The NASTIEST Rugby Steps and Ankle Breakers – (Union & League)

The NASTIEST Rugby  Steps and Ankle Breakers – (Union & League)

Great from Tuivasa-Sheck who comes towards morgan and steps Curwin Bosch what a step from a young man and he is still going OHHOOOO Cordero a lovely dummy couple of them on wonderful staff from Cordero the new boy still going this is marvelous from Santiago Cordero what a fantastic run dummy kick step of his right now the left bang where you go again from the left what a great run OOOOH What a step WOW and we see here thats nasty chase comes pretty quickly and he breaks initial tackle and off he goes Curwin Bosch okey we talked about Bosh he is special kid look at his step and he is gone soft hands Damian Willemse will find space Willemse He need some options on the outside Damian Willemse look at the stepping now thanks for coming now he keeps ball in two hands Longbottom is magician

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  2. The nastiest ankle breakers are always nba coz they literally break their ankles 🀣🀣🀣

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