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The Runelords Board Game | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hey friends, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott and today we are playing the Runelords. Let me introduce you to
my two lovely guests. We have John D’Angelo,
designer of the Runelords. Congratulations.
– Oh, why thank you so much. – Thank you for bringing this game today. I’m happy to be here. – Yeah! And our dear friend Mark Streed is back. – Indeed, I’m excited to be here. Throw down on the battlefield. – Yeah, well, good luck, I
mean, no way you gonna beat me. Not gonna let it happen today. – Again? – It’s one for one now, okay, one for one. – It is one for one. – And of course, Mark
is from the Dice Tower. – Yes. – Glad you’re back.
– Yeah, thank you. – All right, friends. There is a video, a how-to-play video about the sovereignty stage of this game, which is the deck building portion. Now we’re going to do the combat stage in this video and John is gonna walk us through what we do for that. But we’ve already started our deployment of our various Runelords. So, John, can you tell us
generally, what is our goal? – Oh, so win conditions of
this particular game mode, it’s called the Tides of Battle, and that battle track over there, the insta-win in this game mode is to just get to that victory. And you can see that we
have all of our Runelords have their own little face markers. – Done. – Nailed it, see, look at that. – Wow. – How do you come back from that? – Okay, thank you for
watching Game the Game, we’ll see you guys next week, bye. – And then–
– Oh, there’s more, there’s more.
– There’s more, wow. The other way that the game will end is if we have two things
fire off that will trigger the end of the game during the end phase. And that would be if
anyone kills a Runelord. That means that end
phase, the game will end but everyone gets to
finish their activations, and see if anybody can rummage up enough score there to take the win. – And generally we score
by murdering each other. – Yes, by murdering each other. – Excellent.
– Right, most excellent. – And there on the tracks
you’ll see the values. There is a tiering system in the game that’ll make sense in a moment. But if you kill a blue card,
you’re going to get two points and orange, purple, and yellow, and they have the according prices there. But if there’s ever a
moment where nothing is in a deployment zone of any
character except for a Runelord. – Because we have one Runelord and three helper friends.
– Empty slots, yeah. So if you have no one
there, if there’s no love, that will also end, that
end phase will trigger. And then for today, we’re also going to do at the end of the third round, so that’ll be just like a
little add-in rule for today. – We’re gonna keep it
nice and snappy for ya. All right, so we were
just about to have Mark do his second deployment.
– Second deployment, yes. – Okay, anything else we need to know before we hop into that? – No, so how we’ve been
doing this up to this point is just anywhere on the
battlefield you can deploy a guy and this will make sense here
when Mark does the deployment from drawing his reinforcements, but anywhere on the battlefield is okay as long as you’re not
within two of an enemy. – Excellent, all right,
what would you like to do? – Going to grab my new
guy which is Strengisaat. I have no idea. – Oh yeah, I think he
was a German composer. – I think so, right.
– That’s a tough one. – All right, so then I’m gonna
find his character, right? – Yes, so you’ll grab the– – And he’s a flyer right? – He is. Two flying units.
– Two flying units right away. Look at this. You have some ferocious nawshers there. – I do, but he doesn’t get any equipment. – No. – No equipment for these flyers. He just flies right? – Mark, can you tell us about your first demon that’s already out? – Oh, the first one
that’s out, oh my gosh. – Yeah, just to introduce us to your crew. – Ah, this guy man, he
is a legendary right? – Yes, yes, anything purple’s legendary. – Anything purple’s legendary. So he’s Inkala, Protector of the Risen. – Inkala.
– Love that name. So he’s gonna swoop down and try to take out everything he can. But the really nice thing is that anybody who is
bleeding out on the field, I can potentially really
harm as the game goes on. So my goal is to get as many
folks bleeding as possible. – You’re like a shark in the
water, but a shark in the air. – In the air, indeed.
– Yes, you’re a shark. – And so far, I’ve got flying units, and this new guy is going to, we’re gonna have him come over here. And we’re gonna have these
guys not really bunch up, but they’re gonna be
building a line of force and that so he’s deployed. – All right, did you get
any equipment with him? – No.
– No equipment ’cause he’s so scary, so scary. – He’s terrifying. – You guys should run away. – Yeah, that’s the end of it right there. (laughter) – John. – Okay, so just to be clear, what we had done a moment ago is that throughout this is we’ve been doing it based off of A, B, and
C, and we chose that at the beginning that was set out for us and we’ve done A and then alternated and then B and then alternated but at any time any of us could have chosen to break that stack and actually get our Runelords
out on the battlefield, but I’m gonna–
– Who’s your Runelord? – I actually have Kravyn. And Kravyn as a barbarian type who’s gonna be using a lot of Force Hounds, which unfortunately causes a lot of bleed to the battlefield which is
gonna benefit Mark over there. – And are you a barbarian
in your real life? – I am not, I gave that life up. – Okay, you don’t identify
much with your character. – Yeah, no, in 2020 it’s just
hard to keep that lifestyle. – Got it, got it. – And I’m gonna choose to continue the ABC stack and not bring out Kravyn so I’m going to draw the top
card of my reinforcement. I drew into a legendary,
great, so you’re not the only one with legendaries out, buddy. – Yeah, that’s right. – Wait, can I make my
next turn be a legendary? – Hey, you got two legendary gear already. Yeah, so we’ll get into that in a moment. So you just go into your stash of standees and find the artwork that is associated and then just put it on
the base that matches and I’m going to put it
out on the battlefield. – I love him so much. He looks so lonely, the
Monolith of the Wood. – The Monolith of the
Wood, and in the books this is of the Frowth Giant race. And I am going to place him, I’m gonna place him here. I don’t wanna deal with those walls. Okay, I’m gonna place him right there. – Okay, you’re really close to me– – And then I’m going to load him out because in the load out at the bottom, if you see the icon there, any icons in the footer,
you’re able to use, but anything that’s white
you are able to get. So I’m gonna go and grab this. And I am gonna place
this into my inventory. So his innate ability
is that every end phase he’s gonna remove all
of these afflictions. So if I have something that is in my armory that’s gonna remove this, I wouldn’t wanna put that on him. – So you have to kill him in
one go, and he has 11 health. Well, you would have to,
the wounds would stay, but the afflictions would come off. – His bleeding heals. Yeah, exactly, if he’s
bleeding it comes off. I’m gonna give him this armor that gives him plus two movement. – You mentioned the books,
it’s based off the Runelords. And you have created a
lot of these characters as sort of a prequel in
that world, is that right? – It is, yeah, so the characters that are actually in
the series would be for down the road when we when
we get into those books. This is to set up the actual system, explore the magic, go
into some of the locations that we didn’t get to see
in here from in the book. And then yeah, and then from there we can move into the to the characters. – We’ll see what happens next. – But yeah I’m done, so it goes to you. You can do your C or your Runelord. – All right, and after
two more deployments then it’s gonna be time to punch each other in the face, yeah? – Lots of face punching.
– Or shoot stuff. Okay, I’m just gonna follow suit. It seems like the cool thing
to do to flip a new card and this one will be legendary. – No.
– No. Oh, gosh, those are so
annoying on the battlefield though I’m really upset you
have two Harriers, this is bad. – Good, good, good, I’m happy. You know yeah, you should be scared. I know exactly what I’m
doing with these Harriers. They’re marksman and when I draw him I get to also draw one ranged weapon so I’ll draw that from
the little bag here. – And notice anything drawn from this goes into her armory and she can choose to put it on the actual– – You’re gonna be so mad at me. (laughs) – Oh no, is this real? – I have drawn a purple ranged weapon which I am told is a legendary weapon. – Yeah, the legendaries
come with these beautiful foily cards and they have
more than just icons, they actually have full
descriptions in the back in flavor text and now you have a full– – In our randomly drawn setup that we did before cameras were rolling here I had already earned a King’s Request, a beautiful sword and then a King’s Favor, this shiny armor, Geralt would be jealous. And Shadow Chaser is my new one. This is a bow. You’re so jealous, aren’t ya? – I feel like there’s a
conspiracy happening here. – I stacked all these decks
when you weren’t looking. – I’m pretty sure. – All right, so now I’m going
to deploy Ralph somewhere, and I also may equip him with
some sort of ranged weapon. And because Varah, my
Runelord, on her card, she doesn’t have a ranged icon, so she can’t be equipped with that. So there’s no point in
me holding it for her. So I’m gonna equip Elite Bolt Thrower, and so he’s fierce, watch out. I’m gonna go, what do you
think of this placement? Horrible, dangerous? – Well, I mean, we can’t
get behind you. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I like my back to walls. – You got that going for ya. Yep, and the range on that
particular recruit is four. – One, two, three, four,
that works out in my favor. – This is where A, B and C matters, right? So if I activate my guy before you do I get to get out of your range, but that’s okay, you can still
move and attack, it’s fine. – I’m looking around at the
level of each of these cards. So blue recruitment’s
are the lowest ranked and they therefore earn the
lowest reward for killing them. You have two blue and one purple, which is the second highest
under a Runelord there. – Yeah, purple’s gonna get you five. – And you’ve got an
orange and a purple, Mark. – Yes, I do.
