Talk about Football in English: Learn the Most Common Words and Phrases in Football

hi everybody I’m Sabrah from love English
so today I have something completely
different for you not grammar and not
improve your listening today we’re
having a chat about football the
beautiful game the game that makes us
cry tears of joy but also tears of
frustration and despair so football
has the power to unite people around the
world and this is why it’s very useful
to be able to know the basic football
vocabulary so that you can easily start
conversations in English and talk about
football and also you can watch English
games so today we’re looking at ten
words ten very common words that we use
all the time when we talk about football
now as you can see I’m wearing a Bournemouth
shirt and this is because I support
Bournemouth because I live in Bournemouth
and I’ve lived in Bournemouth for many
many years so I support Bournemouth and
the nickname for Bournemouth is the
cherries and when we want to support the
cherries we say up the cherries now the
other thing is is that I also support
Liverpool because I was born in
Liverpool so when you want to know which
football team somebody likes the
question is which football team do you
which football team do you support and
people will say I support Manchester
I support Liverpool I support Chelsea
that is how you would answer now
football is loved by many people
all over the world the British love
the Italians love football the French
love football it’s very popular in South
America so it unites people also in
parts of Africa it’s extremely popular
now it’s been a big part of British pub
culture for hundreds of years
Englishmen love to go and watch the
football with their mates in the pub
it’s pretty much one of the cornerstones
of British male culture although women
like to do that in the last 50 years
women increasingly do that more and more
comment below guys and tell me which
football team do you support
and let’s agree now to be nice to each
other no hating comments come on peace
and love so number one football is
played on a pitch now pitch said with
p for Arabic speakers remember it
said with p so football is just
played on a pitch rather than for
example a court like tennis is played on
a court football is played on a pitch
number two the start of the game is
called kickoff kickoff meaning to begin
the game so people might say to each
other what time’s kickoff what time is
kickoff meaning what time does the game
start so fun fact about football is that
it didn’t actually originate in England
lots of people think that the British
invented football but sadly we cannot
take credit for that it was actually
first played in China they called it
Tzuchu or Cuju could you
please correct me if I’m saying that
wrongly this actually started in China
in the second and third century BC
obviously it wasn’t quite the same as
football today the British did help the
game to evolve but it first started in
China I hear although I’m not sure if
this is correct that the women’s
football team in China are actually better
than the men is that true tell me
comment below so number three to tackle
now obviously players are trying to get
the ball off the opposite side and one
way that they can do this is to tackle
now this can mean to slightly push or to
slightly pull and to put pressure on
that player to give them the ball so
they might kick the ball away from them
and things like that now it’s important
to point out that football is a
non-contact sport so if they push
another player and they fall over or
things like that or apply too much
pressure so they’re too forceful in the
way that they tackle that is not allowed
and so that would result in a foul which
is number four however tackling is a
very important part of playing football
because that is how you get the ball
back but footballers just have to be a
little bit careful about not being too
forceful when they do that so number
four is a foul now a foul is when a
player has behaved in a way that is
against the rules is breaking the rules
of play so for example it could be that
the tackle was too strong they knocked
another player down and lots of other
ways that footballers can cheat so when
a player fouls there are different ways
that they can be penalized for example
if it’s a minor foul they might just be
cautioned which would result in the
other side getting a free kick and we’ll
talk in the next one about the different
kinds of kicks that they can have now
other things that they can get are of
course a yellow card which is a caution
or a red card which means of course
they’ve been sent off so those are fouls
and that’s what happens when a player
fouls so ways that players can foul can
be that they hold the
player back to try to stop them from
moving forward or it could be that
they kick them or it could be that they
spit at them or as we said earlier they
tackle them too strongly in too aggressive
a way or it could even be that they bite
them we all know about Suarez having a
reputation for being a biter
so there are lots of different ways that
players can foul now when a player fouls
and they get they actually get a yellow
or a red card this is called being
booked they are booked by the referee
and the referee will of course record
that and keep track of how many fouls
they get so if a player has fouled
within the box the other side will
receive a penalty kick meaning that they
can try and take aim at the goals they
can try and kick towards the goal the
only other time we use penalty is for
penalty shootout now these are very very
tense and exciting and people often
quite like it if a match ends up in a
penalty shootout because it’s very very
dramatic but of course it’s highly
pressurized for the players lots of big
games have ended in lots of drama and
glorious kind of winning with a penalty
shootout but also terrible losses so
penalty shootouts number seven corners
and throw ins so a corner kick happens
when the goal goes out of play after the
goal line so then if it’s the attacking
team that kicked it out they will get a
goal kick if it’s the defending team
have kicked the ball out of play then
they get a corner kick so number eight
formations this just means where players
are positioned on the pitch when they
play the match and different managers
try different formations so for example
you could play four four two or four
three four and lots of other
combinations now four four two would mean
there was four defenders four
midfielders and two forwards
Ranieri played this with Leicester
however this is a bit more of an
outdated formation and is considered to
be not enough attacking so Man City at
the moment are currently playing quite
regularly in four
three three so this means three
midfielders three defenders and four
however Chelsea at the moment under
Conte are playing four three three
comment below and tell me which
formation do you think works
lots of managers try different
formations which one do you think is
working at the moment for a team so
number nine video action replay so if
they want to check things like penalties
goals offsides they can look back at the
recording to see what decision to make
about that so there’s been lots of
controversy about this different people
have been saying that it can slow the
game and disrupt the game however of
course it is a good thing for being more
accurate about certain decisions so var
video action replay number 10 the
offside rule something that girls around
the world seem to have a problem with
understanding including myself it took
me a while to understand the offside
rule this basically means that a player
cannot be nearer to the goal than the
ball or the second-last
opponent from the defending team so if
the ball is going to be passed to them
to the attacking team to score they
would have to pass it backwards they
cannot be nearer to the goal than the
second last defender so that is
basically the offside rule it does seem
a little complicated but actually when
you understand it it’s very simple it
would be too easy if they were that near
each other to pass ok everybody that was
football English I hope you found this
I hope these phrases are going to come
in handy for you in conversations and
when you’re watching matches please
comment below and remember to tell me what’s
your favourite football team what
football team do you support
what formations do you think work
perhaps you can even tell me what your
predictions are for who’s going to win
the Champions League thanks for watching
guys see you soon on love English and don’t
forget to subscribe

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