went there too hey did you informed our boys
yeah they are searching hey he don’t have
chance to go anywhere if anything happened,it will
be within that area only nothing will happened to him hey
will you shut up don’t show
your feelings this is all
because of you on that day you talked something
because of that now suffering hey,if you scold him
nothing will happen let us see
what to do now either give
police complaint or tell the matter
to his home yes dude,lets tell the
matter to their parents or else
it may go wrong thanks what are you doing
here at this time? don’t you guys
feel sleepy hey I am asking you guys we got scared what happened
to you and where you went but you came drunk
and mocking us hey why are you
looking at me? hey prabha,morning you only called me and
said that annachi guys rounded up you hey prabha hey
wait what ,he is laughing perhaps,he got mad because of
annachi’s guys may treated him badly it is big story morning myself and my dad
went to bhai’s house hey we
know that bhakiyam’s guys chased you right
tell from there asking that? it is a very
terror case how far I ran,but
they did not leave me I saw I jumped over
a compound wall then?? I tried to escape who?
bhakiyam brother bhakiyam brother what are you
doing in my place who is he hey I should ask you that who is he? if they come
after a second he would’ve hit me with
that damaged bucket it is some other issue
leave him to us,we will manage hey who is he not a big
matter brother he created scene in our area
that is why lie brother.they got jealous on
my carom game.and came to beat me that is truth what is he saying? hey did he played with you
do you know who he is sorry sir I don’t know they
are your guys if I knew I would
not have played hey what he is talking too much
you guys are seeing it take him to the club as he said club I expected the dance of
jaya malini jyothi lakshmi thought that
kind of club it is a carom club
hey switch on the light we guys will play with 1 or 2 boards right?
yes there are 8-10
boards to play buddy colourfull lights,enjoying
with money I am stunned do you know who is the owner
who? same person that guy carom player call our guys I played very well they got anger and jealous brother called you
yeah I will come finally they
send a guy as soon as I saw him I
recognised he is a druggist I underestimated him he played very well go on now he played like a cheetah
but suddenly he missed at a place striker got exchanged I took the chance I finished the board at single strike
loser could not face me I was starring
what to do next he came next to me and put
his arms on my shoulder neck? yes dude,he removed a chain
from his neck and gave to me then? then what I had party with the
guys who came to beat me it is a miracle they are bad guys
how do they leave you not simply they gave money money dude why so
much of money? advance dude from tomorrow onwards I am
going to play for annachi by mistake you went there
something happened don’t take it as an advantage
and say you are going to play not advantage dude song ♫ the trick will gaze
he will make a war with his fingers ♫ ♫ he makes the magic
in the game ♫ ♫ the trick will gaze
he will make a war with his fingers ♫ ♫ he makes the magic
in the game ♫ ♫ we don’t nderstand his game;
we don’t understand his overview ♫ ♫ but we can understand
only his game ♫ ♫ we don’t nderstand his game;
we don’t understand his overview ♫ ♫ even his eye
sight plays game ♫ ♫>>Rap>>♫ ♫>>Rap>Rap>Rap

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