– And I’ve got three orange. So it looks like I’m a
little disadvantaged here, but you know, now you guys can
go after each other’s purple. (laughter) And I’m kind of getting in
position to go after Monolith of the Wood even though he’s
so tragic and kind looking. I bet he reads a lot
of books in the forest, but they’re very tiny and
his giant mammoth hands. Yeah, so anyway, that’s my deployment. – Nice, all right, well, I’m gonna follow suit with my third. And I’ve got another. Okay, Strengisaat coming out. – Okay, do we shuffle? – Yeah, what’s going on here? – You saw me shuffle. – Yeah, you did the stack
shuffling too, yeah. – I have all fliers now. – Okay, so everyone is flying. – Everyone is flying. – The upside to flying is
that it’s can move freely through all of the movement types that you’ll see on the battlefield. Downside is that they’re
always considered exposed. So that’s the downside.
– They can’t hide. – Yeah.
– There’s none of that. – Flyin’ around overhead completely exposed.
– But they do move fast. – They do move fast and
they have access to a lot– – They have like a
movement of five, right. – Yeah, movement of
five for that guy, yeah. And no equipment, right,
so you’re low on equipment. – No equipment. – You wish you could
stop exposing yourself, but it’s not gonna happen. – They’re all exposing
themselves in the air. – Can’t help it. – I think we’re gonna
start over here this time. – It’s a filthy game. (chuckles) – Sorry, I make every
game have a dark version. I don’t know if you’ve
ever watched the show. – For sure, for sure.
(laughter) – All right, so no equipment, he’s good to go, he’s on the battlefield. – Excellent. – So now comes down to the Runelords. – It’s just Runelords. – Runelords, they have a lot of hitpoints. So the fact that their
life totals are so high, you still don’t wanna be flanked, back hexes, you don’t want
nobody in your back hex business but I’m going to place
now, I already had these, we did this during setup, the
load-out does not get drawn for the Runelords, they gave
us a kick-start on our armory, so I don’t need to draw from the pouches, and I am going to not send
them out with nothing. So not everybody has three
legendaries so I’m gonna– – Okay, Mr. Purple-Deployment-of-Recruits. – And I’m actually
gonna go ahead and give, I’m gonna go and give him everything that I had in my armory. – Oh, wow.
– How do you like them apples? And then I’m gonna put in Kravyn out behind this statue here. And line of sight is blocked by any solid black lines
or dotted black lines unless you’re exposed
which flying recruits are, and you can see through the dotted lines. So the only thing I’m not hidden from right now is the flying recruits. They can see me over these dotted lines. – Okay, my turn. I’m gonna place Varah. I just wanna keep her safe. The moment in which I may
choose a battle stance for each of my deployments is when they’re placed on the board. I can choose whether they’re in an offensive stance or
a defensive stance, yes? – So when we do the deployment phase, which we’re in now, everybody’s
in defensive by default just because everyone’s
gonna be getting attacked, but they have a chance to set. – So I should just go right
here and then I don’t want to– – Away from two.
– You have to be two away. – Excellent, excellent. – But your movements more than enough to cover that distance. – I’m coming for you.
– Oh, I’m waiting. (laughter) – And I will now equip while I’m here. Oh, we got a King’s Request, we got a King’s Favor,
I’m lookin’ so sharp. – So to talk about this really quickly. – Yes, please. – Is your King’s Request is
the first one to talk about. – My sword. – So if you take a look there, on the on the top of the card here, it’s gonna show you
you’re gonna get a plus 3 to your skill when you’re using this. – Oh yes. – And you’re dealing plus one damage no matter how you hit
with this thing, right? So you’re just dealing
an additional damage. The passive ability is
though whenever she’s healed, whatever friendly you
have on the battlefield anywhere that has the lowest
life is also gonna heal. (Becca gasps) So that is gonna happen passively. And then there’s an empower, which we’ll get into when it happens, but you can also heal one
when you successfully attack. So this thing in and of
itself is its own engine. – I grow stronger when I
punch your face with my sword. – When I punch your face
my friends feel good. – Yeah, it’s true and a King’s Favor. Behind every great man is a great woman, but in front of every great warrior is a solid plate of metal. This unit cannot be flanked. Flanking has no effect against this unit. Yes, so she has no rear flanks. – She got all of her flanks. – And usually the swiftness movement type, swiftness will prevent certain things, allow you to get around
her without provocation, but that doesn’t work either. – Can I just imagine that this is armor that looks the exact same
from the front and back so you can’t tell if I’m looking at you. It’s like I put eyes in the back of my head like a scarecrow. That’s what I think
the King’s Favor doing. She’s looking right at us. – No wait, is she?
(laughter) – Done?
– That’s it. What else do you want from her? – I know right, so I’m gonna deploy– – Oh wait, I have so much more. Actually I am going to
get my little backpack. – I wasn’t gonna say anything there. – Yeah, I can set a trap when
I choose to discard this. – Yes, at the expense
of the utility action. You can destroy that and
place a trap within two. – All right, I’m gonna deploy Dame and I’m going to use my plus
two sword when I bring him out. – Okay. – Oh dang! – You can see there,
you probably recognize the green that’s there, right? That’s the same as what’s on your card. So on an advanced attacker
or better you’re gonna do– – Do plus two. And I’m gonna use the plus
one armor for him as well. And the one time use which is a destroy, but I can remove all tokens that– – Yeah, so you choose
whichever affliction you want. Yeah, and you would just remove it. – Okay. And we’re gonna put him over here. – Got a few afflictions
I wish I could remove. (laughter) – I don’t know what that
means, thank you for laughing. – Tokens don’t work.
– Tokens that work. – Oh my gosh, look at all our beautiful standees ready to battle. – Just be eliminated. – Okay. – Now a lot of this looks like they might be far from each other, but with the way movement
works in the game they’re not quite as
far as they might seem. – Well show us how it’s done, John. – All right, so now we’re gonna go. So initially we would’ve randomly decided who got to deploy first,
but because that player was at a disadvantage
for deploying first they also get to go first and that was me. – Worked out well for him.
– It did. – That was me, so I am going to now choose to, we’re gonna
enter a management phase and combat is broken into three stages. – With a handy cheat sheet here. – We all share management,
we alternate activations, and then we share an end phase. And then how that’s gonna play out is I’m going to activate this, we’re gonna activate
management now I apologize, and then when we get into activation, that’s when we start to do the ABC flip. But what needs to happen
now in the management is we need to decide what
that ABC is going to be. So secretly, we hide our results here and place them with the priority face up. So no one knows exactly
how that’s going to be. – Oh snap.
– Yeah. – And we can just deploy our
Runelord at any time we choose, but A, B, and C must happen
in that order and Runelord can take a turn whenever. – Anything was priority can do that and actually Varah has a card that allows another recruit to have priority. So when you get that card
you can break the rules. More and more rule breaking. – Me break rules, never.
(chuckling) – Okay, ready when you are. – Okay, got it, ready. Okay, great, so we
reveal our A, Bs, and Cs. And I am going to be activating my Monolith of Wood first. – I knew it. (laughs) – Get that thing out of
the range of the Harrier. So now when we go into this, every recruit will get
its own mini-management, it’s called the ready phase
and everybody gets one. So I’m gonna be going into the Monolith of Wood’s ready phase. If we had already activated
during the management, we would have also pulled
these completion markers down. But we didn’t have to worry
about that this time around. So we’re gonna jump right
into the ready phase. And the ready phase is saying a few things that have to happen rinse and repeat. And once you get used to these, then it goes by very quickly. If something is already
in the deployment zone, you don’t need to worry about load-out. Load-out is only if the
deployment zone is actually empty. If it’s empty, then you’re gonna take gear and you’re going to do exactly what we just did a moment ago, and we’re going to do that. But we’re already out so we move into the next which is take influence. Now the Monolith of Wood may be legendary but it’s only given me a single influence. That’s not where it’s good. – That is the blue number in
the upper right hand corner. – Yes, yes.
