Welcome to another football challenge meets gaming
Today I am joined with

panna Manny. How it’s gonna work today is we are doing a random
selection match after these challenges where we would choose

to decide who gets first pick in that league
so the leagues will be premiership, la liga

serie a or whatever they call it nowadays

and league one
So, the first challenge is to score from here around the cone

into the goal in that doorway

which i have a go pro
You can probably see me. HEY!
So we are gonna take in turns. First one to do it
gets to pick first from the premiership. So you wanna go first or second?
Oh. Ok, I will go first.
Ok. Oh. Na that is cool. You sure? Yeah, it’s cool
Ok , Manny is up first

That’s my tree bro!
Are you all right? You hear that? David Beckham, big inspiration
The curl.
I’m gonna do David Beckham’s arm as well.
All right, busy.
I ain’t got no words
Premiership! I think just take it just go. Just go, it’s done.
That’s it
Just take all the teams
Take all the teams. Na na we are doing more challenges
to embaress even more.
All right, second challenge
This is for la liga. Obviously, there is two good teams in la liga
so it doesn’t really matter that much. We are gonna chip the ball from there
into that box
Not as easy as you thought is it? Just ‘coz Manny is doing really bad
I’m just gonna hit him with one of these
Good. I didn’t like that. You see that? That is arrogance.
I’m ready
Were you ready?
Rabona didn’t work, so how about a cheeky no look?
I didn’t even move the camera because I didn’t know when you were gonna kick that
If you can just, you know
All right I’m ending this. Time to chip it
Mine was closer.
Done. I get two choices. All right next up, serie a
All right challenge number three is serie a
We are going to be chipping from here over this into the goal over there
So we have, you know, had curling and chipping
Now we are combining the two for like a little quipping
Give me some swaz tekkers manny
Oh he has fallen over but he has banged the top corner
Come back
Attempt number two
Oh he has missed
It went the same place as yours
I mean it counts. It somehow counts
Even if you did hit the couch

Alright, the fourth challenge is for league 1

I’m not gonna lie i have run out out of challenges
We just got to hit JJ in the head
Killing KSI prank gone wrong. Bang!
I’m doing this for my brother Mbappe
That was his chest
It is my friend I didn’t want to hit him
Chin neck. Not head though
It hit about here
Yo!. Sorry JJ
You’re not sorry at all
I was trying to see how high you could go
Damn it JJ
Now that the challenges are done,
I won bpl and ll liga, you won serie a and league 1
So we are gonna take it in turns
I get first choice.

I’m gonna go for Man city or Man Blue
Who you gonna go. You got to go to english league. I’m gonna go Man Red
Now we are going la liga and i am going first choice again
I am gonna go real madrid
Ok, Barca
So now, serie a you choose
I know who I am choosing; Juventus
Italian league has gone really downhill
I am gonna go Napoli
Now, final one is league 1
I don’t know who I am picking. I am going for Monaco
We have got our 4 teams. We are gonna get an amalgomation of random players
You like that word? Yeah, that was a good word.
All right these are my players. Are those my best players? It could be worse
That’s exactly what I am talking about. You got to be smart with you’re choices.
I was smart!
To be honest, I chose Man United because I wanted Pogba
You’re attack looks great too. I mean i got Aguero and i got Mertens
Ok the way this works
is basically on the next screen we both get to to choose a player
from the other persons squad to try and take
On the next screen after that we get to choose a player
of yours to protect.
So if I went Manny I am going to take your Neymar and he says I am going to protect my Neymar but he does not know who I protected or who I am trying to take
then I will get one of his really bad players
but if I go Manny I am going to take your |bra and he says I protected Neymar
I would get his Ibra
I am looking at the left screen. This is who I am going to take. I have picked mine
This is so annoying because you have so many
You got to be smart
All right, so now this is where protect our players
I am going to protect
I am actually really nervous I kind of just want to ask you
just now who did you do? No. No? No.
Ok well we can’t change it.
This is who you get.
Ok you can have Diarra
Is that all you are gonna do? Who are you giving me? That is not to bad
Please can you just tell me? No
Ok here we go. Oh no, you choose Ramos
Did you think you got Ibra?
I know but I thought you would have chosen Marcelo
I am actually so angry right now What do I have
I don’t have another centre-back. I have got a 72. Ramos! I am liking this
You don’t know about my team. Stop.
Just so you know while this is loading there is a game mode called MyClub
which is free if you download PES LITE
It is in the description. I will leave a link to it and for a limited time only
Zeco, the legend is out as well.
You know what? Giveaway
Whoever loses give away a £15 code
That is for coins to open packs
Or you know, balls.
You are not going to stop Ibra.
Oh why didn’t I protect Ibra? He is the best player in the game
That is why I took him. I was laughing, I just realised you took him
Oh my god, that ball was insane
That ball was insane!
Bang Goal IBRA
Your man Ibra comes from your club and scores against you
You are giving away a code
Sorry. I was getting hype
I was getting so hyped and you shoot me like that
Marcelo, come on Marcelo

Why are you complaining like your team is dead?
I wasn’t! you like that? you like that little flick?
That is disgusting. You are actually disgusting
Wash your hands. Big up Ibra
Let him walk in then
That was an insane ball though

That was a penalty and you know it. That was outside the box

i knew youd miss

Is there a button I am missing?
Is there a score button I am just missing?
That is a beautiful pass
Why is Cavani not even in the box

If you ever scored that
What, would you have quit? Yeah I actually would have quit
That would have been the end to your PES Pro Career
I haven’t had a shot. I am destroying you.
I just brought on Mertens

There was around 9 people around you
Aim for Ibra and

Pen! Thank you referee.
Disgusting. You are a disgusting human being
Look who it is. It is your boy on your boy.
That is the worst decision I have made
I think I may have missed.
I hate you so much
We done a video on his channel go watch it and you will understand

And Ibra just scored
There is a button I am missing
I just feel so great right now
It is just fantastic. There is a button I am missing. Where is it?

Oh no. Nice Marcelo
You turn like a prick

The code is right here
Anyway that is all for the video today
If you want to see more videos like this
then let me know down in the comments below

Check out Manny as well in the descreption

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