Top 10 Best Football Players of all Time ⚽️

Top 10 Best Football Players of all Time ⚽️

Hello Friends, the FIFA World
Cup 2018 fever has spread now
and you love to see your favorite players
This time the FIFA World Cup is being held in Russia
and the Top 10 has brought for you the world’s top
top 10 best footballers who are favored by everyone.
So let us see

1) Pelé
Pelé is considered to be the greatest footballer in the world.
He is also called as Black Pearl.
Pelé is the only player who has won the
Football World Cup 3 times.
He has scored 12 goals in the World Cup
Pelé is the Brazilian forward player in the World Cup and in his career
Brazil has won 3 consecutive World Cups.
His jersey is number 10.
Football lovers around the world believe that Pelé is the
biggest player in football.
He has done about 1287 goals in his career.
He has done about 1287 goals in his career.
He has also been honored with FIFA World Cup Youngest Player
and FIFA World Cup Golden Ball.
He has also been honored with the “Athletes of the Century”.
2) Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona is an Argentinian player
and he is considered to be a very good player like Pelé.
He was Argentina’s forward striker in the World Cup.
He won Argentina’s victory over Germany
in the 1986 World Cup.
That’s why he was awarded player of the century, golden ball
and many other different awards .
Many people in the world regard Maradona
as the greatest player of football. He has made 311
goals in his career.In 2010 World Cup
Maradona was also the coach of the Argentina team
3) Lionel Messi
In the world of football, if any name is very
popular today then it is Lionel Messi.
Messi plays for Argentina and
is a forward player.
Messi has scored 21 goals in the World Cup qualifiers
which is also a record and has
scored 5 goals in the World Cup so far.
In Domestic Messi play for Barcelona and till
date he has scored 571 goals in total.
Messi has been awarded many different awards,
which includes awards such as FIFA Player of the Year,
Ballon o ‘dor, European Golden Shoe
Messi is a great player and his fan followings are very
much all over the world.
Messi’s Jersey is number 10.
4)Mané Garrincha
Mane Garrincha is considered to be the best dribbler
in the world. You would be surprised
to know that Garrincha had a
lot of flaws in his body but all of this did not break
his morale and he got new heights in the football world.
Garrincha used to play with Pelé and
Brazil’s Forward Players.
He gave Brazil the victory in two
consecutive World Cups in 1958
and 1962.
Garrincha Jersey Number is 7 but he is not with us.
5) Miroslav Klose
Do you know which football player has made
the most goals in the history of FIFA World Cup
yes, you have guessed it correct.This player
is none other than German forward
player Miroslav Klose.The name of cloze is
16 goals, only in the World Cup, which has a record till date.
That’s the reason that his name comes first in the
world of football world cup
Klose has played 137 matches in his career, in which
he has scored 71 goals.
The jersey of Klose is number 11.
6) Cristiano Ronaldo
If there is a big name after Messi in the world of football,
then he is Cristiano Ronaldo
Yes, for Ronaldo all are crazy and
he is the the forward-players of the Portugal team.
He has scored 3 goals in the World Cup.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Real Madrid player
and his jersey is number 7.
In his career he scored 399 goals for Real Madrid.
He was awarded FIFA Player of the Year in 2009
and he also won Ballon o ‘dor and the
European Golden Shoe Award.
7) Ronaldo (Brazil)
Ronaldo is a Brazilian striker and a great player.
Brazil won the World Cup twice when Ronaldo
was in his team .For the first time Ronaldo
had come to the team and for the second time in 2002,
when Brazil won the World Cup due to Ronaldo
Ronaldo took the match from Germany with two goals
in the final. Ronaldo is the
second highest goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup,
and 15 goals in his name.
Ronaldo Jersey wears 9. He has played in Domestic
matches for Barcelona and Polyesta.
8) David Beckham
David Beckham is considered to be the most
stylish player in the football world
He used to play in the World Cup for England
and he has 20 years of the football game in which
he scored more than 100 goals.
His specialty is that he is a midfielder and can score
a goal from his position. He has done quite a fantastic
and stylish shoot in his career,
for which he is considered as a successful player.
Beckham’s jersey is number 7. Apart from
football, David Beckham is also famous for hairstyle.
9) Zinedine Zidane
We must have remembered Zinedine
Zidane as he had injured Mark
Materazzi with a headbutt.
For this, he had to leave the field.
But did you know that Zidane is a great player and
that France has taken the team up to the height.
While Zidane was playing,
France won the World Cup in 1998 and
and went to the finals in 2002.
His captaincy was very important for France.
He has scored 5 goals in the World Cup,
out of which only three are done in finals.
Their jersey is number 10 and they play
in Domestic games for Real Madrid.
10) Neymar
If there is a new and shining star in the world of football,
then it is Brazilian star footballer Neymar.
Yes, Neymar is the hot favorite of the 2018 World Cup,
and many people consider him as a good player.
Neymar had 4 goals in the 2014 World Cup
and in today’s date he has become a good
and successful player. Neymar’s jersey is number 10
and he has scored 53 goals in total till date
In this World Cup everyone’s eyes are only on Neymar.
What do you think Neymar will give the best
performance of his career?
So it was our top 10 footballers who are quite famous
In our comment section, mention the names of your favorite footballer,
even if they are not in our list.
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