– Okay. – Blue number in the
top right is influence and during the deck builder that is also how much that it would give you during the deck builder every round. And then I would place this
into my armory, so I have one. And then the next thing we
wanna make sure that we do is we wanna make sure that
we draw a support card. And this is really important
to do before battle stance and it’ll make sense in a moment. I’m gonna reveal this card so that we can better understand what’s going on here. I drew into a Gimmie Gimmie,
which is another one. (laughter) And the Gimmie Gimmie is all about traps. And we’ll see this in action in a moment. But I draw in to this now and now I have two things here. I have a card that can now support this at the expense of my actions or I can spend this card
directly from my hand for three. So I technically have four influence at my disposal at the moment. – All right, and things you
could spend influence on later with all those money
bags, what would that be? – So we have gambits for each game type. And the gambits, there are only three and you have access to these
gambits only one per round, and then you get the list
back every management. And then you can choose
which one you wanna play or you have all of these
abilities that are here, and I have an item in a
backpack here that allows me to spend three to place a trap. Anything that you see that has the actual cost associated with it, that’s what you can spend it. – Oh, you’re back, but I don’t have any backpacks I can spend money on. – And these cards draw in from the support are only one at a time. And you keep it to yourself,
hidden, and it’s a strategy. So if I don’t use this
card on the Monolith, I get to keep it for my B, or my C, and as you can see, if I
don’t spend these cards, I’m gonna be accumulating
more and more over the round. – All right, what you doing? – So that’s that and I am
actually just going to spend my, here I get all my actions here. The last thing that I would
do is choose my battle stance. That’s the last thing
you’re doing, the stance. So the passive thing going
on here is if I’m in defense, I’m gonna get an additional plus one to my defense, so I’m harder to hit. If I’m in offense, which is red, then my critical threshold
will be dropped by one. And that’ll make sense when
we get into some combat. And right now I think I’m actually going to go into offensive. – That’s bad for me.
– It is. – And the one guy that can’t, doesn’t have to worry about the knock back of this particular
recruit is that Justicar. So me coming after the Justicar directly. It’s probably not number one priority. – I laugh at your knock back. – (laughs) I wanna kill this Hairier. – Impossible. – So I’m going to with my
actions available to me, I’m going to spend my green
and if you look at the bottom right hand corner of any recruit, you will see that at the cost of a green, you can move the number
of hexes that is denoted by its value and movement type. – Okay, where you moving? – He’s only got feet. So I’m gonna spend that
and I’m gonna move three. I’m gonna move one,
two, and I’m gonna stop. Now, I am in rear flank. – I feel like there’s a giant monster standing right behind me. – What’s that shadow? – But look how friendly he looks. – He just looks sad.
– I know. – Yeah, he’s a sad dude. And the rear hexes, all
three of the rear hexes give a minus two to the recruits defense. But if you’re directly behind
– Luckily I have a plus two, I’m not even worried. – On no, that’s life.
– Oh, that’s not my defense. – That’s actually good
though you want that. But it’s a minus two on all three. But if you’re in the direct rear you get an additional minus
two to your critical threshold so I critical easier from behind. So here’s how this gonna play out. I spent my green I moved. Now I have access to a utility action and I have access to an attack action. To be clear on the utility
action I can use this to open or close the
door on a battlefield, I can use it to pick up items. – Who put doors in the
middle of this battlefield? – There are no doors out now. There are overlays, but they’re not out. But if I were to wanna open this gate, there’s a lever over there and I can go onto that lever
and I can open the gate. But the gates are just default open. But you get it, so like a
free action kind of thing. But the most important
thing that this thing does is allows you to move one hex. As long as you have the movement type to move through something,
you can do that. So that’s really important. And that’ll make sense
with bleed in a moment. And then so I’m going to attack. So I’m gonna spend my gold,
which is an attack action. – Some say yellow, but I like gold. – Or gold or yellow, and it says here on every attack, there’s a cluster. And it reads from left
to right on the card. And it says here, I can deal
three damage to something within one at the cost of a yellow. – Got it. – Then I’m gonna roll the dice,
and I’m gonna try and meet or beat the target’s defense. – Impossible. – I get a plus one because of
the star that I have there, and I have no other bonuses to speak of, I get a minus to my critical however, so my critical threshold’s
a 16 or better currently. So I’m going to try if I
roll a one, I do nothing. But if I roll anything else, this D20 is not going to ruin the game for me. I’m gonna at least deal my
basic damage no matter what. So I’m gonna roll. (Becca laughs)
I rolled a two. So if I add my plus one
and the defense currently is in a minus two because
I’m behind her, right, so that still isn’t enough
to meet or beat the defense so I have only done a basic attack and because it’s not a one
I still deal three damage. – Yeah see I’ve got
this baseball in a sock and you think I don’t see
you there but your shadow is so big and hulking and
dumb that I turned around and I underhand swing it
right into your monster balls. (laughter) – it’s like Steven Seagal with
the cue ball and the sock. – Yeah, exactly.
– Exactly. – So you took three damage
which brings you down– – And then you bop me on the head, okay. – Yeah, you got bopped anyway. – Yeah, ’cause I wasn’t eight
because I had plus two armor. – Exactly.
– Okay, love it. – And then I am going to now I can choose if I would like to. If I still had my green available to me– – Well, you don’t.
– I could spend that, I don’t, but I do have a white left
and I could move right now, and because you’re not
facing me I won’t provoke. – How can you move with a white? – So you can one hex with this. You can move one hex. – So I’m going to actually do just that. I’m gonna spend this one and I’m gonna get a little farther away from your Justiciar. – That’s cute that you
think I don’t see you there. (laughter) – And then the only rule about facing it’s absolutely free
during your activation, but once you place this completion marker, meaning they’re done, which I
am, I can’t change my facing. So that’s that. Now goes on to Becca, you can do either your A or your Runelord. – So my A is my Justiciar. – Justiciar.
– Yeah. – And he’s here and he’s facing this way so I could combat your flying
death monster number one. I’m gonna start the attack with Varah because then you’re gonna
be intimidated by her and maybe just like hide. So Varah’s going to activate and she has a movement
of four and can attack in a melee range of one so
I need to get within one. And if I end up right
here, I’ll be blocking the other guy from
getting to my Justiciar. So I’m gonna do that, I’m
gonna go one, two, three and we’ve gotta be facing somebody. Now this counts as one
of my back hexes right? – It was just one of your side flanks and he has the flight movement
type so his he can fly right over your head and go
straight at that Justiciar. – Well maybe he’ll forget when
he’s distracted by my beauty. – I won’t say it again. That’d only time that I say it. – Okay, so I’m gonna land
with my fourth move here so that no one’s behind me. And coming for Inkala, okay. So now I just roll the D20, yeah? – Yeah, so now you’re just
gonna roll the skill dice here. – And roll a one.
– Wow. – And you’re gonna try and
meet or beat the defense. – 20, 20, 20. It’s a nine. I have King’s Favor and King’s Request. So King’s Request is going to– – Plus three to your skill there, plus two, and your wit is a three. So you’re doing plus eight on every roll with this weapon because
of this legendary. – That’s 17. – So no matter what, when you roll that you’re getting a plus eight. It doesn’t mean that your
critical’s gonna fire off. That still needs to be a natural roll, but you’re most likely gonna
be doing advanced attacks on most things in this game. We jumped right past your
whole your whole ready phase, you didn’t get your influence, here. – I was just so excited,
I take four income. – So you’re gonna get four influence and you’re gonna draw one support card. – Oh, yeah. – And then you’re gonna
choose and now that card can be used in addition to
these, and you’re gonna also– – I’m gonna hang on to it. You can also now choose
your offense or defense. – Well, I’ve already moved. We go aggro, we go aggro, yo. – Retro aggro. – Right.
– Great. – So I have moved, I have attacked. – Yes, yes, you have. – Which we’re rectifying right now. – You do that now for sure. So now you’ve done an advanced attack. I think you met, meet or beat
the defense, am I correct? – 17 was what my everything added up to. And then my threshold of the critical I get minus one for my battle stance so that puts it to 17. And my voice puts it down to– – A 15, so that wouldn’t
mean it’d be an actual 15 or better to get the critical to fire off, but it didn’t, but that’s okay, because you still did all of this. So you’re gonna do the basic
because you roll a one, right? So you’re gonna deal three, and then– – Let me deliver this pain to you. – You beat the defense, so
met or beat the defense, so then you have your advanced
effect, and that lets you choose to be in offense or defense. – May I first apply fire to an enemy within three and then flip? – If you flip that first, right, because it’s happening with your advanced, but if you take a look,
you’re gonna flip into defense and you’re gonna gain durability
by flipping into defense. – We’re flipping into defense. – You wanted to do that, right? – I’m doing it.
– Okay. So then if I could, just to
show some strategy really quick ’cause it’s kind of a cool thing. If you would have started in defense, and you would have flipped to offense, and you would have gotten your haste. But then you would be in offense already. So if you if you started in
defense you would have been able to do exactly what you wanted to do. – I’m happy with everything I’ve done. Okay, great. And now I may use my utility activation? – Yes, and now you could do
the defensive ability of this, or you can move one hex if you’d like. So I’m gonna use this townsfolk. And my utility ability for defense says, “Draw two more support cards.” And so he’s gonna go face up at the bottom of my pile to discard. And that is my activation, so I will put this completion token on Varah. – Wow.
– Mark. – I’m gonna bring him all the way to here. Now he’s melee so he’s got
to be within one, right? – He’s gotta be within, yeah. – Oh, and he’s definitely
going full on attack. – Okay and then you would gather the influence for him with a one, and you would draw one support card. – One support card.
