The SNES Games I STILL PLAY all the time!

The SNES Games I STILL PLAY all the time!

– [Metal Jesus] Hey
guys, Metal Jesus here. And I’m back again with
another one of these videos where I talk about games
that I personally play on some of my older systems. These videos are meant
to be a personal look into really, again, what I
play on a specific system. These are not buying guides. This is not necessarily hidden gems. I’m gonna talk about games
that are fairly common, but, yes, there are gonna
be some hidden gems in there because I can’t really help myself. We’re gonna take a look
at the Super Nintendo. Now the first game that I
wanna talk about is called “The Legend of the
Mystical Ninja” by Konami. And when I have my
Super Nintendo hooked up this is one of the cartridges that will inevitably get plugged in and I will, well I’ll have a blast playing it. Now if you’re not familiar with this game, well, I’m not surprised because I don’t think it was
as popular as other games that came out on the Super Nintendo. But that’s a real shame because
it feels very unique to me. Basically the game is broken
up into two types of styles. You will have town exploration, where it functions kind
of like a beat ’em up, where you’ll kill enemies for money, you’ll also get new weapons. And while in town you
go into different huts and different stores and that’s
where you can learn attacks, you can buy food for health and you can even play mini-games. So check this out. So these mini-games are some of my favorite parts about this. You’ll go into different
huts and give them some money and play these games. And you can see here you’ve got a first-person dungeon crawler where you’re trying to get through a maze, get some treasure. There’s also an arcade shooter level. There’s a level where
you’re playing whack-a-mole. There’s just a bunch of these and, again, it feels very unique
and cool for the time. And then the second type of gameplay is where the game transitions over to a traditional 2D platformer. Although, to me it reminds me a little bit of “Ghosts ‘n Goblins”, where you travel from
one side of the level all the way over to the other and then you’ll take on a boss. And this game is hilarious. It looks great, it plays great. Every time I played I always
get a little bit further and there’s just so much to discover. It’s definitely one of my go-to
games on the Super Nintendo. The next game is a game
that I think is probably on a lot of people’s lists, and that of course is
“Donkey Kong Country”. Now I’ve said it before, I remember distinctly
going into a Toys “R” Us when this first launched, and there was a kiosk set up
where the game was playing and I saw it for the first time, and I was blown away. I was stunned at how
great this game looked. And the great thing is is
that as amazing as it looks it’s just even more fun
to play, even today. Obviously the game is known
for its pre-rendered graphics, which I think still hold up, even today. When I see them I still get that feeling that I did when I first saw them. But Rare knocked it out of the park with everything around those graphics too. The gameplay is excellent. The level design is perfect. I love all the hidden little stuff that you can find throughout it. Trying to spell Kong with the letters. And then, also, too, I really
like how they were clever with giving you, sort of,
two hits by basically having Donkey Kong and Diddy
Kong working together. So if you take a hit,
well you can keep on going with the other one, it was
very clever for the time. And the game was great mixing
up the different levels. Obviously you start in the jungle, but then very quickly you’re underwater. There’s rain effects. And then, of course, later on you have one of my favorite levels
which is the mine ride. So it’s a level where you’re
basically just trying to hold on for dear life. And so many other great
levels in this game, it’s just fantastic. And obviously there’s many
ways to play this game today, especially a game as popular
as “Donkey Kong Country”, but there’s something to be said, plugging that real cartridge
into a real Super Nintendo, holding a real Super Nintendo controller. It just feels right. And it feels like, again, it just feels like going back to 1994. Here’s a game you don’t
hear that much about, it’s called “Zig Zag Cat”, and
it’s for the Super Famicom. And originally I heard about this in a video I did with John Riggs when we covered import games. But ever since then it’s
always stuck with me as a really fun arcade game. And you guys are seeing the footage here, and as you can see it’s very similar to “Arkanoid” or “Breakout”. Now I’ll admit there is a bit of story that happens in the
beginning of this game, and it’s all in Japanese, so I
have no idea what’s going on. But the good news, is if
you wanna play this game, it doesn’t matter
because once you get past the first minute of
this game, in the story, well you’re right into the action here. And again, it’s a very, well, I’m gonna call it a simple arcade game because sometimes that’s
what I’m looking for. But I do really love these kinda
brick-breaking style games, and this has just enough new
ideas to keep it interesting. For instance, I like how it scrolls, almost like an adventure game and you’re just walking through the level, which is pretty cool. But notice too the paddle that you have. Unlike some of those other games you can actually thrust
it up a little bit, which changes the strategy
in this quite a bit because you can actually reach things while the ball is bouncing around or you can actually use it
to damage other things too. So, again, it’s just a little
bit of strategy added to this. And, again, probably not the deepest game and maybe not for everybody,
but, you know, I dig it. All right guys, you know me and you know that I love racing games, so of course I had to include some of my favorites in this video. Now it’s cool about this era, and specifically the 16-bit era, is that there was a lot of
these pseudo 3D racing games that looked isometric, and this
is definitely gonna be some of my favorites right here. The first one I wanna mention
is called “RPM Racing”, which is short for Radical
Psycho Machine Racing. Now what’s cool about this game
is that it was developed by, well, basically Blizzard, but
at the time they were going by Silicon & Synapse. And this was an early Super Nintendo game, and because of that it’s not perfect. But I do wanna mention it because at the time it was a
little bit groundbreaking because it uses is that the high-res mode on the Super Nintendo to basically look a little bit more sharper
than most other games. However the game runs a
little on the slow side, so it’s not really my favorite. My favorite would probably be its sequel which is called “Rock n’ Roll Racing”. And as you can see here “Rock
n’ Roll Racing” is much faster and frankly, just more fun to play. Also it’s got a really cool soundtrack that I wish I could play but
it’s a bunch of licensed songs, so I’m not gonna risk it. But this game is just the whole package. It’s really cool. And then to round out the
racing games I usually play is “Biker Mice from Mars”. And as you can see here
