The Happy Birthday Vlog | Anish’s [email protected] | TQ2.0

The Happy Birthday Vlog | Anish’s Birthday@2020 | TQ2.0

Hey Guys .. What’s up? So this is Teqtify So this is a pre disclaimer for all of my viewers that this vlog is gonna be in Bengali as we all are proud Bengalians(Bengalis) And we are moving towards one of our friend’s birthday party and he is also Bengali… So let’s begin who else will eat chop ?? Hello…Hi … Hi…Welcome to… Hey !! Copyright….Copyright….Copyright….!! Alexa…Stop ! Archisman(gibberish) No.. As you can see Bengali !! WHo’s this ? Debmalya Hi .. I am Debmalya Me Archisman This is Archisman…WHo’s this?? I’m Akshit Anurag Alexa Stop ! (these are human beings) Who’s this child in here ? Playing copyright songs from the very beginning….. This is myself Bikram GHuku Alexa STop! It won’t understand you…. Alexa ? Alexa ? Who is Ranu Mondal ? I can very well see that he can do nothing Hey! It;s my turn I’m doin’ it …ya i am … will I ? You’ll record video in video Anish… What’s your age ? Mine ? I feel like it’s a 15 What’s today’s date ? 15 ? sure? YA I don’t think so Yes 15…OK……. Speak something about yourself I’ll speak of myself ?? ummm…. What shall I say…ummmm gibberish A very intelligent boy Unintelligible Bengali Anish…tell me much of Russian Revolution have you studied for tomorrow? While I was walking on the path on a full moon night The moon had lit the sky E!! E!! While I was walking on the path on a full moon night The moon had lit the sky While I was walking on the path on a full moon night Hello guys ! I am Priyangshu So here We are in an excellent ambient light (howling monkeys) We are enjoying Anish’s birthday…. Anish is missing Anish? Anish? Here I am ,sheeps ! So Anish the sheep You can see the Anish sheep …Sheep-faced Anish has come Anish .. How are you ? I’m fine..How is you birthday being spent ? And your (censored) Did you like the football shot of today ? Show your teeth to our viewers…ya ask I really liked the experience Donno if i’ll get an alike experience ever again YA gaining experience is good Here we are Who’s he ? this boy? This boy is very good ..maybe but..not really Debmalya…Say something about Anish He is a very good boy bad boy (laughter) He sits beside me Hey wait ! Dancing Hey step aside for Debmalya ! Not now ! Hey Anish you come ! Step aside for Anish And Debmalya They’re the stars … Don’t show this video to someone else Oh it feels great A huge human with such a big tummy Don’t let me ..don’t let me down claps and snaps claps and snaps This is not a train Debmalya Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music 1..2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11…12…13… 14…15… Our first GPL He’s dead He can’t So the party ends for now We enjoyed a lot today YA uncle aunty’s preparation was great And your birthday was satisfactory but very great So we are meeting tomorrow Everyone will study French Revol…Russian Revolution after reaching homes Subscribe to Teqtify..Like if you really liked this video & comment for any suggestions Tsar portion is left Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANISH!! byeeeee

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