– Yep. – All right, let’s see we got here. – And since you’ve already done one move you can go ahead and flip
your movement action. – Oh, yes, thank you. – A little retroactive thing here. Since Varah did damage to another player and I have King’s Request, may
I heal one to this Harrier? – Oh, yes. So the empower, that little muscle, anytime that you advanced attack or better you can empower an attack with one, if you have access to
let’s say three empowers, you can choose the one that best applies. And obviously you would do that for sure. And then you would heal. – So this three becomes a two. – Becomes a two, yep. – May I have another little one? – There you go, well played. – Thank you, thank you. I protect you my little Harrier. – Okay, so then I’m gonna
attack, so I need the 20 please. – Okay.
– Why would you do that? – What’s your defense there? – For my Justiciar my
defense is 10 in the shield and he doesn’t have any add-ons, but he does have a battle stance
of defensive so I have 11. – 11, okay. – Then you’re gonna get a 10.
– I believe in you, I believe in you.
– Maybe like an eight. – Ah, 10, right down the middle. – That’s the first number I said. – It is the number you said, yeah. – It’s my fault. – Thank you for that, I
appreciate it greatly. – You don’t have any
pluses on that, right? – And you are in defensive stance. – Oh no, I’m in attack. – Oh, you’re in attack.
– Straight up. – You get the advanced. And then if you take a look at his passive if you wanna read that
out so we can have that. – If you’re in offensive, you have flying, but you already had it. – So, only in offensive right? – Only in offense, yeah. – Oh, this guy’s not always
flying, he’s got grappling. – He’s climbing if he’s not flying. – Because his wings have holes in them. They look like Swiss cheese. – So that was something
I wanted to point out. The only reason you were able to fly is because you were in offensive. – Yeah, it makes sense. But he does two damage right, as his base. – So here’s two damage. – You’ve dented my armor. – That’s right. – And then whatever the advanced says. – Advanced gets a bleed, please. And then what’s the purple heart again? – Arcane.
– Arcane. – Arcane, so plus three if
this recruit is enchanted. – Which you are not. And enchantments are, you’ll notice them, they come out of the support. – And they sit underneath.
– And they sit underneath. – Okay, and so that’s completed then. – Yeah, great. All right, so that comes back to me. So now I can activate either my B or I can activate my Runelord. And I think I’m gonna
go ahead and activate, I’m gonna activate my Runelord. And so that means I’m
gonna take the four– – I think you have to do
anything that you would say in this character’s voice,
though, for the rest of the turn. As the Runelord. – He actually doesn’t speak! – I am barbarian! (John laughs)
Like that? – So there’s some influence there and then I’m going to draw my support card for the round for him, which is perfect. It’s what I wanted, and then I’m gonna choose my battle stance. And I think I’m going to spend, and I’m gonna go into offensive. Yes, I’m gonna go into offensive, great. I get my actions back. – I’m gonna flip mine. – And then I am going to spend my movement action. I’m gonna play Breed Master. What the Breed Master says
is at the cost of this I can spawn one Force Hound
on an available adjacent hex for each Rogue that I control,
and I control a Rogue here and he is also a Rogue so that’s two and if it’s Kravyn that’s the acting unit, if it happens to be Kravyn doing this, which it is, I spawn an additional. So I’m gonna get three dogs. – Yeah, here’s your dogs, ah geez. – And again, these dogs do cause bleed. – Oh, that’s good for me. – Yeah, that’s gonna be…
(Mark laughs) And then the best way to
handle these support tokens is when it comes around to activating them you just do them one at a time, but I’m gonna place them all out on an available adjacent hex like this so I’m surrounded by dogs. – Yes.
– Same. – And then gets placed under here. (gasping) – Oh, sick burn! – And then that was my movement. And I don’t have anybody else within range so I’m actually going to
spend my utility action. – Quit strategizing so
hard, I see it, I see it. – And I’m gonna spend my trap token and I’m gonna destroy it,
so this gets destroyed, goes off to the bag universe.
– It’s a trap. – And then I’m gonna place
a white trap within two and I’m gonna place it right here. So green can’t trigger green traps, but I’m gonna have that zone blocked off and then I am done so I’m
gonna place my completion. – So something’s telling me you don’t want anyone to attack your
Runelord, interesting strategy. I put mine right in the middle
of the biggest creatures. Interesting, that makes it my turn. – Yep goes to you. – We’re gonna remember orders. I’ve already activated my Runelord which means I have to activate A and here’s the things I do. First, I get a draw? I get these three, three influence. Now I’m at seven, (chuckles)
I’m gonna draw a card. Deadryn, the last Earthsworn. – Okay, this is awesome.
– Awesome? So I should do this? – Okay, yeah, this is great. All right, so Deadryn is an AOE and he’s a legendary support card. – Area of influence because
I attack everything around. – Everything that’s in that shape. And you can place, which obviously, this is really bad for me. But the range on it is within four, right, so and it’s the attack. So in order for your Justiciar
to be able to do this, it is going to have to move within range to at least target this guy. – Aw, I only have a movement of three. – Which I think you can
do it, one, two, three and then it’s gonna be
one, two, three, four. So you’ll be perfect. – Oh, within four. (gasps) But because he’s in front of you, you will provoke him by
moving if you if you did that. I think it’s well worth it. – Even if I sidestep? – Yeah, just by exiting
one of the front hexes that’s gonna trigger provocation. Provocation’s super fast in this game. – Whatever, I don’t care. I’m gonna go, one– – The second it happens, before you move, you would roll just in
case it does kill you. It won’t though. So you would roll. And how that works is if
it’s a one nothing happens. Same stack, right, you deal
go one, two, or three damage and you just meet or beat the Justicar’s, but you didn’t roll a natural 20, so there are no modifiers to this. It’s raw roll versus raw stats, that’s it. No modifiers at all. So you deal two damage. So the Justicar card just took two. – And what did we compare that to? – It is just the D20 raw roll versus the natural value there. There’s no modifiers. – 10 defense.
– 10, yeah. – And so that was six above
so where’s the two come from? – It’s my base attack. – If he would have missed
he would have dealt one. – Excellent, good, I wanted that. He can take it. He’ll become a better soldier this way. All right, and now I
will go one, two, three and now within one, two, three, four I am going to do this
human wizard arcane damage within four of this space or within the honeycomb shape so everybody in here. – So all of them are taking– – Deal two arcane and apply poison. – Yes, so I will place the poison for sure ’cause poisons happening to Kravyn. These are all dead. They just die instantly. That was a wasted round for him. And then I also take damage. So the damage goes on, but one thing that happened here I wanted to let her finish that before I say this. When you’re bleeding,
this is what bleed does, when you’re bleeding anytime
that you spend this action– – Which I’ve done.
– This green action, which you just did, you will take damage equal to your bleed. – One.
– So you would only take one damage, and the bleed stays. So then that goes there. – He about to die. – But it was worth it right. You wiped out all my dogs. – I forgot to choose my battles stance, but I’m going to leave it on
defense as he’s about to die. – It makes them immune to knock back and stuff when he’s in that. – Excellent. – And then unless you wanted to spend one to move one you could. – And so I’ll step closer to here. – That’s great, yeah. – And turn towards the baddies. – Sweet.
– Okay. – All right so Inkala. – Oh, is he mad?
– He’s a little mad. – What’s he angry about?
– He’s a little angry. He’s got a little blood on his fur. It’s not really appealing
considering he’s white. – Nothing personal.
– Yeah. So he gets three of these
lovely influence coins. He’s definitely going
on the attack for sure. – Don’t. – He’s not gonna move anywhere because he’s just gonna attack. But I’m gonna draw one of these. Then we’re going to roll, I
have no modifiers really for him because he has no equipment. – So just the minus one to critical. – Just the minus one to critical, but we’re gonna roll a 20. – 18, wow.
– Pretty close. – You consistently roll well. – Yes.
– What’s going on here? All right, then all that’s gonna go down. – All of it’s gonna go down. So you’re gonna deal three natural and you have a durability
so that comes off. – I’m at 15 essentially, oh okay. – You take two because the
durability blocked one. And then what else happens? – Plus three more.
– Oh, sorry. – Plus two more. – Two more?
– Three more. Yeah, plus three more. – ‘Cause I’ve got a full. – Oh, gosh.
– Full thing. – Wow, full throttle. – And bleed.
– And bleed. Now he’s getting nastier, and nastier as the battlefield goes on. – Okay. Yes, and then that goes right there. – Good, good. – Yes, this is what we’d like to see. – Is it, okay.
– Is it though? – It is, it really is. – I guess I do have exposed
forearms and that was my bad. (laughter) – It was totally your bad. – Very susceptible to biting. – I’m gonna use my utility power here and use my Enchantress. – Okay so the Enchantress
is an actual Bane and Banes are what you put on enemies, and they go into their enchantment slot and that means that is
gonna go under Varah’s card. – All right, awesome.
