This Exotic Changed the Way We Play Destiny FOREVER – Destiny 2

This Exotic Changed the Way We Play Destiny FOREVER – Destiny 2

All Footage in this video is from players
around the community, their links will be in the description of this video, as well
as all music too! Destiny Speedrunning has always been the topic
of many controversies, from players being removed due to rule changes, to out of bounds
skips, and this weapon. This is the worldline Zero, a sword that came
along in the dlc, Warmind, back May 8th, 2018. Worldline has made a lot of players hate speedrunning,
while a lot of players love what it has done, so what does it do? Why is the weapon a controversy? Why do we love it? And why has it changed speedrunning forever? Let’s start with that this weapon does,
so for starters, the weapon has a perk called tesseract. This perk states that “while sprinting,
tesseract allows the player to make a whirlwind when doing a heavy attack”. When seen on its own, the whirlwind seems
pretty normal and actually pretty cool, you can take out a group of enemies and cover
a wide range of targets! However, this perk has caused something extraordinary
to happen. I am taking you back to something that some
Destiny players have known for a while now, this is called skating and it originally was
abused by Titans since they could hover close to the ground and reproc their jump over and
over again. Skating was originally a learning curve, since
you needed to time all your jumps and use other assisted exotics like Twilight Garrison,
or abilities like shoulder charge. This allowed titans to be faster than sparrows
at times and was a spectacle to watch and use it yourself. Warlocks have also had a history with skating
too! When a player swipes at the exact time they
jump, the player can glide through the air with a sword, this can also be done for some
other objects in the game. Skating has been something in Destiny 1 and
2 for a while now and titans used to be dominant by using macros and having higher frames on
PC destiny 2, however, this exotic changed that completely. Fast forward back to the worldline and you
have a weapon that put the rest of skating into the ground. The tesseract perk may have been set up to
allow players to whirlwind into a bunch of enemies at once, but it accidentally created
the biggest speedrunning necessity in Destiny’s history. Players would soon find out: So, by using tesseract off of a ledge and
timing your jump at just the right time, players were able to launch themselves at a speed
that surpassed any skating previously seen in the game. This weapon sent shockwaves through the whole
entire speedrunning community. Now, to the average player, aka, me, this weapon was seen
as a major enhancement to destiny, the ability to zip through the air at lightning speed
made for some of the most fun in Destiny 2 and still does to this day. Some advanced tech was even found after this
weapon came out. By using this with well of radiance warlocks
grenade and holding it, you maintain max height for a long time. This has been seen to do some CRAZY stuff
in the game too, but I want to make the point crystal clear, this is not about whether the
weapon makes the movement more fun, it’s about how it has affected speed running and
oh boy, it 100% did. Next, why is this weapon a controversy? Back when the weapon first came out, players
had been completing speed runs in a variety of ways, most of which had class variety. Players would complete activities with a well
thought out strategy in the form of different subclasses and just overall classes. The world records were set using a variety
of strategies to optimize speed. However, with worldline, players were more
or less forced to use warlock, since this IS the only class that worldline works on
(side note: It works when popping a super too for other classes). This made lots of players not even want to
compete in speedruns anymore. Do you think that worldline has mitigated
any strategies to speedrunning? On the other side, players have noted that
worldline is something that makes speedrunning a lot more fun since there is still a learning
curve and you have to be very precise to hit some of these worldlines. These clips I’m about to show you really
emphasize how extreme worldline can be and how much it has changed speedrunning. The next part of the worldline that is similar
to what we were just talking about is how it really makes you feel forced to use warlock. Don’t get me wrong here, you always can
use other classes, but when you get a taste of moving that fast, flying through the air,
and speeding past all of the enemies, it makes you not really want to play another class
in PVE. I see where this point is already going to
split some of you, I am all for using all classes as I play all 3 and don’t really
have a main one of choice, however, I do think there is something to be said about how much
this movement enhancement propels this class to be more desirable. Now, of course this is from the normal players
perspective, while for speedrunners, this is a necessity in most cases. Worldline to me is like playing Mario 64. While yes you can just jump through some of
the levels in the game and do things the way the developer intended you to play it, or…
you can use the triple jump, the backflip, the side jump, the dive forward, etc. That’s why I personally love worldline, it
allows you to have a higher ceiling of moving around the maps and allows the player to experiment
and find ways to reinvent the game in a sense. Outside of speedrunning, the worldline has
been the home to some incredible challenges and fun moments in the game. One of my favorite things this weapon can
do is launch another player in a multitude of ways. From launching into a player and them flying
in the air with a well timed jump to reach new heights or launching a player forward
to complete a 3 man version of a 6 person activity, the worldline really allows for
players to just have some good old fashioned fun. Finally, has this changed speedrunning forever? Well, this one is a tricky topic because worldline
is ultimately a speedrunners best friend. It’s a weapon that literally makes you move
faster and with the advanced tech, makes travel even longer. It’s something that was introduced in Warmind
and at this point we haven’t really seen a world record set without someone using one. I think that everyone who’s still watching
this video can agree that it plain looks fun and interesting to do, but I also think we
can agree that speedruns are more fun when a team has to use a variety of strategies. One thing IS clear though, worldline has had
an impact that is almost unmatched for movement in Destiny. From the regular sword swipes, to the whirlwind
across the map, to the grenade tech, the swipe, the mid air mountaintop worldline cancel,
to this: Worldline has changed everything! Thank you so much for watching this video,
if you have any ideas as to what I should do next, please leave me a comment, I am all
ears. If you enjoyed this video a like would be
greatly appreciated, as well as a subscription, you can also follow me on twitch, link is
in the description and until next time, I will see you later! “If you ain’t got the schmoops, your worldlines
are poops.” END

