The 7 Deadly Sins Of Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 270

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 270

– From the beautiful island
of Trinidad and Tobago, – Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. – This week we discuss
cycling’s seven deadly sins, and also, the speed mullet, which, would you believe it,
is completely unrelated. – We also have news of
how cycling can help boost your immune system. We also go is Graeme Obree
more genius than athlete? And actually there’s both sides. – Let’s crack on. (dramatic rock music) The week in the world of cycling, we learned that having lights on your bike during daylight hours
and wearing high vis, contrary to some studies, does indeed do what common sense would
suggest that it does, and decrease the risk of accidents. – Yep. That’s right. A very ambitious study
showed that accidents were reduced by 47% and 38%, respectively, compared to using neither. – Yeah. And we also learned this week that whilst we might
have been able to take thermal gloves off for
the first time this year here in the U.K., the
first world naked bike ride of the year has taken place in Brazil. – Please don’t make any jokes, Si. – No. Alright. Although, I will say just
one thing, actually, Emma, that we do a lot of
dangerous things here at GCN, but if we went to that one,
it wouldn’t be hairy at all. Right, sorry. Moving swiftly on. – This week, we’re talking about cycling’s seven deadly sins. Now, the real ones, in
case you needed reminding, which, I mean, they definitely
still apply to cyclists, are lust– – Nothing to do with naked
Brazilian bike riders, I don’t think. – No. – Well, maybe a bit. – Greed, gluttony, wrath,
sloth, pride, and envy. – And I suspect that we
are all guilty of those. But what about those cardinal sins that only apply to cycling? – I’m gonna get us started. Dropping slow riders and leaving them in the middle of nowhere. – Yes, that is a good one. – I think you know the scenario. New recruit turns up at group ride. Group sets off. New recruit starts to struggle. Group carries on, doesn’t wait. New recruit gets home eight
hours later in the dark, and never rides a bike again. – Yes. Always wait for the weaker riders. It’s why actually, I don’t
know if you’ve noticed, but we always set off really gently when we’re riding with Matt
so that he can actually catch back up after he’s missed a clip in. – [Matt] (beep) sake. – Number two, having a noisy bike. Now this one does my absolute nut in. If my bike is noisy. No, seriously, if my bike is noisy, then it better be a damn good ride in order to make me forget about it. But if somebody else’s bike is noisy that I’m riding with, going
back to those original, old school seven deadly sins, we’re gonna have a case
of wrath on our hands. – You mean a noisy bike like this one? – Doesn’t need man-handling around. It needs gentle, caressing touches. Ah, yes. I actually needed
counselling after filming that. It was tough. – That’s sad. But number three we think
is being unprepared. We’re thinking mainly of spares like tube, or a rain jacket or some food. Now, I think you can agree
that lending someone a tube is part of being a friendly bike rider. – Yeah, absolutely. – But, doing it week in week
out with for same person does start to grate a little. – Yeah. Can we include
coffee money in this as well? – Yes. – Never bringing coffee
money to a coffee ride. There’s no excuse after a couple of weeks. Is there really? – No. – You haven’t got any food, have you? I’m quite peckish and I
forgot that as well, actually. Oh, you got money. – Go (beep) buy something. – Sitting on and sheltering from the wind is a fantastic part of
cycling with other people. But what constitutes a cardinal sin is when you sit on and
then use all that strength that you’ve saved to the
detriment of the rider in front that you’ve just been wheel sacking. – I couldn’t agree more. But while it’s a sin in training, you do see this a lot in racing. And there it’s labelled race craft. – That is actually true, isn’t it? Although, still controversial. Just look at Jerome Cuzau Stagewin, and Pyrenees, was it smart, Emma? Or was he being a little bit sneaky? Yeah, exactly. Anyway, I propose number five,
neither smart nor sneaky. In fact, it’s the complete
opposite of sitting on, it’s the smash and blow. – The what? – Yeah, the smash and blow. That’s right. You smash yourself on the
front until you blow your doors and you get dropped by
everyone, including yourself. – That’s kind of a really fit, I mean, they wouldn’t actually leave you though because that would also be a sin. – That’s a very good point. Actually just ruin their rides as well. It’s a rite of passage to be fair, bicyclists still do this all the time. But hopefully most of