– Goodness. – Yeah it’s gonna go right
there, and then right on top just like that exposing the effect. You’re gonna apply bleed right away. – Yep, two bleeds. – And then every ready phase
you’re gonna bleed again. But as you can see it’s not yet and it gets up to a max,
yeah, you see it already. – Pretty awesome though. – Now the resistance means every end phase we go clockwise order in players and if you roll a four
better, it comes off. – Okay, got it. I picture this scenario like this beautiful woman in
this black dress here. She’s just like biting my neck and hanging on like a parasite. She’s kind of like everywhere
I turn, she’s just hanging. Yeah, no hands just biting. – That Inkala just threw her at you. (Mark laughs) – Take this Enchantress.
– She is completion. – Okay, great. So then it comes back to me and I will activate my B now. So the falcon is coming in hot and I am going to get my one
influence if you don’t mind. Thank you very much. – Birds, they can’t hold
much money on their beaks. – No, they can’t. And I am going to choose
offense or defense after I draw the support card. I’m definitely gonna go into offense. And let’s see if we can just,
let’s just pick on Varah. – No.
– Yes. – Just pick on Varah.
– Let’s do that. – She’s already got a human
parasite hanging from her neck. (laughter) – So the Force Falcon’s
movement is a seven. I get all these actions back. What I want is I want a
critical with this Force Falcon ’cause on a critical he
comes off the battlefield and I can redeploy, again anywhere I want. So I think that’s what I need to do. I need to hit something or try and hit something
to get that critical. So I’m gonna fly over one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and
that’s gonna be directly behind. So I’m getting an advanced critical here, minus two, my critical threshold. His thresholds a 15 to begin with, and I’m in offense so
minus two puts him to a 13, he’s at a 12 or better
if I roll a natural. – Are you sure you
wanna go after that guy? – I just want a critical. – He’s just licking his
wounds repairing his armor. – I’ve only spent the movement so far. – Can I get a roll, a three please? – Oh, sure. – Whatever you role I will die. – And four, is that okay? No, I didn’t critical though! Since I did not critical
I am going to just deal what it says here and I
didn’t do an advanced either. – It’s going to kill me though. – But I’m going to deal two
damage, is that enough to do it? – Yeah, that would be seven. – Six, seven that’s exactly it. Okay, great, so now what’s
really cool about this just take a moment to
mention this about this game is normally in a skirmish game it feels bad for a
particular recruit to die. We have so much recruits. When they start to fall off,
it’s it’s not a bad thing. So what’ll happen is, is
the Justicar comes off? – Well, he’s an orange,
so you get two points? – I get three points for orange. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. – So the Kravyn’s face, goes to three. – Now I lose two for losing him. – But since you’re already
at the bottom, you’re fine. We don’t go into the negative. – Yeah, that’s nice. – And then that goes face
up on the bottom of that, and then all those markers are removed. – Hey, well that’s nice. – Or you could leave them. – Or you can leave him for the next guy. – I’ll keep ’em nearby, I think
they’re gonna come in handy. – And then he comes off the battlefield. And I am going to, if there’s more than one piece of equipment
in someone’s inventory, the killing player chooses
the piece of equipment that gets dropped on the battlefield. If there’s only one then it goes and that drops right there.
– How convenient. – Now at the cost of utility action, anybody can pick that up, anybody. – But you must be in it’s space? – On or adjacent, on or adjacent to it. And so I’ve spent my
movement, I’ve spent my attack and I’m actually going to
now spend utility action because I’m still on the battlefield. I wouldn’t be able to do this
if his critical triggered, but I’m going to townsfolk
and since I’m in offense, I’m going to apply burn to that Harrier because it’s within three. – Wow.
– So rude. – So the Harrier is gonna be burning. Which number is it, number
one, yeah so this guy. And how burn works is every ready phase it’s going to deal the
damage equal to burn, then reduce by one and then
eventually it’ll fall off. So that’s how that’s gonna work. And then this goes underneath
here, and I am done. – Cool, cool, coo-coo-cool. Time for that Harrier on fire to run away. (laughter) – Just bring it. – Since it is my turn and
I’m activating the Harrier I will take three, I will draw a card. We’re going to offense. (chuckles) And I’m gonna kill your dumb old bird. I need to flip these over. So I’m not gonna move. Before I battle I would
like to spend my utility in order to gain two hitpoints. – So until you place that, yep, and so you place that
completion, you get a plus two. – Excellent. So let’s punch this stupid bird. – Roll that dice.
– That stupid bird. – Okay. – And then here, there you go. – Not 20. – Get it!
– A one! – Oh my gosh, the only
way to miss in this game. – Very well done.
(laughter) – And there’s a redo or there’s like a– (laughter) – There’s no rerolls. – Can I use my redo?
– Nope. – Okay, so that’s completed.
(laughter) – That was awesome. – You can you could move if
you wanted to, I know you– – So I should let you kill me? – Maybe, I don’t know, it’s up to you. I might not kill you though, right, so what are you at, you’re at six life, you’ve only taken two
damage, you’re guaranteed to take one more from
burn next activation, but you have plus two life. I think you could move and get away. – Why would I do that? – I’m just saying I think– – I’m letting you attack me again. – For sure.
– No! – Okay, fine. – There’s no benefit there. – I know it was close, I was like really? – You’re teaching me to play your game, you can’t just advise me to
make horrible moves. (laughs) – Well, see now the downside to the way we stagger A, B, C for you
right now is that there’s no way you’re getting away from two. – So I should kill him now so that when I activate, I can deploy again? – You would get a new guy. – But my deployment will
be my entire activation. – No, no, no, you would you
would deploy and move on. – Oh, let’s run away. – Okay, so now I would take my attacks. Let’s do the bird first. – Oh, here you go.
– You dumb old bird. – And again it’s just for basic damage. So you did not need your B. – Can I explain what happened
when I rolled the one? So I just like, you dumb bird. You killed my friend and I pick up a rock and then I throw it and
I throw it straight up and it falls back and hits me in the eye. – Yeah,
– Right in the eyehole. – And everybody over here
was laughing, it was great. – Yeah, even Varah. – Even Varah.
– She’s dying. She was still laughing. – Yeah.
– Face palm. So one damage from the bird because I did not meet
or beat your defense. And then I roll for the giant
and that definitely hit, but I didn’t roll the natural 20, so you’re taking two damage, so flip one of those
over to the three side. – Okay.
– You’re still not dead. – Three, four, five, and I have eight. He is on fire. – Still on fire.
– That’s gonna be bad. – And then now you get your full movement. So you’re still here, so
now you spend your green and you can add more up to your four. So wherever you would like to move. – One, two, three, four
with my back to the wall. – That’s great.
– That’s a good spot. Yep, lick your wounds over there. Yeah, okay. And then I think that’s–
– Good, right? – Excellent, productive turn. – It was most impressive.
– Thank you. Can anyone roll a one? It’s not an easy thing to do. – It’s really just you.
– One in 20 people. – All right, I’m gonna bring out my Isaat ’cause I’m gonna call him that. And he’s gonna go one,
two, three, four, five, oh, and I didn’t do all my
other things, sorry, apologies. – That’s okay, yeah, so
you get your influence, you draw your support card. – I will take my money
from me and give it to me. – All right, so I collected
my card, I got my influence. Now I’m changing my
attack to I’m attacking. – And I’ve moved in
position to attack you. – Me?
– Yeah. – Varah?
– Yeah, Varah. – Look, do you see my
luxurious reddish hair? And my new shield, I’ve
been, okay, let’s do this. – Let’s do this, all
right, where’s that dice? – Unluck. I unlucked it. – That’ll work.
– I unlucked it all up. – Here we go. Five.
– Told you I unlucked it. – Pretty unlucky.
– Yeah. It wasn’t great, but you still take two. – Are you sure? Well okay, I got something
called Master Parry you were pointing at, “Before
incoming damage is dealt, “I get to deal,” what
kind of damage is that? – That would be your brawn, which is two. So brawn wounds, and then as long as they’re within one, which they are. And that is going to fire
off at the expense of five. – I pay, get some change. – And you’re going to deal two. Now what’s that why that’s important is that if that would have killed you, this is before damage, so it could have prevented all of it but yeah. – I’m still full health. – Okay, yeah, so you take two wounds. – I’ll take two.
– Oh, that’s a three. And you still take two wounds though. – Yeah, okay. – Is this a three, I hope. Okay, throw our fives in here. – So that’s the attack, okay. And then we’re gonna do a
little something else here. We’re going to do this utility and apply fire to someone within three
which would be you. – Oh, that’s me, yeah that’s me on fire. – Varah is going down. – Boom, another fire. And this was just a simple
townsfolk that helped me out. He’s super helpful, he’s super helpful. I’ve been bringing them
food because I can fly. And you know, it was just easier. – We like our monster. He chews up food and spits it at us. – That’s right. – Take that you witch woman. She does have red hair. – And that completes my– – That’s all it takes. – Do you not know about red hair? – I didn’t realize.