100 Comments on “This Exotic Changed the Way We Play Destiny FOREVER – Destiny 2”

  1. Thank you guys for all the love on the videos recently! Seriously this channel feels like it's exploding so thank you! Got a topic you want covered? Let me know, I'm always interested!

  2. "That's not fair! They're using a weapon in a way it was not intended to beat me at speed runs." (Where you're playing a game in a way that was not intended.) Yeah, ya'll are cheating anyway, so who cares?

  3. Thing is though a Titan main, such as myself, with lion rampants and worldline, may not speed run like a warlock, but we can get places every other class can. For instance the bridge at morgeth the titan can go backwards without needing a super. Even with worldline the warlock needs the dawnblade or nova warp to go back.

  4. I think speedrunning is just dumb, it takes some of the fun out of the game. The sword itself though is an awesome weapon

  5. Well, like in many other games, there should be separate categories to multiple speedruns, like Any%, 70 star, etc. A "Worldline Zero mode" (WZ%) would be a better choice for this case

  6. I'm all for creative ways for speed runners to break the game to complete insane tasks super fast or with less players.
    But when it bleeds into normal gameplay and the recommended way to complete an activity is with a single class glitch, I'm against it. Let the normies enjoy the game as it should be. Don't force them to be speed runners.

  7. The worldline zero does not take away from speedrunning in my opinion. Between both console and pc there are still an abundance of strategies that need to be implemented in such a highly competitive area of the game. Worldlines in my opinion make the game harder when pretty much every move you make is based on a harder skill than just walking and you need to know the spots. Tho as gladd said if you don’t got the schmoops sword fly’s are poop meaning of will have a larger advantage over console players which is semi not fair so like needs to separate their categories between pc and console.

  8. Speedrunning is about getting the fastest time. If someone wants to go fast, then you do what is fastest. That’s all there is to it.

  9. I'm just gonna say that worldline should have its own separate grouping in speedruns, so it still is useful to the community while leaving room for variety

  10. Macros in a speed run are Tool Assisted speed runs as they require special equipment/software to use outside the main game's perimeters.