it looks fantastic, and it plays really well. You can definitely see the
evolution of racing games on the Super Nintendo here. And like I said, “Biker Mice
from Mars” is a fantastic game, if you like these 3D
isometric racing games. All right, so the next game I
wanna talk about is of course “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. Yet another game that I think
a lot of people associate with their childhood and
also just great memories on the Super Nintendo. Now my first experience
playing a Zelda game was actually the original on the NES, but, in my mind, I think actually Nintendo just nailed it here with
“A Link to the Past” because the move to 16-bit, this having a little bit
more color in the world, more things to explore. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this game. As a matter of fact when
it comes to Zelda games I actually do prefer this style, this old-school, 16-bit
style to the newer ones. I mean, again, I
understand that people like “Breath of the Wild” and all
that, and those are great, but to me this is what Zelda is all about. And so I’m not gonna go
on and on about this game, ’cause I know most people know what it is and what it’s all about, but it is just such a
nostalgic trip for me to plug in the cartridge,
like I’ve said before, and hold that original
Super Nintendo controller. It just feels right. And this is a game that should
really be in pretty much anybody’s Super Nintendo collection. All right, next up I
wanna talk about shooters. I love shooters and, well,
you could argue that the Sega Genesis got more of them and definitely some of
the classics of the era, but there are some really
great games that appeared on the Super Nintendo. And the first one I wanna
talk about is “U.N. Squadron”. I like this game a lot because it’s a horizontal
shooting style of game. It has great graphics. It’s got a really cool
anime style and cut scenes, plus you can pay for upgrades. It’s definitely a challenge,
like a lot of these are back in the day, but it’s one
that I keep coming back to. The other souter I will
always play is “Parodius Da!”. Another game that John
Riggs turned me on to, and as you can see it
is a Super Famicom game. And these style of games are
technically called cute ’em ups because, as you can see,
they have cute graphics but don’t let that
don’t let that trick you because these games are still really hard. But I like playing these games because it’s silly, it’s fun, it’s light-hearted and you you’re just never sure what’s gonna be the next thing that you’re gonna try to take on. It’s definitely crazy. And then the other
shooter I will always play is called “Spriggan Powered”, and this was a gift for my
buddy, Drunken Master Paul, when he he went to Europe. He brought this back and,
man, such a great game. So much fun. So while a lot of fans
don’t necessarily think of the Super Nintendo as
a great shooter console because, again, so many great
ones came out on the Genesis. But these right here prove that, yes, there are some great
games you can play on it. (upbeat electronic music) Next I was an RPG that I
discovered much later in my life, and that is “Shadowrun”. And what’s cool about this is
that it is a cyberpunk RPG, but it’s set in the future,
specifically in the year 2050. But it’s set in Seattle,
so it’s set in my hometown. And if you’re not
familiar with “Shadowrun”, it’s actually based on a popular
pen and paper tabletop game that, certainly, some of
my roommates used to play back in college. And as you can see here
by the gameplay footage, it’s a pseudo 3D isometric view. But what’s cool about
it is that unlike, say, “Final Fantasy” and the other
games you would normally play on the Super Nintendo, this game does not have turn-based combat, instead it’s all plain in real time. That definitely lends some
stress to playing this game. Actually, early on, you’ll
walk out the building and people are trying to
pick you off from windows and you’re just like,
“What the heck? (chuckles) “What’s going on?” So yeah, Seattle is
definitely a dangerous place in the year 2050, you definitely
have to keep on your toes. Some other things that are
kind of unique about this is that, for instance, in
this game you control things with a like an on-screen cursor. Which when it first
happens it definitely feels very old-school PC to me. And even the character dialog
feels very old-school PC, especially for the time where
in most “Final Fantasy” games you wouldn’t have a ton of choice, but in this it’s almost
like an adventure game where you’ll have a
conversation with a character and then through the
the different dialogue you’ll get little highlighted words that you can then pick from and then you kind of
guide the conversation based on those words. That really reminds me of
old-school adventure games that you would get from,
say, LucasArts or Sierra. So, yeah, I’m a big fan of
cyberpunk games, I love RPGs and I like how this one just
feels kinda old-school PC. It’s definitely got its own
vibe, and I really dig that, so I always keep coming back to it. Here’s a really obvious one,
but, if I’m being honest, I absolutely love “Super Mario All-stars”. And this is another cartridge
that I ended up getting a little bit later in
my collecting history because I already own the
original “Super Mario Bros.” for the NES, and then, also,
I have my all-time favorite, which of course is “Super
Mario Bros. 3” on the NES. But here you have a compilation
of four classic games, but they’re remade for
16-bit Super Nintendo. And I think it took me a
while to appreciate that because the original games are so beloved. But these games run and look excellent on the Super Nintendo. So now if I wanna play the
original “Super Mario Bros.”, I’m more apt to reach for this cartridge because I do like the
graphics a little bit better. And they kept the level design
almost exactly the same, they really knew what they’re
doing with this remake. The only thing I would say that is odd is that in the second level, when you’re underground or in the cave, there’s this echoey thing that they’re adding to this version because they can, and that is
a little off-putting to me, only because I like how
the original sounds. But that’s very minor,
that’s very nitpicky. Now if you are a person who
hasn’t, for some reason, played “Super Mario Bros. 3”,
I beg you to try this game, ’cause it’s such a brilliant game. Every time I play it I’m
always discovering stuff and that’s the brilliance of it, is that they put so much hidden
things in the third game, it’s amazing. And again, I go back and play
the game every chance I get. All right guys, well that is a quick look at some of the Super Nintendo
games that I still play today. And of course I didn’t
mention a ton of games. You are watching this video
and shouting at the screen because I didn’t mention
“Super Metroid” or “F-Zero” or something like that. So everyone’s list will
be a little bit different, and I can’t wait to read
your comments down below. Tell me what games you still
play on your Super Nintendo, I’m dying to know. All right guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and take care.