– Yeah. – All right, there we go. – Okay great, so then it comes back to me. And the only one that I have
left to activate is my Sneaks. So I will be activating my C. So I’m gonna go ahead and
gather my one influence, I’m gonna draw a support card, and I’m going to choose offense. Final answer. And then I’m going to
get all my actions back and I am going to spend my movement. I’m gonna move one,
two, three, four, five. I’m gonna spend a utility action and I’m going to Combat
Medic and apply bleed to this number two Strengisaat. There you go.
– Yes, indeed. – It is my turn and I have
Ralph, the Harrier, who’s left. I’m gonna draw a card and take three influence because of Ralph. And I’ve drawn something here. We’re gonna stay defensive because he’s just been back to the wall over there watching his friends die. He was a little more timid
of a fighter to begin with. And now he’s watched everyone
suffer, so that’s rough, but I do have a Shadow Chaser. So while he’s in stealth,
he’s not gonna be, I get to gain stealth if I
attack someone, it’s got my– – Yes, you can empower it.
– Empower symbol, yes. – Okay.
– Okay. – He watched all his friends die. He’s got nothing left to live for. He’s gonna go for the
biggest guy he can find. – Might as well.
– Motivated. – He’s sneaky though. One, two, three, four. Now he might gain stealth
because he’s behind. – If he hits he can empower,
yeah, this is great. So he’s at a minus two defense and you’re at a minus two critical. – So just roll real good.
– Just roll well. To what it comes down to,
don’t roll a one again. – Three.
– A three. – Okay, you’re all like me. – That’s not really gonna help you. – So it’s gonna maybe do two. – Yeah, probably. – Yeah it’s gonna definitely deal two. You are going to deal
that, yeah, okay that’s it. – I need another heart, please. – Oh, here you go. – Oh, I got one right here, sorry. – Now I can only empower
when I do better on a roll. – An advanced or better, yes, yes, yes. – So that was, let’s
unflip, okay, so I moved and then I attacked, let
me just play this Smithy. This Smithy.
– Smithy, here. – He gonna make me this armor. I’m gonna get two extra shieldys. – Great, so you’re gonna do
that one instead of the other. Gotcha, perfect, that’s good. So that’s gets two durability. That just reduces physical
wounds and removes it. – Okay, well you know,
we did our best here. – Did great. I’m gonna use Dane. He’s going to move his three with the movement, but I’m
gonna grab my card first. And I’m gonna move him to attack. And he’s gonna go one, two, three, and then I’m gonna use my utility. – It’s so insulting to Ralph that you didn’t even turn
around and look at him– – But he gets a potshot at me. (Becca gasps)
You get a potshot. – I get to swing! – Yeah, roll that. – 17. – Five.
– A five. It’s still one damage
so you take a damage. – It’s off, it’s all it’s all good. I barely felt it of course. Was like, “What was that?” – Hit him twice and kept moving. – It was like a mosquito, I don’t know. – Slapped the back of your head, yeah. – All right, we’re gonna attack, right? So we do here, we really
want a 20 is what we need. – What do we got?
– It’s a two. So that’s super awesome. – Do you have a different die? – Yeah, right? Wow.
– This one’s broken. So you’ll take three, though. – Varah, sweet baby Varah? Okay, so she’s now at nine
plus fire plus two bleeds. – If she moves, she takes two and she’s definitely taking one fire unless you can find a
way to get rid of it. Which if you have a Grove
Tender and your hand– – Oh, and in addition to all of that she’s got this human leech on her neck. – Yes, still, yes. – And so that’s it for me, completion. – So that’s the end of round one. We’re playing to three
rounds in today’s game. And my Runelord is like,
over halfway to death. – I don’t think you’re
gonna make it three rounds. I don’t see it. I could be wrong, I
could be totally wrong. – Would you say I’m unusually
skilled at this game? – You are.
– Unusually is the word. – The way the scoring happens, though. If we both teamed up on you, it would actually be bad for him. He should be protecting you
because I’m in the lead. He should actually not let me kill you. – Right?
– Yeah. There is a built in
mechanic to not do the– – I called him last night and I told him, “Let’s
team up against John.” – I know, but you’re out in the middle and you just look so vulnerable. (laughter) – Wow, the only female
character on the board, and we just gotta put that out there. Okay, round two, let’s reset, yeah? We still have an end phase here. – There’s an end phase now. – Oh, I have to resist my Bane. – Yes, that is something you wanna do. So you’re going to– – Four plus.
– Yes, so go ahead. – I must roll four or above?
– Four or better, yes. – Oh, easy. Yeah, no-no, I need a
better place to roll though. – Yeah, that’s just not gonna do it. – This spot. – This should probably be a one. – Got there, yep!
– Told ya. – Enchantress just comes off
and goes into his exhausted. – Nice. – But she was awesome. – Yeah, I really liked having her around actually, not gonna lie. – What was her name? Did we name her? – [Everyone] Tandy. – Sad to see her go.
– Like the computer? – Yeah, flip our tokens. – And now we roll, now we do for this. – I’m making change by the way. – Okay, anytime we see a red reset– – You’re going to regenerate one life. (Becca gasps) For each of my characters?
– No, no. Just your fortitude for your Runelord. So I have a fortitude of one,
so I’m gonna regenerate one. You have a fortitude of one,
so you’ll regenerate one. – So this becomes, I’ll add one instead. Turn the three into two. – I have a fortitude of two. – And you have a fortitude of two, yeah, so you would get two.
– Oh, come on! – That’s right.
– No wonder he didn’t feel it. (laughter) – But he’s not doing any of his
abilities that hurt himself. – Right, right, I haven’t done those yet. – And then you discard
down to one support card. So choose one support
card and now you start the next round with a
single card in your hand. – Really? Now we roll the utility dice ’cause we’re at the
management so who goes first? I’m gonna roll, I rolled a four. – Oh, I got this. A one, that’s a one.
– You got it all right. – Five, six, okay, so you go. – Yeah, I like that. – Okay, so now what we do is
we start from the very top, we just remove all of these
we go into a management. – Remove our completion tokens. All battle stances stay the same. And then we would then do our– – A, B, Cs? – Do I get to remove any fire,
or all this bloodletting? – That’s that’s actually
a really good thing is that burn is not gonna
happen until you activate her. Which means if you had a Grove Tender you could have one of
your guys in A, B or C remove it before she activates. So you have time, now we do our A, B, Cs. – Yep, I did, I’m good, good to go. – Yes, ready.
– Ready. – Reveal!
– Revealing! – Ha, I did do it.
(laughter) – So surprised.
– I tricked you. – Yeah, so you definitely are
gonna see the see the mouse. I activated the giant first. – The mouse is in the house.
– The mouse is in the house. – I think Dane is going for it. – He always does. – Some nice influence now
that I can count properly. – Varah is surrounded on
all sides by your creatures. – I like this quite a bit. Oh yeah, I’m definitely in attack mode. And then we’re just gonna attack. – Interesting choice. I’m surprised you would do that. – I know right, dice please. – And it’s a new round so
you get all of these back. Just keep that in mind.
– Excellent. – Come on, 20, really wanted 20, 18! Does that mean I heal two? – On a critical?
– Yeah. – Dane does. – So you’re gonna go right through the stack there, you’re gonna deal– – Go through everything, right? – Yep.
– So three. – So I could punch Dane back with my Master Parry, but you know what? Doesn’t look worth it. I’m gonna hold onto them. – All right so you get
three damage, right? – Oh, good, goo-good, good. Yeah. – Three, six, nine.
– 10, 11. – And I can do another plus two. – Flip one of those hearts. (chuckles) You feelin’ all right? – Little under the weather. – Yeah, I’m so sorry. – Not feelin’ my best.
– I really am sorry. And then we’re gonna do this. And since we’re in attack
mode, we have the scout. – Okay, so now you’re gonna
take your target, little piece and you’re gonna put it next to Varah. – Well you know you
could put it on anything. – No, it’s gonna be Varah. (laughs) – Just thought I’d offer that. – Now she’s gonna have
a hard time getting, now the second that she’s
targeted by a purple unit, whether you successfully attack or not that marks gonna fall off? – Okay.
– Yeah. That’s what removes it just targeting it. – That’s completed for me. – I am bleeding out all the
limbs and pieces and orifices. – That’s the idea.
– Cool. – So now I’m gonna activate the giant and to be honest with you, I don’t want you to die
because he’s gonna shoot a little too far ahead of me so I’m gonna come over and you know. – Save me. – Chivalry has nothing to do with this. – Disagree, I choose to believe it does. – Coming in hot, what is this? I got ooh, I dig it, I get
one influence por favor. Thank you very much. And I am going to choose to be in– – You rich.
– I am. – Offensive stance. Great so I’m gonna move with my green. – Some say the utility– – And that’s gonna put me here. And then I’m going to utility action– – I’ll help.
– To there. – Oh, hi giant monster. Are you here to kill me?
(laughter) Are you the harbinger of death? – Deliver the killing blow. – So I can either try and kill Varah, but if I fail you’re gonna win. – I’m sure you can do it. – I think you can do it.