you would learn from it and not do it anymore. – Is that what happened to you in Taiwan? – No. That was actually the sit on and blow, which is more embarrassing
than the smash and blow. – Doesn’t sound great
to be honest with you. Moving on from riding
sins, how about this. Supporting Lance Armstrong. – Oh my god. Can of worms everywhere. – But it’s true, though, isn’t it? For a lot of people,
supporting Lance Armstrong is a cardinal sin even for people who are somehow fans of other
cyclists who also do drugs. – That is true, actually. And in fact, the real cardinal sins, supporting Lance,
listening to his podcasts, is for many people like a
guilty pleasure, isn’t it? Like something of a vice. Now we know a lot of you won’t
care about this one at all. And we know that for a fact, in fact, because we asked you. So, I wonder whether at this point, we need to actually open
out the conversation and say we need you to get
involved in the comments section to actually help us define this list of the seven deadly cycling sins. What do you think needs to go on there? – Because we still got one left. – We have. No socks and white shorts. There you go. – Easy. I was on the (inaudible) team as well, and I was a triathlete. – I think when you’re world champion, you can almost wear white shorts. – I can wear what shorts I like, thank you very much. Anyway, viewers, the floor is yours. Give us your seven deadly sins. – I’m looking forward to reading these. This is gonna be good. (horn sounding) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Start Cycling Shorts with
news of no cycling shorts. – That’s right. As we mentioned at the top of the show, some shocking news coming
out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where a naked bike ride
was held at the weekend. Although, there was a very
serious message in there, indeed. Because participants
were protesting against reckless car driving and
demanding that city authorities do more to protect vulnerable roadies because apparently, I
couldn’t quite believe this, thousands of cyclists die on
Brazil’s roads every year. – Yeah, which is pretty terrible. – Yeah. – And apparently this is
only part of the world naked bike ride series. And they’re all over the world every year. – Yeah. The U.K. one I looked up for you, Emma, was actually June, which
is just as well, actually, because we would have
thought that cold weather would be something of a
deterrence for even the most hardened of naked protesters. – In yet more good news for
the health benefits of cycling, researchers have found that
regular long-distance cycling can help to keep your immune system young. – Nice. – The research was published
in the journal Ageing Cell. – Ah. Ageing Cell. Definitely one of my favourites. Love that channel. – And the paper was called
Major Effects of Immune Senescence, Including
Reduced Thymic Output, Can Be Ameliorated by
High Levels of Physical Activity in Adults. – Nice. Well remember that. – In other words, they
studied long distance cyclists who are in their 70s and
80s and found that they had immune systems more similar to
people who are in their 20s. Good. – That is actually amazing. Now, other good news, is
that you don’t actually need to cycle ultra-distances in
order to get those benefits. The researchers said
that actually anything that gets you a little bit out
of breath would do the trick. We’re gonna recommend cycling. – Yep. – If nothing else, you
can do it sitting down. (laughs) – And it’s funny though, because sometimes in my 20s and racing a
lot, I felt like I had the immune system of an 80 year old. (laughs) – Now that is very true, isn’t it? Now, we do often talk
about the latest research here on GCN. So how do you fancy
actually getting stuck in and taking part yourself? You can, because Dr. Howard
Hearst and Professor Stephen Cheung are conducting
an international study survey on concussion awareness attitudes and knowledge among
cyclists and triathletes. Must be a big issue for
triathletes, actually. Nothing to do with not
wearing any socks at all. Anyway, if you fancy getting stuck in, there is an online survey to complete, and you can find the link to it in the description beneath this video. – Well, I took the survey
myself earlier today, and I was quite surprised, actually, because having had a few
concussions over the years, I thought I knew about it. But there were so many things I got wrong. For example, didn’t know
that you’re more likely to get a second concussion if
you’ve already had one before, and that– – Crikey. – If you have a second
concussion when you haven’t healed from the first one,
there’s a risk of dying. – Wow. – And, you don’t even have
to hit your head directly to get a concussion. – Crikey. There really
