Tennis Serve Cheat How to Add Speed | Even If Beginner (Top Speed Tennis)

Hi guys, welcome back to Top Speed Tennis,
I’m Clay Ballard, and I’ve got a question
for you, a very good question.
How would you like to have a cheat that you
can go and improve your serve speed today?
Not a week from now, not a month from now,
not a year from now, but actually get to where
you’re serving faster by the end of the
day. That’s exactly what I have for you
in this video.
I have a cheat that’s going to allow you
to use something that you already know how
to do, apply it to your tennis serve, and
work through four drills.
Now it’s going to take a little bit of time,
it may take you an hour, hour and a half to
get through these drills and be really diligent
with them.
But when you’re done with these drills,
you should be able to take it out to the court,
start serving faster right away.
For you beginning players that are kind of
pushing the ball over, or for you more advanced
players that are really struggling with your
speed, by the end of the day do these drills
and you should pick up some good miles per
So, I’m excited to share it with you, let’s
go ahead and get started.
All right, so this video is going to apply
to all players, even if you’re a beginner
I’m going to show you a great way to boost
that serve immediately, and even if you’ve
been playing for 30 years, and you just don’t
have the service speed you want, these drills
are really going to help to boost that up.
Now the reason it’s called a cheat is because
we’re going to incorporate a motion that
you already know how to do into the tennis
So when I very first see a lot of beginning
players, or really all beginning players as
they first start to serve, they really just
toss the ball up and try to hit the ball,
or push the racket through the ball into the
other side of the court.
Now that’s pretty good for accuracy, you
can usually get the ball into the court for
doing that, but the problem is you can’t
really get a lot of speed, and you can’t
get much topspin on the ball to really pull
it down into the court when you start serving
a lot harder.
That’s why you’ll only be able to serve
a certain speed before you just won’t be
able to make any, or you won’t be able to
swing any harder.
The first key to this, the first thing we
need to change is when we’re tossing the
ball up and thinking about pushing through
it, we’re really not having the right idea
of what we need to do with the serve.
The serve instead of a pushing motion with
the racket is a throwing motion with the racket,
we’re tossing the ball up and we’re throwing
the racket up toward contact.
That’s how you should properly hit a server
to get a lot of speed, that’s what you’re
going to see with all your top pros.
So let’s lose the racket for a second, and
let’s incorporate that throwing motion with
a couple of drills, then we’ll add the racket
back and it will be a lot easier.
So the first thing you’ll notice there,
is I toss the ball up in the incorrect motion.
If my shoulders were level, and I just tried
to push the ball into the opposite side of
the court, so try that out, and if you’re
throwing the ball forward an your shoulders
are level, or you’re throwing the ball up
toward the ball in the sky, and your shoulders
are level, it’s going to be very, very difficult.
What we want to do, is as we toss the ball
into the air, I’m going to have some tilt
in my shoulders.
So if I’m going this direction, my lead
arm is going to toss the ball up in the air,
and my shoulders as I’m loading up are going
to be tilted.
So you can see my right shoulder is significantly
below my left shoulder.
Now I’m in a position where I can throw
the racket or a ball up toward the ball in
the air, and that’s really the overall idea
of what the stroke is, or what the serve is.
So for your first drill, I simply want you
to simulate throwing a ball up, get these
shoulders really tilted, and now you’re
going to throw a ball up into the air and
into the opposing side of the court.
So I got that ball maybe 50 feet up in the
air, felt like I had pretty good power doing
The second piece to this that really has power
is rotation. I’ve got to load up the chest
to be able to unwind the chest and get some
For this, we’ll grab a couple more balls
and I want you to test. I’m always about
testing everything and kind of proving why
this works.
Keep your chest pointing toward the opposing
side of the court, and I want you to throw
a ball and you’ll realize, “Man, I just
can’t get any speed on that.”
Now go ahead rotate your shoulders back to
where they’re facing away from the direction
you’re going to throw, and now you can throw
a much, much harder, you can throw as hard
as you want to, you feel like you get your
full speed.
We need that same rotation in the throwing
motion of the serve.
So now we’re going to add the piece number
one, tilting the shoulders with piece number
two, rotating the chest, now my chest is back
about 45 degrees as I load up, and now I can
throw the ball up in the air.
I got that one maybe 75 feet in the air, landed
in the opposing side of the court.
Go ahead and try this out, if you don’t,
if you’re not on the courts, you don’t
have some tennis balls you can throw in your
backyard, just try out doing shadow strokes
in your living room.
Get those two pieces down, do at least 25
reps of each of them, and then come back here
and let’s follow it up with the second two
I promise you, you’ll be thankful if you
actually go through the drills for this.
