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Welcome back you’re listening to Houston
Real Estate Radio. I’m your host Shanna
Register and we have been on location
all day today at a builder event for
Toll Brothers out in North Grove at
Spring Creek and it has just been
wonderful to be out here, they have open
houses going on, you can come out anytime
today, take a look at these open houses,
they’re going to be here to like 6
o’clock today. Really, really beautiful.
One of my favorite things out here is
the infinity pool, just gorgeous. My
second favorite thing, I think, is the
pantry, just a huge, walk-in
beautiful, beautiful pantry. Third
favorite is the media room. It’s just an
amazing Star Wars media rooms. I’m
telling you, come out here, I want to
hear what your favorites are because I’m
telling you you’re going to find a lot
of them. It’s really gorgeous out here.
You can find all kinds of information
about Toll Brothers, if you just go to
their website at This
is a new community, it just opened back
in April and I mean they have hit the
ground running, it’s a master-planned
community, they’ve got so many great
things planned for this community. This
segment, last segment, we’re going to
close this segment out, with Cathy
Ziggler. She’s been working for Toll
Brothers for like five years and she is
just great at sales. She’s the sales
manager over here at North Grove at Spring
Creek and she really, she does a great
job working with buyers, helping them
pick the colors and we were just talking
about some colors and she said yeah I
picked those. So she’s so good at picking out
colors, interior and exterior
colors, for the home, for the buyer. She
can really walk you through that whole
home buying experience. And I tell you
there’s just not a better experience
than buying a luxury home. It’s
just gorgeous, just gorgeous. I know you
love what you do, because. I love it. It’s
got to be fantastic helping people pick out
these beautiful home. It is, we just want
to help people build their dream home. A
lot of people have that idea. Yeah. In
their mine and then we help them put
it on paper and execute it. You guys are
not real far from The Woodlands, I mean
you can get to The Woodlands, to all The
Woodlands amenities, very easily from
where you are.
Tell the people listening where
you’re located in Houston, because your
broadcast goes all over Houston, so tell
them where you are. We are what we
consider the north side of Houston and
it is off of FM 2978. We are halfway
between Tomball and Woodlands Parkway, so
2920 is the major thoroughfare East and
West and Tomball and so we’re north on
2978, three miles, come into North Grove,
turn into our beautiful entrance, then
three miles to the north of us is
Woodlands Parkway, so we feel like we’re
strategically located in this area, we’re
actually in Montgomery County and we’re
Magnolia ISD. And that’s, yeah, so that’s
good that people know what independent
school district you’re in. Magnolia
School District. So this particular house
that we are sitting in, if you go to and watch
the videos, this house that we are
sitting in, is, which plan is this? This is
called the Vanguard and this was a plan
that we adapted from California and one
of the best features is the courtyard. Which is where we’re sitting right now. Yes, we’re sitting in the
courtyard, under the what’s called the
outdoor dining room and we are separated
by a beautiful fireplace and then the
courtyard is adjacent to that. This plan
is what I consider a transition between
outside, inside and outside living and
we’ve got the wall of glass doors to
prove it to walk out onto the back
covered patio. It’s really got some great
spaces and this house has a casita, tell
me about the casita. The casita we
converted what was the one car garage
into the casita. A lot of people say if
they’ve got relatives that are coming to
visit them, that maybe they can’t
navigate the stairs so well, then we have
a feature for a casita, but Toll Brothers
is also very good about putting two
bedrooms on the first floor, for that, for
your guests as well. So in this
particular home, we feature three
bedrooms on the first floor and two
bedrooms upstairs. Very good. This home is
really beautiful, so it could have three
car garage or could have a two-car
garage in the casita. I love the outdoor
living spaces. You really have three, at
least, three outdoor living spaces. You’ve
got this area, which is the outdoor
dining room, then you have another
sitting area and then back by the pool
you have all of that area. The covered area
as well. Yeah, so it’s really got a lot of
outdoor living and you know that’s great
in Houston. We like to spend a lot of
time living outdoors, so that’s fantastic.