does seem, actually, there was quite a lot you didn’t
know about concussions, Em. Or, in fact, you probably
did know already, you just then forgot about it having had another concussion. – Yeah. Good point. Anyway, the thing is
this survey’s actually really interesting and useful, so please take five
minutes to fill it out. – Yeah. Definitely worth doing. And then when you’ve done that, we’ve then got a video for
you to watch, actually. This Scottish clothing
company in Enduresport, who supply clothing to
motor staff for example, took the legendary Graeme
Obree into a wind tunnel. Incredibly for the very first time, to actually test whether
or not his success in air record and individual
pursuit time trials was down to his inhibitive
cycling position or his athletic prowess. Is Graeme Obree genius or athlete? – Strangely, one of the
most impressive things for me about this film is that he can hold and pedal in these crazy positions, especially the crouch,
and keep his head low at the same time. That’s really difficult. – Yeah. Graeme Obree, athlete,
genius, or contortionist? Probably a bit of all
three, I would guess. Now, the film then carries on. They also test his superman position. They test Obree on a modern
time trial bike as well as a point of comparison. So it is super interesting
and definitely worth checking out. Some news now from the
OVO Energy women’s tour, which takes place in June. It’s already one of the
most prestigious races in the calendar. But now, they’ve made some real headlines because they’ve just
announced that there is equal prize money between the women’s tour and also the men’s tour of Britain, which takes place three months later. – This is a really big
gesture by OVO Energy, who sponsor both the men’s
and the women’s races. Honestly, the women’s tour of Britain was already one of the
headline stage races of the women’s world tour because it’s really well
mediatized, it’s got great TV coverage, and there’s huge crowds out. And the racing is super exciting. So they’re already leading the way. And I think now, with
the prize money, too. Good for them, I think. – Yeah. Elon Musk is no stranger
to grabbing headlines. In fact, sometimes it’s quite difficult to separate fact from fiction, isn’t it? Particularly when it comes
to his boring company. – Boring as in digging
as opposed to being dull. The fact that his company
has made commercially available flamethrowers will attest to it not being the latter. – Yeah. Irresponsible, perhaps,
but certainly not boring. Anyway, plans are afoot
for the boring company to dig tunnels underneath Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. for a start. The theory being that if
you develop 3-D traffic, you can effectively create
denser traffic networks by going underground and thus
solving congestion problems. – Yeah. And quite apart from the question of how that’s gonna be
planned, a lot of people have criticised the
idea in that they think it is only gonna favour the wealthy and that it’s gonna move the
problem of car congestion just to a different place. But Elon Musk took to Twitter this weekend to say that his scheme would prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. – Yeah. Unbelievable. Now, I can’t quite see
how you would entice pedestrians and cyclists underground. But imagine if all motorised
traffic was underground, therefore leaving the road
network in the fresh air, completely quiet and safe
and available for us to use. – Great. – Yeah. We’ll see where
this one goes, really. – Probably underground. – Thanks for that. – Anyway, we gonna leave
Cycling Shorts this week on a rather more poignant note. Last year pro-cyclist Mikhailis Scarpone was tragically killed whilst out training. This year (inaudible) race
passed through his hometown and to pay tribute. – Yeah. Now, he was
famous in recent seasons for his social media videos as
much as his racing exploits, that featured a pet macaw called Frankie. Now, despite Scarpone’s
absence from the race, Frankie, almost unbelievably, was there, and actually accompanied
the pelaton at one point. As you can see here, being captured by the Wilier Selle Italia team car. – We’ll start Tech of the
Week with the gloriously named Speed Mullet. Nothing to do with Aussie pro (inaudible) nor indeed our own Simon
Richardson circa 2009. – Yeah, that was a mullet,
just not a speedy one. – Evidently. Anyway, his latest innovation is actually from Ass Saver, only this time the aim is to improve
the life of your feet, not your ass. – Yeah, that’s right. So the contraption attaches
quickly to your down tube, and then kind of dangles
behind your front wheel, where it can stop spray coming
up directly from the wheel onto your feet. And technically, Em, I