– I’m sure you can do it. – Let’s see if I can pull this off. All right, here it goes, folks. And if this happens that means this end phase is gonna end the game. So you have a chance to get points up for only, what is that,
three more activation, four more activations, whenever that is. – And perhaps the fastest
game you’ve ever experienced? Has anyone’s Runelord
ever died so quickly? – It’s like, wait a
minute, what just happened? – Hey, she was ready to fight okay. She didn’t realize she
needed reinforcements. – This game ends round two
pretty consistently depending on the on the actual
deployment and what Runelords. Yeah, especially in the deck builder when Runelords have access to other units. I’m gonna just attack, here goes. – Don’t roll one. – And I will face Varah
and see if I can do this. That is a 16. I am in offense so that is a critical. It’s gonna be knock back. Knock back is gonna
send you into that wall at a knock back of two and
any that you can’t move because you hit a wall, you take a damage. So that’s gonna be an
additional damage there. You’re taking three. And then you’re gonna deal and
then you’re going to take… – Wow.
– Three? – Three damage will also
be happening to Dane. ‘Cause I deal three damage
to everybody in front. – Yeah. – And that was why I was
considering on who I attacked because if I failed I could have at least dealt three to her and hit everybody else, but this worked out, I rolled okay. So you’re taking six total damage. Where does that put you,
three, six, nine, 12? – That put you under. – So I am negative three in my health, but I’m also on fire and bleeding. – Talk about going out. – So you you don’t remove fire. – Harrier and Ralph, avenge me! (laughter) Yeah, good thing I kept
this little Groove Tender to come apply her herbal goods. (laughter) – So then I move up eight
because I killed a Runelord. – Yeah, well you’re off the charts there. – Yeah, you’re there. – Well, you didn’t quite double win. – No, I didn’t double win,
but now if you had any points it would have knocked you
down by only four, right? – Only.
– Only. – I’m already negative.
– You’re negative now, yes. But if he would have
been the one to kill you, I would have been in trouble. So, that’s my turn. – At least I matter.
(laughter) That’s all Varah wants to hear. She was under appreciated growing up. We’re gonna trigger and
that’s the end of the game, at the end of this end phase. – Well gee, so I get to activate
all the friends here, okay. Goodbye, Runelord. Does she leave the board
or she stays there dead? – She leaves the board
and then I would like… – King’s Favor, King’s Request,
a backpack full of traps. I got plenty. – I’m gonna take this
item onto the battlefield. – That’s a smart idea. Oh yeah. And it’ll go right where my body was. – Yeah right where your body. (laughs) – I dissolve into a sword.
– And a sword appears. Co-co-co-co-co-cool, my turn. (laughs) So we’re gonna go with A, and I’m on fire. – So currently nothing’s– – But I’m going to flip my
battle stance to defensive and draw a card, earn my income. Oh good, good another Grove Tender, yes. – Now would be the time
you would take this off and then you would only
take a single wound. – Just another one.
– Just one more. And so that kills him, no just kidding. I’ve got I’ve got armor. I’ve got armor people, back off. Let me go ahead and he is ranged within a range of four. So I’m just going to hit
this rat, yeah, yeah. And then we’ll then we’ll do some healing. Let me in this order, go into
a defensive battle stance and use my utility to remove a wound on a friendly within three,
I’ll do it to myself. – Done.
– Buy a Grove Tender. You’ve done your work, and
now I slit your throat, to feed your blood to the plants because that’s what you wanted. Okay, now I’m going to attack the rat. – That’s nice.
– That is nice. – Really this guy can only do damage to– – Yes, oh, immediately at the time that you activated, sorry this is gone. – Sneak’s got no sneak.
– And Sneak’s sneaking, okay. – I shall ignore disadvantage
and do two damage unto you and I get to give a target to you or if you had a target
I would add plus three. – You’re would you’re gonna apply mark. – I could put a mark on you, you are marked you little Sneak. Okay and then I–
– Now the opposite of stealth. – Now it says plus three damage to fighters but you’re not a fighter. – I’m a Rogue. – I will apply a stun on you, sir. (laughter) – So he is stunned, correct? Yeah, you rat man. So stunned, that means the rat man, when I go to activate him,
which is up next for me– – He’s just sleeping. – Yeah, he’s not gonna be. I made the rat unconscious,
did you see, Varah? Oh, oh, Varah.
(laughter) Yeah, great, so that’s it. – Great, all right, we’re gonna move here, just so we can do that later. Oh, sorry, I didn’t do all the things. So we’re gonna grab three of these. We’re going to grab a card and we’re gonna be attacking. We’re going to roll the dice, ready? – It’s a five, not so great.
– Okay. – I’m was rooting for you to
even the playing field here. – It would have been nice. So you take three though. – You did deal damage to this? Yeah, we did two whole damage. – Oops, to a mouse. – And that goes to your giant, right? – Okay, and how much damage?
– Three. – Three, okay.
– That’s the best I could do. – So there’s that. – So I have this fancy guy. – Okay, so Loci, yeah, so you’re gonna– I’m gonna apply that
instead of picking up, yeah. – Great, so this goes here.
– So, let’s do that. – That’s another Bane. – Every time he activates,
he’s going to roll the utility dice, And that’s the result. – So I’m gonna get all of these back. And then I roll that
dice and see what I lose. – All righty, and you got your card, yeah. – I did, I got everything. – Okay, so now I activate Sneaks and Sneaks gets all of this
back, except he’s stunned, so I remove I stun and do this. All I can do right now is utility action. That’s all this guy can do. Which actually isn’t bad for me because I only really
wanted to do that anyway. – Sure.
– Sure, I’m sure. – You know what I mean? And then I’m going to take one influence please for the
Sneaks, thank you very much. – And I think I’m going to spend three, one, two, three, and I’m going
to spend a utility action and I’m gonna place this, place a trap. The trap is going to be
placed, it is a white trap, and I can place it within two. – World really has changed
when the rats laying the traps. (laughter) Love it, protection.
– All right. – And then he is complete. – So I still get a turn, that seems weird. Okay, I’m gonna spawn a new
friend, and it’s Deadeye. She’s an awesome archer,
look, she’s late to the party, she couldn’t save her friend, Varah. – ‘Cause she was drinking all night. – She knows how to party. She closes it down at the tavern. All right, so she’s going to draw a ranged weapon from the bag here. Oh, wow, it’s a purple,
no, just kidding. (laughs) All right, she’s gonna get
plus two on her ranged attacks and I’m just gonna equip that right away. And now is my moment to draw a card. – And would you like to
also do the trap or no? – We’re gonna take a
trap, yeah, yeah, yeah, And I will take her two influence. She’s gonna be in offensive
because her ability says if you’re in offensive
you gain three attack points and minus three to the number you need to hit on your critical if the active target is
at least six hexes away. So I’m coming for you, one,
two, three, four, five, six. So like there, wait, one,
two, three, four, five. No even further. – You could be in the
window if you wanted to. – In the window here? – And you can see through
those because you’re exposed. – Okay.
– Yeah, just like that. – One, two, three, four, five, six. All right. (growls) Deadeye is taking revenge
for her fallen comrade, and she’s gonna attack, not
gonna move, gonna do the attack, gonna roll the die, it’s gonna be so high, crazy high like an 18. 14 and gain three so 17. – Minus four ’cause you’re in offensive stance and you needed a– – 19.
– Ah, you were so close. You need a 15 or better on your critical. – So sad for you. (laughs) – But everything else triggers off. – Okay, so I’m gonna deal
two damage to Scalyskat. – And a bleed.
– And one bleed. – And since he wasn’t
marked, which you had a scout but you, I’m not sure what
happened with the scout. What did you do with the scout? – I don’t have a scout. I have deployed. I can still move and then place my trap. – But because you can’t climb you’ll go only move one and stop. – All right, well we’re gonna do it anyway because I don’t care. I move one, and then I throw
a trap just in front of me. – Hopefully someone
will cross right there. – One, two, don’t come near me, fear me. – That could actually still
trigger with a knock back. So it might actually happen, we’ll see. – Well that’s what happenin’ for Deadeye. Okay, chillin’.
– All right. If I’m not moving, just attacking, does it still trigger the trap? Nope, only movement.
– All right good. So I’m gonna attack you. I got my influence, got my card. Oh, and definitely attack
stance, and where’s the dice? – And he is enchanted by the way. – Okay. All right. Ooh-hoo-hoo.
– 18. Not quite a natural, though. – Not quite a natural. – And you’re in offensive. – I’m in offensive. – Yeah, yeah, so you’d have to be, oh wait, no, you’re attacking me from behind, minus two critical. – Oh minus two, so boom. – Yep, that’s it, right there. – You’re gonna take two. You’re gonna take a wound, and you’ll take three enchanted. – Okay, so I take a total of six. – Yep.
