TERRA TECHNICA – Die Eröffnung! • Jukebox, Pinball & Videogames Museum

Hi there!
I’m not at a rock concert today,
I am at the Exalibur City,
this is a shopping center
on the Czech border,
about an hour north of Vienna.
officially opens!
This is a permanent exhibition
where lots of cool stuff is shown,
pinball machines, jukeboxes,
and a huge video game collection.
I would say,
let’s start!
Vinyl is back, right?
And behind me you can see Jukebox-Jukeboxes.
The back there, that’s
Add-ons for jukeboxes.
That’s the evidence:
Chuck Norris is immortal!
If you have ever asked yourself,
why Pinball Machines are called Pinball Machines:
This is the most exiting thing
for Nerds!
Magnavox Odyssey, probably even
the oldest commercial game console,
1972, I think.
And this is now a good opportunity…
Ah! Perfect!
And last but not least, I found
one of the main people behind this
Terra Technica exhibition:
Nik! Hi Nik!
Nik: Hello, nice to meet you!
Tell us a bit about the whole thing!
Nik: The place where we are at the moment,
is the second sector in my area,
which is 800 m2 in size.
This is the gambling hall!
We have arcade machines
from the very early 80s,
quite late ’70s
up to the late ’90s.
If you turn around a bit,
you see one of the absolute highlights,
my favorite device here in the area,
the Virtua Racing machine,
as a 8-time-linked version!
A double or single seater
you will often see,
But 8-time-linked is quite
a sensation!
I’ve seen just before,
this Odyssey Magnavox,
the first commercial video game console, right?
Nik: Exactly! 1972 everything starts
with the Magnavox Odyssey,
so, the time travel begins.
We also make a time travel trip here,
we start ’72 and work our way up
to the late PlayStation era.
It is really an extremely historical place,
this whole Terra Technica.
As you said,
and I borrowed your term,
Nik: It’s gigantomanic, really.
You must have been there.
I still don’t believe it myself.
It’s totally awesome.
You all, come here and visit it!
You’ll find the contact addresses
everyhwere in and below the video.
It’s not even an hour
north of Vienna.
It pays off really,
and if you are lucky,
Nik crosses your way
and he can tell you everything
what it is about video games to know.
Then there will be special tours.
Thanks Nik!
Nik: Thanks, too, and have fun!
See you soon!
Phew, it was quite a lot!
I think that was enough for today,
because I am completely overwhelmed.
There’s a lot to see here.
Thank you for watching!
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and have fun!
See you next time,

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