think that this is something I should probably want, living in England, but just like a real mullet, I find the look of it quite unsettling. But maybe all it’ll take
is a few high profile Belgian cyclists to start sporting it, and like the real mullet,
I’ll eventually want one too. – From low-tech to high-tech now, Leomo have created a
bike that allows you to monitor athlete position
while it’s on the flight. – Yeah, now, monitoring
the movement of a cyclist might be familiar to those of
us who have had a bike fit, but if you haven’t, I’m gonna elaborate. Basically, you place censors
on key parts of the anatomy, and that allows you to
track pedalling motion and body position while cycling. However, it’s always been
constricted to indoors when you’re riding on a trainer. Until now, when Leomo
launched their Type R, which allows you to do it outside. – [Emma] It gives a whole load of data, including torso position,
which could give coaches and bike fitters another
tool for analysis. – Yeah. It could, actually,
give us a cheeky little GCN Decides video. Imagine being able to
compare whether or not a cyclist rides in the same
way indoors vs. outdoors. I can almost feel the
experiment coming up. Experiment. – Would it help anything? – No, but it’d be interesting. Like most of GCN, would it help? No. Is it free? Yeah. – Okay. Sorry. But for the details of
last weekend’s race, you can watch Si on
yesterday’s racing news show. Yeah, we got Pyrenees,
we got Tour de Andriasco, we got Ronde van Drenthe,
we got Tour de Taiwan, and the Magnificent Seven as well. So make sure you check that out. – So there’s past racing
on the Racing News show, but looking ahead to next weekend, we’ve got the third round
of the women’s world tour coming up. That’s three in three
weekends because they come thick and fast in the spring. And this is the GP
Alfredo Binder in Italy, a super exciting race, punchy course, and it’s been a bunch sprint in the past, it’s been a small groups occasionally. And many riders to watch out for. I’d put my money on the
people who were in the top ten of (inaudible). But it’s also Marianne
Vos’s return to racing after her cross season, and
she’s always one to watch. She’s already been there three times. And let’s face it, she’s
always one to watch and admire. – And on the men’s side, the
first monument of the season of course is Milan-San
Remo, always an absolute pearler to watch, and
always very difficult one to predict as well,
given that it can be won by a sprinter or classic specialist or even, potentially,
someone who fancies himself a bit of a climber. So I’m not even gonna have a stab at it, but we do have tops and rides to watch coming up this week. So make sure you check that out as well. (sawing noise) – How do I intro it? – Simon of Hack or Bodge
usually does the trick. – Okay. It’s time now for Hack or Bodge, my favourite part of the week. And here we have this. I’m gonna leave this and
say this is DougWiggin66. I’m afraid that is definitely a bodge. – [Simon] What is it? – [Emma] Well. – [Simon] In the first instance I think. – I think it’s like his, like
the box his chips came in, his fries came in, for
our American viewers. And he’s used it as a mud
guard on his mountain bike. – [Simon] A bit like a
primitive speed mullet, built himself a primitive mud guard. – [Emma] Yeah. – [Simon] Yeah, okay. – A chip mullet. I think it’s a chip mullet. – Definitely a bodge, that one there. – But recycling, full marks for recycling. – Could be just that they
road over a box of chips, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s move swiftly on. This one from Patrick VK. He’s got an ultimately terrifying
piece of handiwork, here. Crap top tube bandaged up, literally. Now if it is bandaged up, then that is terrifying. But it looks like this,
like maybe someone’s just carefully protecting the top tube of their Cannondale Synapse from
being scratched by a deal up. So I’m gonna reserve judgement on that. Either way it’s a bodge,
because that’s a pretty scrappy looking bandage. – [Emma] Scrappy looking
and it’s a bit bent. – But yeah, please don’t
even mend your top tube with a bandage. It doesn’t work on
aluminium, carbon, steel, or titanium, so we’re told. – Your first aid skills will
not help with bike repair. – No, definitely not. Whoa, this one. Controversial. – [Emma] Yep, I think you should talk about this one because– – Well, as everyone knows, chain keepers are not exactly my forte. But, I’m gonna withhold judgement here because this, I think,
it’s a stroke of genius, sent in by NotWhymery, I don’t
know how to pronounce that, but basically they bodged
a spare skewer, a pen, so like a byro, and an old jockey wheel to fashion a genuine chain keeper. And you know what, that is suitably bodged to the point that it