100 Comments on “The SNES Games I STILL PLAY all the time!”

  1. Still got A super nes in great condition but I never play it. Only games I have are final fantasy 3 – Donkey Kong country – Super mario all stars and Super mario world

  2. I still play killer insensts the best game ever made fight off and super mario all stars and donkey kong country and mighty morphin power rangers

  3. Paperboy 2 , also street fighter 2 turbo – killer instinct – mortal kombat 1-3 for fighting games… hard to beat

  4. The Super Nintendo is a timeless console with some of the greatest titles of all time. It was my favorite console with PS2, though I think the Switch has overtaken both of them.

  5. MJR. Will ps vita store still be a thing in 2020 and beyond. And would you be able to still make purchases for Downloads on vita

  6. Me personally, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (although I play that less now because I have the arcade1up version), Donkey Kong Country, Beavis and Butt-head, and Super Metroid.

  7. Great video ! For me its Pocky and Rocky , Super Mario World ,Turtles in time, Zombies ate my neighbors and NBA jam ….. oh and does the super game boy count ?

  8. Definitely megaman x, still playing it on the phone with a emulator, have super street fighter 2, mortal kombat 2, super contra and the DK country's too.!!

  9. You can play the music from Rock & Roll Racing. The chiptunes are much different from the original tunes. They won't flag any copyright flags. Most chiptunes are perfectly safe.

  10. You need to take down this video the amount of nostalgia from these games nearly gave me a heart attack! (In all seriousness I love classic games especially old platformers like Mario and Banjo Kazooie)

  11. Biker Mice from Mars could have been great, but it just turned out to be a Rock & Roll Racing clone with awful camera angles which are zoomed in way too much to see what you're about to hit.

  12. Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie is one of the best shooters on the SNES/SF. It's a shame it was only released in Japan. The graphics are among the best on the system too.