  11. For the next one, how about how Arc Logic feels just like Zhalo. Close your eyes and fire in D1, then do the same with AL in D1. Zhalo 2.0 – minus chain lightning 🙁

  12. There’ve been problems like this in other games. This is why you have categories. Have a vanilla run and swordless run. Seems like a no brained to me. This allows the runners skilled at out of bounds work and runners with high build diversity and strategic planning to both succeed in their own ways and not inhibit each other. The sword undoubtedly mitigates the class variety tech, as it is made entirely unnecessary, barring differing speed builds on warlock. However, with two categories, you negate that as both parties get a chance to shine.

  13. I legitimately hate speedrunners in strikes.

    I have done ever since two speedrunners caused a "A Garden World" strike to crash (the cube at the top of the spire hadn't spawned).

    I've got half an inventory of vanguard bounties to complete, and vanguard weapons to grind for.
    But this random prick who just can't be bothered with actually killing anything just hops on their sparrow or gets out their Worldline and pulls everyone to the final boss in under 10 minutes.

    Destiny 2-and videogames in general-are supposed to be fun. If you're going to speedrun, find/create an LFG for other speedrunners so you can skate and teleport around in your own little heaven.

    Failing that, do a solo Nightfall. You're clearly not bothered about killing ads anyway so you might as well.

    Just please, stop crashing and/or ruining the game for the rest of us.

  14. so basically titans weren't special anymore and they where mad they didn't have the best movement in the game anymore. big surprise.

  15. My dude, this video is good but your audio ruins it. Your cuts from one voice clip to another sounds terrible when you cut before you stop pronouncing it and your music is too loud and distracting.

  16. I’m watching a video about worldline zero and play destiny at the same time. What do I get? The Catalyst for Wordline 😂

  17. I used to titan skate in D1 at least as fast as that lock in the strike that had the imago loop. Could run that bitch SOLO in under 8 mins easy. Only took me a little over 250 fucking clears to get my first garbage Imago Loop

  18. Evan : "Did worldline change the game…Forever?!?!?"

    Bungie: "So what you're saying is, nerf atuorifles? We're listening"

  19. How hard is it to have separate categories for worldline and non worldline runs? Yeah worldline time will be faster, but if you separate the categories of it, then it shouldn't be an issue.

  20. has bungie caught and nerfed this? if not…why not?
    speaking of nerfs…if you havent already, can you do a vid about history of nerfs and "fixes" made to the game? as a still relatively new player who only has a titan, i have heard about several titan specific nerfs, a couple weapon nerfs, and only like 1 warlock nerf…ive also heard that hunters tend dominate pvp in popularity, and yet seem to be pretty untouched. any chance for an examination of this phenomenon?

  21. Regarding the picture at 12 seconds in, Indica completly ignores what Slayer was saying; you didn't need a macro to Titan skate, and the rules were only changed to ban Titan skating AFTER Slayer's run because the moderators were salty about being beaten, DESPITE the fact that the moderator in question had a run that actually DID break a set rule. THEN they changed the rules AGAIN to re-validate their own run after they were called out on it.
    And are you implying that in SM64, triple jumps, backflips, sideflips, and forward dives aren't developer-intended? Because that's not the case at all. A more comparable thing would be BLJs.

  22. Now teleporting is A P A R T O F T H E P E R K. It SPECIFICALLY pets you teleport when you jump with it. Bungie saw the whirlwind abuse and was like, "Make em teleport on the jump."

  23. I'm actually really happy this hasn't been changed, as a Titan player. It's incredibly fun to watch and I'm sure it's even more fun to use. It makes for some awesome, skillful clips and I'd be sad to see it go. I would do what most speedrunning communities do, set different records with and without bugs, counting Worldline's flight as a bug.

  24. This weapon with it's jank will remain the greatest sword (sorry Blacktalon/goldtusk) in this game and When the nerfs come I hope they are merciful

  25. I have a very simple solution to this. Why not make 2 separate categories; one that bans the sword and one that doesn't? I'm not too well versed in the Destiny speedrunning community but if this is still a major issue between people you can literally just make 2 separate categories. Theres no downside to it.

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