actually makes me like it. That’s the first chain
keeper I’ve ever liked, Emma. – Well, congratulations, Not Emeredge, if that’s your name. That is quite amazing. – There you go. – Transformation. – Puts a grin on my
face with chain keeper. So well done. – Now, this is one I’m
pretty impressed with, I have to say. This is also unpronouncable. Kabodok? Has an undersized
Canondale Sliced Tribike, bought on clearance
when he was babysitting in the garage, converted
to an aero road bike. And when he turned ten, that is a victory of hanging onto old bike parts and reusing them to make the perfect bike. – And it looks like he’s
made a really good road bike. – Yep. And I have to say his son looks pleased as punch, which is always good. And I’m particularly
in favour because those are 650 wheels. – Yeah. That’s awesome. Oh, I like that, super cool. Next one we’ve got
Midtown Skyport has made a bike mounting point in his garage out of PVC pipe, scraps
of wood, epoxy screws. That’s quite neat, actually. – [Emma] Yeah. – [Simon] Yeah, fair
enough, that’s a hack. – [Emma] Hack, well done. – Yeah. Oh man, these terrify me. The idea of getting it all in your bath. – Yes, yeah I think you’d, this is Savita, I think, clean bike, filthy bath. You’d spend as long cleaning your bath as you did cleaning your bike. – Yeah, basically, what is it? A stitch in time saves nine. – Yeah. – Or one step forward, two steps back? Something like those. – You’re gonna pretty
much annoy your partner. – Okay, that was sent in by Savita, we’re not totally keen on that. This one. The Svensation spotted this
epic bodge out on the street. Now, that does indeed look
a little bit terrifying. I’m not entirely sure how that’s worked. But nevertheless, they tried
to fix a broken seat post there with some very industrial grade bodging. – [Emma] I don’t even know
how they’ve attached the chain to the top tube to be honest. – [Simon] Can I say that it’s one step up from using a bandage? – [Emma] Yes. – [Simon] But possibly
not as good as taking it to a frame builder. – [Emma] I think it’s just– – [Simon] Or putting it in a bin. – [Emma] I think it
might just be decorative. – [Simon] Yeah. – I don’t think it’s gonna do anything. – No. This one, though, this is a
trail side hack, actually, from Kiwi Rag. – [Emma] Who was doing the Tour Rotoroa, which we mentioned the other week. – Yeah. If you break a pedal, this is more bandage, actually, what is going on this week? – But he had his first aid
kit with him for the tour, and he had to finish. I think this is bloody impressive. Because you wanted to
finish, middle of the night. I think he had no spare pedal, and to stop his foot from
slipping off the pedal spinner, which is all he had left
after his pedal broke. He wrapped it in bandage. Good job. – Well fair enough. Let’s call that a trail side hack then. – Hack. – And finally, then we got
this from Luciano Serafino, he uses this to hold my wheels
when glueing tubulars on, it also helps me see
which wheel goes faster. Is that like a car roof rack? – [Emma] Uses old forks stuck on the wall. – [Simon] No, that’s not
a pair of forks, is it? – [Emma] I think it is, the bottom on. Oh no, you’re right, you’re right. I take that back. – Yeah. It’s a roof rack on the wall. Ah, well. It’s a fair use of a roof rack, I guess. – Storage is for both things. I think it’s a hack. – I think it might be a hack, actually. Yeah, nice work. I’ve seen some good
hacking going on this week. Make sure you keep them coming. It’s Emma’s highlight of the week now, as well as the rest of us. – I love it yeah. – Yeah, nice work. – Yeah, I love it when I
see people make real bodges that are worse than my mchandle screw up. Thank you very much. – Yeah, keep them coming
using the hashtag #GCNHACK. – Now it’s time for caption of the week where you can win a brand
new Camelback water bottle. Here you can see last week’s
picture from Charlie Yankee. Simon’s gonna give us the winning caption. – Oh yeah. Some belters as ever last week. But the winner is this, from Alluvial Fan, “O Romain, O Romain, wout
van aert thou romain? O” Ah come on, that’s pretty good. It was tough, actually,
to surpass Lordy’s effort. – Yeah, I think Lordy, I think you guys should not be allowed
to do such good captions because it makes it very
hard for the viewers. – Well, don’t whatever. Because my caption for this week is possibly not to the same standard. Here we have a photo of Michal
Kwiatkowski getting, well, not entirely sure whether
he’s getting a push or that’s an overenthusiastic
fan trying to catch him. But anyway, I’m guessing
it’s his mechanic. Are you ready for this, Em? – Yeah, go for it. – Michal mate, you only
have one back wheel, how are you going to balance? – Fantastic. Guys, beat that, and you