All right, so now that we’ve done the first
two drills it’s time to add the second two
drills, and that’s what’s really going
to take it over the top, really get you a
lot of speed.
As we’re getting into the trophy pose, so
the trophy pose is basically when your racket
tip is up and your arm is up.
This is when your body, or your legs, are
going to be fully bent, fully loaded.
So my legs should be bent about 90° as this
is happening. So as I’m loading up, my legs,
my knees, are going to be bent about 90°
as I’m in my trophy pose.
This is also the position I’m in before
I’m throwing forward.
Now what I want you to do to really boost
up that speed, is I want you to actually jump
in the air as you’re throwing the ball upward,
that’s going to ramp it up and give you
those extra few miles per hour.
It’s going to look something like this.
We’ll go really slow first off, lead arm
and shoulders tilting, so my lead arm is up,
my right shoulder is a little bit down, shoulders
are tilted.
Number two, I’m turning away from the target,
so now my shoulders are back, and number three,
as I’m in this position, my legs are loaded
Now as I throw, I could really get a lot of
That one actually went, hit the back fence
again, and I can really boost that speed because
as my body’s firing upward, I’m throwing
the racket at the same time, and that’s
going to get me a lot of speed.
I really feel like I can launch the racket
upward as I’m doing this. Go ahead and do
another 25 repetitions of that.
If you don’t have a ball, completely fine,
just get comfortable with it in your living
room actually making that motion, using the
lower body with the upper body to accelerate
the speed of your racket.
Now finally, this is the real key, this is
where you’re going to take it over the top,
is what’s called the snap.
So as I’m coming through, as my body’s
going upward, as I begin to throw my arm,
my racket is going to be dropping down like
Then I’m going to snap the racket through,
so what’s going to happen is my racket is
going to go from this position up through
contact, and then all the way down through
contact, and it’s going to snap past my
So I want you to go ahead and try it in a
couple of different ways.
Number one, let’s do it down toward the
ground first. So I want you to feel like you’re
using a hammer here, you’re going to have
the butt end of the hammer going down, and
as it snaps this will be contact, you’re
letting it rotate around to your side.
So here it’s lagging, this would be the
upward throwing motion, snapping, and you’re
just going to let the racket come on through.
Go ahead and do this, you know, another 25-30
times, until you really feel that snap of
the racket.
Once you’ve done that, now we’re just
going to redirect that again, just like we’re
throwing up toward the ball, and I’m going
to let the racket lag behind, snap, square,
and then all the way on through.
Go ahead and try this, a good 25 times, just
nice and easy, finishing by your left side.
Nice and easy.
Once you’ve felt that snap, now go ahead
and put all four pieces together.
Tilting the shoulders, loading the chest,
jumping, getting the racket to snap, and when
you put these four together, you’re going
to be able to get a lot of speed and a lot
of snap through contact.
That’s going to take you to a whole other
level from just trying to push the racket
forward, or even you already develop pretty
good fundamentals, this is really going to
amp up your speed.
So work on these individual drills, break
these down into 25 pieces separately.
Put them all together, do a good, you know,
really until it starts to feel comfortable.
25 to 100 repetitions, and then you can go
ahead, take out some balls on the court, get
you a ball hopper, another 100 repetitions
there, and I will guarantee you, if you work
on this, give it time, do the drills, do the
reps, and your serve speed will absolutely
start to jump upwards.
So good luck to you guys, work hard, and I’ll
see you soon.
Hi guys, so I hope you all really enjoyed
this video. If you did, I have another series
that you’re going to like even more, it’s
called the Power Serve Series.
It’s five videos that are absolutely free
of charge that are going to really help you
to build on what you learned here today.
All you have to do is click the link that
pops up in your screen, as I play a preview
from one of those videos, or down below in
the description if you’re joining us on
a mobile device.
So good luck to you guys, I’ll see you in
the Power Serve Series.
If you have any questions, post them in the
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Good luck, I’ll see you in the series.
Hi guys, I’m Clay Ballard with Top Speed
Tennis, and today we’re going to talk about
how you can get more pronation in your serve
to help bump your speed and do it with very
little effort.
This is one video out of our entire Power
Serve Series, and I’m going to break down
pronation into three simple moves that you
can incorporate into your own game.
Let’s go ahead and get started. OK, so the
first thing we need to understand is when
we’re talking about pronation, how does
this add speed to our serve?
When I see many beginner tennis players, when
they were very first starting to play tennis,
a lot of times what they’ll want to do when
they’re hitting their serve is keep the
strings facing the opposing, this side of
the court.
So just imagine you’re my opponent, I’m
hitting a serve towards you, and I’m trying
to keep my strings facing you the entire time.
When in reality, we want these strings to
snap as we’re coming through to help increase
that speed, and that’s what pronation is.
As we’re getting…

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