Guys today is 24th of June & as i am celebrating my birthday So today will talk about the gift ideas which you can give to the cyclists In today’s time everybody knows that the bikes & their accessories are not coming cheap And because of this reason majority of buyer’s don’t buy the accessories with their bike and leave it for the further expense So if you know anyone in your family & friend circle who owns the bike than you can gift them the bike accessories, and because of this not only you will help them to fulfill their needs but also boost their confidence as well for better riding experience As everyone loves receiving gifts, so it is special if it is a gift that your loved one can make good use of So today I will suggest you 10 cycling accessories which you can gift on birthday or any other occasions So watch this video till the end to get the complete info Coming up Hey guys what’s up this is rider charul & welcome to my channel Hope you start thinking towards your health & environment So if you are new to this channel, consider subscribe So let’s jump into the video Saddlebags are a great way for cyclists to secure their belongings while on a ride Most saddlebags are sleek, compact, and inexpensive For those who do not take a lot of things with them while on their ride a small and compact bag is your best option These bags have enough space for all of your essentials & unnecessary doesn’t consume any excess room. These are placed behind your bike seat so they are out of the way & not obstructing the rider So as a gift, this is a great product for cyclists When riding a bike, nothing is more important than the safety of the rider Lights are really helpful bike accessories you can gift to others. these are especially useful for riders who like riding at night or on terrain where they might not be easily seen by passers-by In market there are tons of good quality lights available With front & rear lights, you will no longer need to worry about being dumped off the side of the road at inconvenient hours Make sure to consider the battery life when making your selection Nowadays, everyone is constantly on their electronic devices for cyclists digital devices have become the best tools to easily track & navigate rides for the loved ones that enjoys carrying their phones around on their rides, a phone pouch will be an amazing gift these are typically wear on elbows this allows you to keep your phone in your line of sight while not being an obstruction to your vision With a phone pouch, you can sure that your phone is secure & is accessible if needed During ride everyone gets hungry so keep the cyclists in your life from passing out with the gift of nutrition The energy bars are available with & without caffeine & are an easily digestible source of carbs for a quick boost of energy while riding These handy packets are small enough to stash in a jersey pocket or in a saddle bag So as a gift, this is a good product for cyclists There is plenty of space available between your knees in your frame’s main triangle So these bags strap directly on the frame & they are handy way to carry food or tools. So it is a quite space saver gift for cyclists If you want to protect your frame from loosing paint on its chainstay due to chain slap and you ride over bumps than its necessary unless you don’t care about your paint So it is a good product to protect the frame from scratches So as i am telling you, as a gift it is a good product for cyclists A hydration pack is basically a bag of water which has a hydration system built into the pack. It has a drinking tube which is kind of like a long straw which allows the person carrying it to easily have a drink of water It eliminates the need to stop & dig out a bottle of water from your backpack So it is a great product to gift to any cyclist These are simple, small & light that are mounted on the frame of the bike If you do a good amount of commuting or mountain biking & want a simple, in-expensive way to make sure that you have always get a bit of air to the top of the tire, a frame mounted bike pump is the best solution Speedometer measures & displays information relevant to your biking activities such as speed, distance traveled & kilo meter done etc. So now you are probably thinking that your smart phone can do all of that so let me tell you phones are probably more expensive than a bike computer also you would like to keep your phone safe & usable in case of emergencies as this will save your phone batteries while riding Any bike that gets ridden seriously on long rides need at least basic tool kit unless the rider is always in a position to call a friend or family member with a car when their bike needs a quick fix on the road but if you want to more self reliant then multi tool kit is the best one which every cyclists should seriously consider So as i am telling you, this is a great product to gift to any cyclists So guys now you got to know the accessories which you can gift to your loved ones who already owns a bike or going to buy I hope you like the video, if yes than hit the like button, comment if you have any query & yes please don’t forget to share the video within your circle I will bring you more videos like this so please hit the subscribe button for more updates So that’s it for now guys, this is rider charul signing off


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