can win a water bottle. – That was good. – I think they’ll be able to beat that. – That was good wasn’t it? – Fantastic. – Cool. Thanks. Now before we get onto what
is coming up on the channel this week, we, as always,
want to take a bit of time to go through some of the amazing comments that you’ve been leaving
under this week’s videos. – Yep, and under my Ask with
Lizzy Duggan, we asked you who you’d like me to interview next, and CnE said Donald Trump, which is definitely an interesting call. – That’s a great idea. If you can set that one up,
I think you should go for it, actually. – Donald, if you’re watching,
just give us a Trump, and yeah, we’ll be on the line. – Give us a Trump, crikey. To be fair he actually,
presume he is a cycling fan, having sponsored a cycling
tour way back when. – Really? – Yeah. So yeah, maybe. Yeah, maybe he’s watching this right now. Donald, Em would like
to interview with you, and we’d all wanna watch as well. Yeah, right, anyway. Moving on. This one under the Fabric
HQ tour from OJ Tibi, “They collaborate with
VANs for that bike?” It was a VANS collaboration
bike, which was amazing. “It looks like it’s still hanging there, “so could you get it…off the wall.” VANS fans you know what I’m talking about. Great comment, I love it. Yeah, alright. – Culturally aware. But yeah, anyway. And then the last comment
is from Michael McDermott, he says “Very proud of today.
My 12 year old who has been “watching GCN with me
for a while now has asked “for a road bike for his
birthday so he can come with me “for a ride.” – That’s super cool, isn’t it? Nice one, Michael. – Great to hear. – Alright then, yeah, what’s
coming up on the channel over this next week, Emma? – Well, on Wednesday,
we’ve got how to improve your confidence on
descents, which is something that I care a lot about,
having gone through that process myself. On Thursday, we’ve got the top ten riders to watch at Milan-San Remo. – Yeah. Then on Saturday,
I believe, is the first in a new series featuring your good self, which is initially how to
train when you’re time poor but have a big target
because you are gearing up for the Maratona dles Dolomites. – [Emma] That’s what
I’m doing in the summer. – Nice. So there we go. That’s gonna be great. That’s gonna be a 12
part series, isn’t it? So I’m looking forward to that. Then on Sunday, we tackle a
pretty difficult question. Can you test positive
for drugs in a drug test having taken a contaminated supplement? So, it’s the dog ate my homework
excuse of the doping world, but is it actually possible? – Yeah, it’s a really interesting topic. I’m looking forward to that one. – My mind was blown, Emma, with science I couldn’t even, it was incredible. – Yep. I’ve been to that lab as well
and it’s really interesting. – I bet you understood it, didn’t you? – No, I didn’t. But it was really fascinating. As an athlete, I think
it’s super interesting. Anyway, and then on Monday, it’s back to Racing News again, all
the races we previewed you can watch Simon and Tigmund. And on Tuesday it’s the GCN show again. – Now we are getting towards
the end of the GCN show I’m afraid, but we still
have time for Extreme Corner. And this week, actually, it’s something from our sister channel, GNBN. – As usual. – Yeah, but this one, well it’s a subject close to my heart, actually. Because Blake gets some
massive air on my eBay bike. – [Blake] Oh my gosh,
the brakes don’t work. Oh man. Wow. This rides faster. (laughing) Look at that. Look, I got a puncture on that. This is rubbish. Rubbish bike. – Whoa. I tell you what, I didn’t know that bike was capable of that. I’ve almost managed to bunny hop it. – Then that he just shows a level of skill is needed to make your bike perform well. And the bell, I like the bell a lot. – Oh man. It did look sketchy, but fair play Blake. Like I said, I did not know
that bike could do that. – Good work. Anyway, you may have
noticed that I’m wearing a rather fine, bling new hoodie, with GDN lettering on it.
– I have. – This is the new women’s
range which is just in, and there’s been a lot of demand for it. So if you would like to
buy some women’s sized GCN gear, we have
t-shirts, we have hoodies, we have sweaters, all in ladies’ sizes, which is great, because
then I don’t need to cut off my t-shirts anymore. Then you can click down
here to go to the shop. – Nice. It’s Now, also, before you leave this video, please do make sure you
give it a big thumbs up, and then, if you wanna
watch something else, before you’ll say, fill
in that concussion survey, why not checking out our six sneaky tips on how you can ride faster,
that one is just down there. – I need that one. – I’m not sure you do, Emma. You can’t say that when
you’ve been a world champion. – Yeah, that was then.