  13. Super Mario All*Stars would have been excellent had they not screwed up the inertia physics in SMB1 and SMB Lost Levels. When you're running and you hit a block you come to an abrupt stop. Normally you wouldn't lose your speed and can hit hit block after block while running. Luckily someone fixed this with a very simple rom patch. If you are used to the originals then this will make a big difference.

  14. I still play f zero Mario world Zelda alot. At least once a year all the way through. Some others but those are the three I always go back to and have since the early 90s

  15. Final Fantasy 4 & 6, Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire 1& 2, Contra 3, Mega Man X 1-3, Castlevania 4 and Dracula X, Gradius 3, TMNT Turtles in Time, Super Turrican, Secret of Evermore, Super Metriod & the homebrew variants, Live A Live, Xardion, Orge Battle, All the Super Star Wars, Stree Fighter 2…….yeah the list can go on abit more but I'll stop there.

  16. Mystical Ninja Goemon is one of those games that was popular in Japan but the western version was toned down due to Nintendo of America's censorship.

    Thankfully they decided to keep the Japanese culture references in Mystical Ninja series when localized.

    Back when Konami used to be good.

  17. You should try Swat Kats, it´s a decent platformer with a Tough difficulty (even on easy mode) it also alternates with 2 flying stages with the Turbo Kat Jet and one with the Cyclatron Bike. It´s weapons system is based on Experience Levels and each character has special abilities ( T-Bone breaks certain blocks and Razor can use a Jetpack), it´s a Co-Op game which is a bonus if you have a frend to play with and the music is amazing. It´s easy to learn how to play it, fun and challenging. It is my Go-To game to kill some time. It was Developed by Hudson Soft.

  18. SM allstars
    SM Kart
    Zelda -A link to the past
    Toy story
    DonkeyKong country

    Sum Total : The Classics

  19. I had a Genesis as a kid I really in enjoyed Fatal Fury 2 on it. I was never good at fighting games so I always played on easy but some about that port. You customize your player colors if you new the code and I liked the characters. I played a port on ps4 a they are not the same game.

  20. There are almost TOO many great SNES games, but the one I always go back to over and over is Yoshi's Island. I know other commenters have mentioned this game as well, but it's worth mentioning again because it's just so fantastic. The other Yoshi games simply do not come close. I was very disappointed by Yoshi's Story for N64 (literally beat it in like 45 minutes) and not impressed by Yoshi's Woolly World, either. Yoshi's Island is just the best Yoshi game, and in my opinion, one of the best platformers/adventure games of all time. It's right up there with many Mario games in terms of quality and replayability.

  21. Despite having a pretty big collection of Super Famicom games at this point, I'll still usually go back to the classics whenever I'm in a 16-bit mood. Super Castlevania IV, DK Country, Mega Man X, Super Mario Kart etc. Two of my other favorites to break out from time to time are Earthworm Jim and Maui Mallard (Cold Shadow in the US I think).

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  24. It's amazing how good 2d games were and how game quality descend so low when trying to get to the 3d scene… and still amazing how many games could have been great and all time favs but they choose to make them 3d and results were and are poor…I hope with this new wave of 2d games like Shovel Knight, A Verge, Metroid 3ds, we keep turning back to good 2d games with much better graphics and options

  25. Other than the original Super Mario Bros., All Stars was my first experience with Mario 2 and 3. The NES versions seem so strange to me.

  26. I played my SNES three times. Super Mario World had me bored within 3 minutes, Doom felt very slow and awkward compared to PC, and Super Off-Road was enjoyable actually, and funny.
    I have an SNES collection for some reason (Zelda, DK Country 2, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Mario All-Stars, FFII, FFIII, and others), but I don't like the button layout on the controller. I personally enjoy NES and N64 much more, but that's just me. I know people love the SNES. I grew up on NES and N64 and didn't even know the SNES existed back then.

  27. I got all three DK country on my ps3, on my psp i got art of fighting, all final fight series, yuyu hakusho special, undercover cops, all mario series , these i still play to this day

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  30. Awesome choices. I see The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Link to the Past, UN Squadron, Parodius, and Spriggan Powered! 👀

    Here are a few SNES games I love going back to:

    Super Bomberman
    R-Type III: The Third Lightning
    Mega Man X
    Front Mission
    Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius
    Super Metroid
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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    Yes thank you MJR
    This is the game that got me into the medium and eventually the Sega Genesis version which is better.
    The beginning of sand box gaming in such an environment and very much looking forward to Cyberpunk.

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