Super Nintendo Games Finally Coming to the Nintendo Switch Online? New FCC Filing Found!

Hey what’s everyone OJ here bringing
you guys a quick little news update for
today so it looks like the Nintendo
switch Super Nintendo controller has
finally been spotted this looks like
it’s going to be happening so Super
Nintendo games being released for the
Nintendo switch online service now what
we got before we get into this article
what we got a number of months ago was
some data mines of a Super Nintendo
controller alongside icons for stuff
like like the n64 and other things like
that but we didn’t get any actual
filings all we got so far was basically
the NES style controllers that you can
buy if you’re a Nintendo switch online
member you have access to that in terms
of an exclusive deal now that does Simek
Nintendo is going to be releasing some
form of Super Nintendo style controller
now this article has been all over the
place but I am reading from Eurogamer
here and it seems like this is happening
so Nintendo documentation has detailed
an upcoming Wireless Super Nintendo
controller for the Nintendo switch the
unannounced peripheral was spotted today
in a new FCC filing required for its
release in the US by reset era user link
83 now much of the documentation is
confidential so we can’t see everything
but although we’ve got one diagram of
the controller’s back portion at a gaze
so note that the h AC model number used
to refer to the intended switch hardware
and accessories as you guys can see that
right there now more exciting for fans
out there perhaps is the release of the
controller says yeah it looks like
there’s going to be Super Nintendo games
added into the Nintendo switch online I
know there’s been some buzz and some
talk about the year anniversary coming
up this September of the Nintendo switch
online and it would be cool at least
that’s what some people are saying it’d
be really cool if they added Super
Nintendo games to the online virtual
library because people have been just
like all these NES games it’s like the
same NES games that we’ve played before
and they’re not that fun no game super
tendo’s so much better
ba-ba-ba-ba we’ve heard it alright so
that’s great that’s great if this is the
case now if Nintendo
filing this obviously there’s going to
be a Super Nintendo controller release
now I always felt that Nintendo could
possibly absolutely no games because of
the data mine that we got all those
months ago or I think like last year
sometime we got that data mine and it
showed shooping the new icons it showed
that and it could go beyond that we
don’t know how far Nintendo’s trying to
push this thing this could be the new
virtual console for the long haul as in
like the next generation in Nintendo’s
switch systems and the next generation
and the generation after that three or
four generations down this could be what
Nintendo built up as the virtual console
and it just has this huge smorgasbord of
the Super Nintendo NES and 64 or
GameCube this could be the start
obviously at the beginning people have
been complaining cuz it’s just NES games
but what it could turn into is something
that travels with you not just every
single time they release a new system
all of a sudden as a new ritual
constantly start over but this actually
travels with you from system to system
based on your account so no matter what
system will no matter what type of
weight in Tendo does certain things with
a switch or a regular home console or
anything from the future that Nintendo
makes you’ll be able to have your
Virtual Console library with you this
way because it is a online type of thing
so this could be pretty cool this could
be pretty cool I’m not the biggest on
classic games I’ll be honest I’m not the
biggest on classic ones because we
already have access to all these games
yes it’d be dope to play super internal
games and I get that but I’ve already
purchased a lot of these games numerous
times but I think the cool thing with
this is that since it’s not a classic
Virtual Console we just get the games
with our online subscription so I am
more down for this and I’m probably more
likely to try out games because it just
comes with my membership that I simply
get just to play games online like Super
Smash Brothers and Mario Kart so I think
it’s cool in that regards now there is
no official word from Nintendo yet they
have not commented on any of this and I
don’t think they will but they’ll
probably just announce it maybe you had
a direct or maybe they’ll announce it
just in a press release I’m not really
sure what they’re planning on doing but
it does seem like super internal game
are coming and I do want to mention that
if they did release some games or some
games that I’d like to see first
definitely be like Chrono Trigger that
would be like the first game that I’d
want to see released on this thing cuz
that wasn’t on the student to know
classic I’d also like to see Super
Metroid even though I’ve beaten that and
I played that a million different times
I’ll probably play it for a little bit
then stop playing but hey it’s one of
those games I just have to have on there
obviously stuff like Super Mario World
would be great that’d be a really cool
one all of the cool RPGs that would be
great to be on this Nintendo switch
online superintendence
and just all of the great first party
Nintendo games as well that would be
dope to have as well so what would be
you guys’s games that you’d want to see
released on this what would be the first
games and what are your thoughts on all
this let me know what you think in the
comment section below alright guys that
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catch you guys for the next one pace

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