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  4. Sins: – Littering (especially in events where they provide receptables and specifically ask you not to)
    – Riding free-handed, taking pictures and then complaining about others “riding dangerously close“.
    – Wearing short sleeves with long tights
    – Closing one‘s rear QR, so the lever faces straight backwards
    – Riding with brake QR-lever completely open (as long as rims are not damaged)
    – eating a full warm meal on the café stop, then forcing the group to stop on the next climb because you have to puke

  5. Thank you for including Emma in the show and for women's gear. I'd love to keep hearing about women's races. Cycling has a long way to come.

  6. The 7th sin or just annoying…DESCENDER'S HUBRIS…whizzing down past someone at 60 kph whilst they're climbing and having just enough time to get out some comment. "You're making that look easy, chief hahaha!" "You're gonna get the KOM!". They're not usually so chipper travelling upwards.

  7. It's a sin to dislike Lance.
    It's a sin to wear replica pro kit of any sort … But especially national or world championship jerseys
    It's a sin to throw the bike backwards when you get out of the saddle thus stuffing up the rider behind you
    It's a sin to freewheel downhill when on the front of a bunch ride !!
    It's a sin to worship cycling hierachy like Eddy Mercx the confirmed dopers or Pantani and at the same time blame it all on Lance !!

  8. Re: washing in the bath…
    Some people live in flats with no outside hoses. The bath is constant running water so is useful. Im sure simon recommended Cif bath cleaner a while back as bike de-greaser too, so once the bike is done, u give the bath a once over and u have a clean bike and a clean bath! I do live alone though, so no other half to moan at me!

  9. Lance Armstrong – not just a cheat (which could be forgiven in the long term) but a bully, and for that there are no excuses or reasons. To make it worse he has no shame about the bullying.

  10. Hey lords, why don't you put pressure on that junky Froome and UCI for breaking rules?!?
    How can anybody win the Tour with astma? C'mon!!!!!!!
    U kill cycling by not doing anything about IT😤😤😤😤😤

  11. Caption: "Men Behaviour: Do my job and help my rider OR look at sleeping girls at the beach"

  12. Going out for a ride and wearing a kit for a different brand of bike for a description its like riding a trek while wearing a cervelo test team kit

  13. #GCNshow I was thinking about the channel and Si and Lloydy both got their starts mountainbiking and made the transition to the road. They both seem to have an onair disdian for MTBr's, so with tongue firmly in cheek I feel compelled to remind them that this is the Global CYCLING Network, not the GRN (Global Roadie Network), and therefor should be all inclusive….;^)

  14. Wearing worn out shorts that you can see through is probably the worst sin! Nothing worse than seeing the ass crack of someone up the road 🙁

  15. if youre a cyclist, or human from planet earth and still/did, ​ get/got butthurt over lance, youre a fuckin little bitch

  16. Can we please give emna a better microphone or get her too use her outside voice. Im On the indoor trainer and cant hear her through my earphones.

    2 weeks in a row now. Painful

  17. Caption: "Well if you don't win after this wheel-change don't put the Blem on me" Its Gary Blem (I think) the Team Sky mechanic

  18. Caption: Wait Michał, come back — that's Froomey's cassette with the asymmetric cassette cogs — it's against our sponsorship agreement!

  19. Thanks for sharing info about good cycling studies. Please cite the studies so that we can look them up. 😊

  20. 8th deadly sin…riders who stink…one guys I was riding with, for a short time, took a pull and he stunk so badly I pulled back four bike lengths and I could still smell his funky arm pits/body. How do you tell a rider to use vinegar and baking soda? You reek dude?

