The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

He’s looking forward to this match
To see whether Saive will have any jawbreaking action during the match
I’m totally excited
European players are better at receiving “heavy” strikes
are they going to spin around?
they’re going to do it!
it was so close
he even had it all planned out
If the last point was IN just now
they probably are really going to spin around
a little door for convenience
“I don’t wanna jump over it.”
I’m just going to walk over it later
The judge doesn’t appreciate it
Saive was like ”Could you please make it back to how it was just now?”
…I want this to remained opened
He’s warming up so that he could make a proper jump later
Ah… It was close though
He’s like “Why aren’t you hitting harder?”
…why are you hitting it so softly
come on, hit it harder
“My fault, my fault”
… for not meeting your expectation
It’s not easy
to entertain the audience
and playing it at the same time

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