The Best Free Offline & Online Android Games | August 2018

If like us you live somewhere like London,
you’ll spend a lot of time commuting.
One of the best ways of killing that time
is with a good mobile game.
We love gaming on our Android smartphones,
but there are loads of new games hitting the
Google Play store every month.
So without any more waffle, here’s our favourite
new Android games that you can download and
play either offline or online in August 2018.
One of the big headline spinners of this month
is Fortnite.
This is one of the most popular games of 2018
and it’s finally hit Android handsets, after
making its mobile debut on iOS.
However, there is one rather large caveat
– you’ll need a Samsung smartphone to play
Fortnite, because no other Androids are supported
right now – not even Google’s own Pixel
What a bag of monkey nuts.
If you’re lucky enough to rock a beefy Sammy
in your pocket, then Fortnite on Android is
free to play right now.
It’s the same 100-player online fragfest
as on consoles and PC, with a massive map
and the ability to build your own cover at
Here’s hoping that the rest of us Android
fans will get a bit of Fortnite action on
the Google Play store soon.
And of course, it goes without saying that
Fortnite is an online only game.
Another online-only title that’s just hit
Google Play is Meow Wars.
This is an entertaining if fairly standard
mobile card game – and if you love cat puns
then you’ll be in seventh heaven.
The aim of the game is basically to attack
your opponent to take out all of his fuzzy
fiends before you’re out of pussies yourself.
The more you progress through single player
campaign, the better your abilities and fighters
you unlock – and of course the more battle-hardened
you’ll be for the online Versus mode.
You can play games against bots, or random
people online, or you can even set up a private
match for you and a mate.
However, there are lots of crappy ads you
can’t skip, before every single level – unless
you stump up a bit of cash, that is.
So if you like playing Meow Wars for free,
you better have lots of time and patience.
And yes, you need to be online at all times
to play Meow Wars, so those annoying ads can
Next up is Super Idle Ccats
Hey it’s another game about cats.
So Idle Cats is one of those resource management
games that start off simple as anything – you
basically just tap like a maniac to get your
lazy crew of moggy farmers to tend to your
But then the game viciously expands and you
find that you can research new crops and hire
more feline help and expand your distribution
network and oh my god I’ve been playing
for ten hours straight and it’s 5am and
I have to get up in an hour for work and Christ
I think I have a serious problem.
Quite often little birdies will regularly
fly by clutching bonus eggs, usually containing
gold or jewels – and of course if you tap
a golden one, you’ll get the chance to reap
big rewards in return for watching an advert
– which in turn means the game can only be
played online.
Quelle surprise.
All the same, Super Idle Cats is sure to latch
onto your face with its razor sharp claws
and keep it pointed at your Android phone
for the foreseeable.
And that’s why it’s one of our favourite new
games of August 2018.
So what about the best offline Android games
that you can play right now?
Well, a couple of notable new additions this
month, the first being Super Starfish
Cosmic Clam guides you through this funky
free-to-play Android arcade game, which sees
you steering a cute little alien fella through
It’s very simple but very addictive.
Your aim is to collect the various power-ups,
all while avoiding those glowing asteroids,
killer lasers and stuff like that.
Collect enough golden shells and you can activate
the Prizecano.
This pinball-style mini-game basically nets
you tons of goodies and new characters to
play with, to mix things up a bit.
Those colourful graphics and addictive, challenging
gameplay makes it one of our favourite free
Android games of August, and it’s available
to play offline too – no ads or nothing.
Lovely stuff.
However, our favourite new Android game of
August 2018 is definitely Sneak Ops.
As you might be able to guess from the title,
Sneak Ops is all about staying stealthy.
Like the original Metal Gear games, your objective
is to get through each enemy base without
disturbing your foes.
The simple touch-to-move gameplay is very
well suited to Android smartphones, and you’ll
definitely need fast reactions and some serious
cunning to evade the guards and make it to
the chopper alive.
You can play Sneak Ops for free right now,
and it works offline too – although you can
choose to watch ads to save your progress
if you haven’t collected enough disks along
the way.
So that right there is our pick of the very
best new games to hit the Google Play store
which can be played either offline or online.
Downloaded a game which you absolutely love
and which we’ve missed out of this list?
Definitely let us know in the comments and
stay tuned for more round-ups of the best
Android games you can play now.

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