  21. I've just visited GCN website and Presenters list still doesn't contain Emma, you probably forgot something or is it a conspiracy -_-

  22. Cardinal cycling sins:
    1 – Half Wheeling
    2 – Riding with no Helmet
    3 – Slower riders not staying to the side of the road in a race (especially on hills)
    4 – Shorts with holes or thinning to the point of being see-through! Say no to Crack!!
    5 – Bike shaming. We can't all afford carbon fiber
    6 – Not following the traffic rules
    7 – being Vegan

  23. Cheers guys, this channel is helping me get through my time off the bike due to a broken arm (crash – me and bike vs car) your train with GCN playlist is awesome, I can now mount my turbo, so I have set up a one armed pain cave! keep up the good work

  24. 1. Being anti Lycra 2. Riding 150mm fork on XC trails. 3. Not bringing tools/tube. 4. Riding DH tires on XC trail. 5. Riding non full suspension alloy frame. 6. Being anti SS. 7. Mail ordering a bike.

  25. #wattagebazooka I nominate Jason duPont for the amateur wattage bazooka. Jason rode 148 miles, 29K+ ft elevation, 173 repeats on a 15% grade hill in 17+ hours.

  26. Thanks for an entertaining and fun show! Regarding the Speed mullet, I would just like to point out that, although he is probably the master mullet proponent in the entire history of cycling, Laurent Brochard is from France, and not Belgian, as Simon claimed.

    Please check out the link to a google image search for Brochard, and enjoy the impeccable hair style he sported while being a pro.

    kind regards,


  27. Honestly I can't live without listening to LANCE's PODCAST and I am POSITIVE WE ALL DO. NO MATTER WHAT! SO WE'RE ALL GUILTY.

  28. wearing a butt plug must be worse than no socks.

    Down here in humid Georgia, USA, sockless is a legitimate option during the hot months.

  29. Ok team, the jokes about reading your favourite scientific journals is getting really stale. Move on, you've got better material than that.

  30. Brother i am planning to buy btwin rockrider 540 how is it? and I am not a professional but usually I used to ride round 30kms a day. Sometimes in mountains.
    And I am confused between rockrider540 and rockrider 520 because of its brake which is better hydrolic brake or mechanical brake plz help me out I am looking good suspension and easy to maintain please guide me what to buy…

  31. Please for goodness sake slow down! I'm a native English speaker and I struggle to catch what's being said at times. I wonder how non-native speakers manage.

  32. Catching up on the last few GCN shows and I gotta say I'm quite dissapointed to see you guys knocking cleaning the bike in the bath. Yes its dirty but as a long time apartment dweller we don't really have any other options. I think it would only be right for you do a tech video on how to properly clean your bike in the bath and the best ways to clean the grease from your bath afterward.

  33. Armstong has done more for the sport than any other rider. I know you guys aren't American but if you knew how much more popular he made the sport here I don't think you'd have that opinion. Everyone took drugs get over it. If you really want to be mad at some be mad at they guys ran the tour and basically gave him permission. Does the tour have to give back the money they made from increased ad revenue? Trek went from 10 million per year in Revenue to 100 per year. Are they going to give back the money? Why on earth is lance the only person paying for this?

  34. Thinking that just because your on a bike that you don't need to obey traffic laws, especially stop signs, is a deadly sin (and can very easily become deadly.) Oh, and wheel-suckers that don't take their pulls… they are evil 😉

  35. Sandbagging the lower category races is Cardinal sin #2. Second only to always showing up 10 minutes late for the evening group ride.

  36. 1. too large frames
    2. full face on any bike except for DH bikes
    3. giant stacks of spacers
    4. long socks
    5. ankle socks
    6. white bibs
    7. positive facing stem

  37. The thing a experiment of indoor riding over outdoor would tell us how good a bike fit is for the real world. At the moment we can fell the benefits of a bike fit but can't quantify it.

  38. Sorry, Even with the blood doping. Lance has done more for the sport in the USA than any other rider. In every sport, the higher the level of the competition the more cheating. You see lots of cheating, the random push off from a team car when getting a gel or bottle. Pushing the envelope of performance, rules, safety, health, that is what competition does. Did he cheat to compete? Yup, Lance is still my dude in spite of it.

  39. Are they equalizing the pay out because the views of men's and women's cycling are actually similar or because they want it to be equal? Either way it's amazing to hear!

  40. Overpriced carbon frames/wheels, for crying out loud I see little kids with 2-4 thousand bikes on my team all the time

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