Superman vs Justice League | Justice League (4k. HDR)

Superman vs Justice League  | Justice League (4k. HDR)

He’s back He’s not alright He’s scanning us What Because He’s not alright Oh No Clark please

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  1. this movie felt kind of empty and bland but I really liked this scene. Before you complain, I don't know much about comic books or DC universe, so I'm not too critical. to me it was just amazing to me to see little glimpses of Superman's power. you dont really get the full sense of it when he's only dealing with humans. just how powerful is he when he unleashes his full power?

  2. 1:13 that was so cringe. This is my first time seeing this and Wonder Woman saying kalel no sounds so fake . Look like she was lip singing

  3. that's not the Batman we saw in the cartoon or read in comics back then. batman is a f*cking badass human who can deal with all most all the situations. they focused more on superman in JL and Ben made batman look like some loser.

  4. Gadot’s and Momoa’s acting skills are laughable – and man… Ezra Miller was the worst casting pick ever. It’s a shame because Cavill IS Superman and when DC reboots their extended universe he’ll have to exit too.

  5. Bad acting, ugly special effects, actions that are out of character, poor fight choreography… This would be better suited as daytime television, not a supposed “blockbuster”.

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  7. Where’s Goku when a hoe gets out of line 😆 he barley cracks the ground! Goku would have slapped supergirl through the earth’s core

  8. Looking at the other comments, my opinion is probably going to be unpopular, but I think this scene is one on the best in superhero movies. It displays the power Superman has and how unstoppable he would be if he "came back wrong". And that is what makes Superman great, he has all this power yet still fights for truth, justice, (and the American way).

  9. Omg,I used to regret never watching a single DC movie but now I am just so happy that I made that choice. Please only make shows.

  10. Clark…long pause…struggle for breath…another pause….breath…Please…pause…breath…Pleeeease. Excellent writing

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