Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

[XBOX SOUND] In this 2D, Metroidvania game, you play as
a tiny knight who stumbles upon the long-forgotten village of Dirtmouth, where your hero quickly
finds there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Just below the surface is the forgotten kingdom
of insects – aka Hallownest. Hallownest was once a prosperous kingdom,
but it now lies in ruin, and all who venture below are said to lose their senses or be
driven mad. It’s up to you to discover what has happened
to this crumbling kingdom, so here are 5 tips to get you get started with Hollow Knight. Tip #1: Important things There are a few key things you’ll need to
successfully navigate the vast depths of Hallownest, but first, you’ll need to head underground
to make some money – or Geo. While here, you’ll eventually stumble upon
Cornifer the Cartographer. Always, ALWAYS dish out for his maps. You’ll need find him in order to get a new
map for each new area discovered. But just listen for his happy humming and
you’ll know you’re close! After the first time you find him, you’ll
unlock his wife’s shop back in Dirtmouth. It’s worth taking the trip back to the surface
to pick up the compass & the quill – but before you do, make sure you have the geo
first. It’ll cost you 340 bug monies total. By the way, the compass is actually a charm,
so you’ll need to equip it at a bench in order to use it. The map pins are valuable too. You only need to purchase each type of pin
once, and it’ll keep your map marked with important landmarks and resources. Tip #2: Bug buddies. While most bugs in the below are trying to
kill you, pay attention to the ones that aren’t like the last stag. He’s a giant stag beetle eager to get back
to tunnelin’! He makes multiple stops, and while it’ll
cost you to unlock each one – you won’t regret it. This fuzzy-faced fella acts like a fast travel
point. Once unlocked, you’ll have unlimited access. Then there’s the Grubfather. His home is underground, just to the left
of Hallownest’s main entrance. As you explore, you’ll find his grubkids
– they’re everywhere and they’re trapped in glass jars. It’s your job to free ‘em. If you hear sad, crying sounds – take a good
look around, some of them are will hidden! Revisit the Grubfather after you’ve found
a few and he’ll reward you with some Geo, or other good stuff! You’ll unlock plenty of other vendors and
resources as you explore, so, if you have the option to talk to a bug, make sure you
do! Tip #3: Get your fill SOUL is the white liquid that fills the circular
meter at the top left of your screen. You can use SOUL to refill your health (represented
by masks to the right of the SOUL meter) or you can use it for special attacks. Either way, sitting on a full meter of soul
juice is useless because you earn it back quickly. Make sure to keep your health full. Just be careful with refilling. If you don’t finish filling an entire mask,
SOUL will still be drained but won’t count toward recovery! If you want to stay healthy, there are a few
things you should keep an eye out for. The Lifeblood cocoons, which give off a blue
glow, will temporarily pad your health with two additional masks. Then there are the SOUL totems – with each
hit, they’ll fill up your SOUL meter. Hot springs are amazing because they completely
fill up your health AND your SOUL. And if you see a bench, ALWAYS ‘rest’
on it – unless you don’t want to change your spawn point. Rest spots will refill your health and update
your map with your latest discoveries! Tip #4: Look before you leap. This is a short and sweet little tip. You have the capability to look up and down
with your right thumbstick, so be sure to use it. Nothing’s worse than jumping down into an
area blindly, just to accidentally drop into an acid pool. Take time to familiarize yourself with your
surroundings. Speaking of time, be patient Keeping your cool is super valuable with games
like Hollow Knight. Enemies attack in patterns and once you learn
these, you’ll know the perfect time to strike. The trick is waiting for it. If you rush an attack because you’re impatient
-or worse- because you’re low on health and panicking, your attempt will likely fail. The same goes for traps. And if you’re trying to access areas that
aren’t meant to be explored until you’ve gained a specific skill, good luck doing so
without taking damage. It’s worth practicing patience – wait
until you’ve earned the skill that will allow you to navigate it without killing yourself. This challenging indie game exploded into
the spotlight because of its addiction-forming gameplay and beautifully dark world full of
wonderfully whimsical characters. It will pull you in before you’ve realized
what happened, but you won’t mind a bit. So battle some bugs, befriend some others,
all while exploring the vast depths of Hallownest as the little Hollow Knight. [XBOX SOUND]

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