The most important skill in Table Tennis

Right so Alois what’s the most important skill
in table tennis? Is it serving or smashing
or what is it?
I think the most important skill is to be
able to hit the ball on the table without
making a mistake. And to start off with you
don’t need to be hitting the ball to hard
at all. You can keep the ball at this pace
and keep it in play you can start to challenge
yourself a little bit by setting yourself
some targets.
To start of with you should be able to do
three hits is a good target, one, two and
three. Once you can do that you can start
tot build up your skills and build up the
number of hits you can do. Often when I get
beginners to start they start with three,
then five, then ten and then they can go for
the record. You will be quite amazed how quickly
you can improve by just hitting the ball softly
and straight.
So the key points there are softly and straight.
You can see that both Jeff and I aren’t trying
to hit the ball hard. We are just trying to
build up our skills level by hitting the ball
on the table a lot of times.
The strokes you use for this are very very
short making sure that your bat is nice and
flat , nice and flat to the ball on both sides.
Give yourself a really good chance of hitting
the ball each side. So nice and flat there
or nice and flat there.
If you go along to our website
you can go to the lessons page and you will
find a consistency chart which you can download
and use to record how many hit you can get
in a row.
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