– Okay, wow, dang. Yeah, there we go. – Good thing he a real
big, hairy creature. – Took the freakin’ thing
down, wow, that’s nuts. So nine damage, I’m at two. – All right, and that
completes his movement. – Okay. – So it comes to me,
so then I can activate my bird or Runelord, and I
think I want to activate Kravyn. – Don’t forget I poisoned him. – Yes, he is definitely poisoned,
so his maximum life total is reduced by the number
of poison that he has. That’s how that works, and if your wounds ever meet that you die. So I am going to draw my
support, get my four influence. – I’ll be the banker.
– Thank you very much. Now I’m going to spend my
movement and I move eight. I’m gonna go here, and then I am going to
just straight up attack. – Strengisaat.
– Isaat. – And I am in offensive. And I get a plus one,
plus two, plus three, four to my roll and you’re at a minus two. Oh no, I rolled a three. – Well, that’s not gonna do it. – It is still going to be a basic. So you’re gonna take three.
– Three. Take one of these. His first damage. – And that is his completion.
– Must be nice. – It’s his first time. – I will utility action and I will spawn a Force Hound right behind you. And then that is it. – I’m gonna go. Okay, well, Ralph the
Harrier is sneaking up and he’s got a movement of four and a range of four for his weapon. So I wanna try and finally
get some points on the board. One, two, three, four, if I
move here, I can shoot this guy. – Oh, for sure.
– Yeah. – Okay, so one, two. We’re gonna shoot ya. – All right, let’s see what happens. Okay, well, let me draw my
card ’cause I keep forgetting. Okay. Now, if he’s offense. Okay we’re gonna put him in offense. I’m just gonna roll, fine, it’s fine. It’s gonna be great. You can do it Ralph. Ralph, believe in yourself,
just shoot him, he’s bleeding. It’s a five. Okay, so it’s still gonna kill
you ’cause that’s two damage. – So you go up two.
(Becca gasps) So you still might come in second. – You might come in second still. – Yes, and I have very
little left that can die. I mean that people are even
looking at so that’s cool. – And he just comes off, right? – He’s feeling really proud.
– Yes. – For Varah! – That was worth two, two.
– Worth three, yeah. Oh, is he orange?
– Oh no, he’s orange. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, so
one more, yeah, perfect. – I’m gonna sleep happy tonight. Well that’s completion,
well hold on, he moved. He attacked I could do some
sort of fun utility trick. – You should.
– Definitely. – Yeah, I just want
him to have cool stuff. So we’re gonna go to the Smithy. She has a backpack in red. That means it can be– – She can use both backpack and ranged. – Okay, she just doesn’t start with it. – Yeah, exactly. – Oh, you’re in trouble. – Ooh, that’s a disenchant, sweet. – You wish you had that. – Yeah, I totally do. – Well, that’s it for me forever. – New guy, we have a Cultist.
– And this is your final activation of the game? – Yep, this is it. – Cultist.
– Where are you gonna spawn? – All right, so we get a
sword and a backpack please. – One backpack and one sword. – Yep. – There you are, oh wait no,
you don’t get the backpack. It has a capability of holding that. Only the ones in a white token. – That’s right, you’re correct. – Sweet, ooh mine’s two critical. – That’s pretty sweet. – Yeah, that’s gonna get
just because it’s my last and where’s that trap trigger again? – Anywhere adjacent? – Yeah, on or adjacent, yeah. – It’s underneath that hound right now. – It is under the dog. – All right, so he moves
four so this is good. One, two he’s gonna move
here for movement, right? – Facing that way.
– Thank you, appreciate it. – And are you fighting against the giant? – Yeah, oh yeah.
I think you’re actually gonna kill this giant. – That’s the whole idea. – Giant killer! – Okay, so we did that
now we’re gonna attack, and we’ll see what happens here. – Okay you need this dice. – Thank you. – Make it happen! – Oh my God, a one, no! The whole game I was rolling fives. – Yes, for Varah! Oh my God, I’ve never been happier. – Well, that’s ridiculous. – The only way to miss. – Oh man.
– Do you have another way to deal damage to them? – I really should have gone for you. – And are wounds gonna do anything more to you, more
damage-wise at this point? – Wounds specifically,
yeah, it’s just I’m at two ’cause you deal two to him somehow. – I mean I got all utility stuff, but none of them are going
to help me give you wounds. – Wait, do you have a utility? – Yeah.
– Pick up that King’s Request. – Oh it’s next to me.
– Yeah. – You’re on it.
– Here you go, take this sword. – It is in your foot.
– Nice, okay. – Utility spent, now
it’s a plus one damage. – Now, it’s a plus one damage. – Yep, to that one roll. – Right to that one roll. Wow. – But don’t you take a
damage or you have to hit? – I have to hit, yeah.
– Which is a two. – It was a whole lotta miss.
– Two or better. – Whole lotta miss. – You have one more activation. – And then just the bird, that’s it. And I’m gonna activate second one. And then I’m going to draw
a card, get my actions back. I’m just going to attack with this bird and see if this bird can get its critical to fire off before it’s too late. I’m going to fly to the
rear flank of that Cultist, one, two, three, four, yeah, I can do it. And actually, I can’t do it because I can’t get the direct flying ’cause you can’t attack
through the flying hex. I’d be on that tower, but gonna minus two to your defense though. And the dice, thank you so much. Critical, got it. Okay, so he’s gonna take two damage. – Okay. And then he is just going to be removed from the battlefield. And then I would get to deploy him next time if the game lasted that long. – Hey, guess what, game is over,
you didn’t win in two ways. you’ve only won because I am dead. Varah is being mourned
and so battle’s off okay. – Only because I softened you up. Totally did, totally.
– That’s true, yeah. So, John, congratulations. You have 11 points on the battle track. You are in first place,
but let’s remember, in Varah’s memory, we’ve got three little points on that board. I’m gonna take that second place. – You are, yeah. – Yes, that roll, that
one, that was ridiculous. – I didn’t get on the board,
I’m not even on the board. – But valiantly fought. – I did, right?
– I mean it did seem that way. All right, well, John, when is
the Runelords on Kickstarter? – So we’re going to Kickstarter
February, early February. And yeah, you’re going to start seeing a whole bunch of the different promos. And there’s videos up on the website at the at, and you can just get caught
up on any questions there. Please reach out to us,
we’d love to hear from you. And yeah, really excited. This is three years in the in the works. – A lot has gone into this. It’s really beautiful to
see and congratulations on being at this stage.
– Thanks guys for playing it. – Yeah, all right, John D’Angelo,
amazing work on this game. Thank you for bringing it
and thank you for coming. Mark Streed, thank you for
coming back, it’s always great to have you.
– Thank you. – And thanks so much to you
guys at home for watching, we’ll see you next time
on Game the Game, buh-bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. This looked a bit overwhelming but it plays smoothly & provides plenty of strategic depth. I think the main lesson from this video is to not just barrel in with your Runelord, but I'd have wanted to do the same thing.

  2. The digital version that will hopefully come out in 4 years is going to be wonderful. This game is incredibly fiddly and complex. Cool looking and very strategic, but man, it is a lot. An AI that will eliminate a lot of the rules tracking and order of turns is going to be massively helpful.

  3. have to say this didn't really endear me to the game.
    1) Lot of stuff was cut out to just get to the battle phase
    2) The game itself seems designed to gang up on one player, but that's just from this preview and not sure how often that really happens.
    3) Way too many mechanics going on and things to remember to do and check.
    4) The maps seem a bit too small which seems to be why #2 happened.

  4. Runelords is definitely one of the most highly convoluted games I've ever tried to play and I honestly have to say I can't recommend it to anyone lol. my opinion though, it is not the gospel.

  5. I played this at PAX South recently and couldn't get enough. Once the original tutorial was done it was smooth sailing. Where you say convoluted I see it very different. Personally all of the options make for a unique game experience. What I mean is there are so many options in this game that it is nearly impossible for the same gameplay each time. This is how I wish more games were made. Like a video game character customization is pivotal, also the way you play will NEVER be the same. I understand there is a decent amount to learn but as a fan of games like Zombicide. Kingdom Death Monster and so on I love the variety this game offers. It was HOPPING at PAX and EVERY person I talked to didnt want to leave. It is just my opinion but February 3rd cannot come soon enough for their Kickstarter!!!

  6. I got the opportunity to play this game at Pax south. John D'angelo there in fact taught me how to play this, and i give this game a 10 out of 10 myself. When the game does come available i will be streaming this on mixer. Thank you guys for teaching me this game at the event, and I am looking forward to it coming out. I will be purchasing and partaking in this wonderful creation as soon as it debuts i encourage everyone to buy and play this game with friends. Its a good time. The versatility on the game is amazing it never plays the same it is very unique to any other table top ive playes. From the decks character pieces all the way down to the currency in game i was very satisfied with. To me playing d&d and mtg for so long it kind of has the flavor of both games thrown into one. Feb 3rd is just around the corner and i cannot wait. Again i urge everyone to indulge yourself in this game it is an exceptiona creation.

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    plus he should have xyz summoned

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