The Pinball Lover

Krakow, Poland. Once one of the world’s
largest trading hubs, built with a pinch
of salt. Now a tourist destination for
delicious food, culture, castles…
And pinball machines? Meet Maciek:
Pinball lover, passionate entrepreneur and
owner of Krakow’s very own pinball
museum. Maciek spends his days collecting,using
and fixing pinball machines to
make sure everyone can play with his toys.
It all started with a Cyclone and
now this wonderful man has over sixty
machines in his collection. Best thing is,
for a small price you are invited to play
for as long as your little heart
So join me: Jon. your LMBweb host, in an
interview with the man behind the machines
who’s quite literally, living
his dreams. Discover how it all began and
what is the future for this little museum that’s packed with fun for absolutely everyone.
Coming soon to…
It’s what you make of it.

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