And you put an infinity pool, I love that. Yes
we did, we put an infinity pool and then
you step down, about four almost five
feet, into this fabulous fire pit with a
rounded edge where you can sit there, it
is just wonderful. Wow, it really is
beautiful. You guys have great luxury
home plans and all your plans are online,
people can take a look at those. Yes. All
your communities are online. Yes. So let’s
talk about the master suite. The master
suite is really nice, huge bedroom, the
master bathroom is gorgeous. Yes, we’ve
got a large walk-in shower that – huge!
Yeah, it’s huge! You could have a party in that shower. One of
my buyers said that he would invite
himself and 12 of his bedroom in. But then
we feature a free-standing tub in front
of the shower and it’s just been one of
the best features about this home. That
in addition to the courtyard and also to
the other kitchen areas. This home also
does not have a formal dining room and
when you tell people that, it’s like
they’re saying, that’s awesome, where does
everybody want to be? They all want to be
in the same area. So our eating area
if you will or dining area actually
accommodates a table that seats 10
people. So we feel like it’s it’s how
people are living today and that’s the most
important thing. Definitely, definitely, and
you have a whole butler’s pantry going
on here behind us. Yeah we got that. And by
the by the big laundry room you have
place for kids to hang all their
backpacks and all that stuff.
Yes, we call that a mud bench, yeah, so that you’re coming in
from there. Love that, and I mean you really
want a house that functions. Yes. You know
gone are the days where you have these
formal rooms. You want a house that
functions for you, your kids, your parents
when they come visit. That’s right. The
whole family, the kids when they come
back from college, it’s a
multi-generational house, no matter whose
living there. That’s true, that’s true and
it’s lifestyles. It’s how do people live
today. I can even see a difference from
how long I’ve been in this business to
what was important back then. A lot of
people, you know, ten years ago, wanted to
have a media room. Nowadays the media
room is like, eh, I would love a media room
if it was on the first floor. We happen
to feature the media room upstairs,
adjacent to the game room, which even by
Toll Brothers standards is considered a
large game room, woudln’t you agree? Yes, very large, very large. Okay so you have two models
open today. Yes, I do. That people can come and see
and we talked about kind of proximity
where you guys are because y’all seem
like your kind of hitting back here
because it’s a new community but it is
going to be huge. You’ve got huge
plans for this community. Yes we do. Great
rec room, 24 hour fitness, all kinds of
fantastic things, tell us about the
community, what it’s going to be like
when the whole master plan comes
together. Well this community will
encompass almost nine hundred homes and
we do have an amenity center that is
currently under construction. We felt
Toll Brothers as a builder and also as a
developer, the importance of building the
amenity center so it’ll be finished soon
after some of our first residents move
in. And you’ve got Spring Creek close by. Yes.
We will
have the trails and we’ll also have the
walking trails and they have plans to
end up doing three lakes behind us as
well. A backdrop of this home and what we
had referred to earlier with the fire
pit is the beautiful woods. So we’re
really, we feel location is great, you’re
still away from the city part, but yet
you’re close to shopping and. Oh yeah
you can get to the Woodlands easy, Yeah. You can still
get to Houston pretty quick. Oh
absolutely, we’re less than 10 minutes
away from the Grand Parkway. Yeah, yeah
you’re in a great location, Kathy, I know
you’re gonna sell a ton of houses out
here. You already sold one today, right?
You’re out there signing buyers
earlier. Yes, I had to wait to come over and visit
with you. And these folks bought in
our gated section, so our gated section
has been a real big pool for
relators in the area and also for folks
you know wanting just a little bit
more exclusivity into a master-planned
community. Very nice, all right, you can
find out more at Cathy
Ziggler thank you so much. Come out and
see her, she’s out here selling
houses all the time, so you can come out
to Toll Brothers any day of the week,
over here in the North Grove at Spring
Creek and visit with Cathy Ziggler. She
can help you customize and find whatever
product. I’d love to help.
Thanks for listening to Houston Real
Estate Radio. You can find all the videos
online at
You can also listen to us on iheartradio
and iTunes.
We’ll be back next week, we had a lot of
fun today on location with Toll Brothers over at North Grove at Spring Creek.

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