The BEST Water Park in Japan [Spa Resort Hawaiians] |Day 23 – Fukushima

Hey guys welcome to Day 10 of week
7 of trip 5 of the 7th planet
What up guys, welcome to Day 23
of the Odigo 47 where I’ll be travelling
to all 47 prefectures,
vlogging every single day I’m out travelling
and today we are in Fukushima
We are currently in the city of Koriyama
and we are heading to the city of Iwaki in Fukushima to head to the Spa Resort Hawaiians
which is a very famous and popular water themed park
It’s actually a theme park that hosts
the biggest outdoor onsen, or hotspring
which is really cool
There’s supposedly many weddings
that take place there
There’s a lot of beauty care, like treatment for the ladies
and there’s also a golf course which is really cool
so this place is literally like Disneyland
Yeah so I think it takes about an hour-ish by car
from Koriyama to Iwaki
And today is the last day so after that Kim and I will be heading back, Chris will be heading back to his town
I mean “Ooohh what a shame”
So, Kim you wanna say anything?
Hey guys welcome back to my channel
So yeah I guess I’ll see you guys in the vlog!
Whatup so we made it to the Spa Resort Hawaiians
And it’s really big
Like really really big
Like as big as Disneyland
And all the hands look like Mickey Mouse hands, pointing us to the way where to go
I’ll show you guys what I mean
So you can rent all of these bathing suits
You can experience Hawaii in a Hawaiian shirt
Or a Hawaiian gound
Wonder horn!
Caution in the wonder horning
Let’s race!
3, 2, 1, go!
Holy Moly
Oh shit oh shit
Shit! Is that a real shark?
Wait wait are those real?
No this can’t be real
So that was Spa Resort Hawaiians that was really cool
we went to the pool
Nice slides, the slides were awesome
And then we went to hot springs
Hotsprings were alright too!
They were pretty cool
And then we had a nice lunch
and saw a cool show
Full of Hula Dance Girls which was pretty awesome
and it’s kindof a cool rendition of Hawaii
Yeah, so
that was Day…oh shit
So yeah I guess I will see you guys in the Car!!
Yo so we are on the limited express now back to Tokyo
So we are back in Tokyo finally
and we made it to Coco Ichiban for some curry!!!
And how was the trip?
Good! Tiring
Tiring, yeah
So this is Odigo 47 where I’ll be travelling
in every 47 prefectures and vlogging everyday
so please stay up to date
This is Day 23, last Day of Trip 2
and we used the Odigo website to plan this trip so if you’re interested in coming to Japan
Odigo has all the information you need if you want to come to Japan so please check that out
It’s a great website, a great tool for anyone interested
in travelling and go anywhere in Japan
So website’s right there in the About section
so please check that out
and we will see you in the next prefecture!
Some cheeese
But it’s really hot in here
So I should
Take my underwear off!!
But my underwear smells way too much

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