TOP 5 Neymar football skills pt. 2 | Learn to dribble like Neymar

today we’re gonna teach you five amazing football skills done on the pitch by nima part number two brought to you by a very own guy from behind the camera the Magnificent glories made myself [Music] number five this shift the first move is very useful in a tight spot and also a great show called material throw the ball back with your strong foot then do a small chop and catch it with your weak foot now roll the ball behind your standing leg while you dump to set yourself up to move away from the defender [Music] number four the step-over rabona approached a defender with speed and perform a sole role with your strong foot to an inside step over now gently tap the ball forward like you were doing a rabona it’s a good idea to lift the ball a bit to make sure that you actually get past the defender [Applause] number three a step-over zigzag this is the best move if you’re going for the Nutmeg start off by doing an inside step with your strong foot then tap the ball with your weak foot and finally gold for the kill by doing the pattern with the outside of your foot number two is the sombrero flick which you shouldn’t do in a game unless you’re actually Neymar himself approach the ball with your strong foot then swing your other leg forward while you jump now extend your leg and point your toes upwards and remember to lean back and if you do it right the ball will fly over your head [Music] number one name are they King if you gotta pass flying over your head with the defendant chasing you it’s time to roll out their big guns approach the ball lean back and tap it over both of your heads then as the defender turns you wait for the opportune moment and tap it first time through his legs to basically end his career [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen there you go five wicked skill news done by name on the pitch pot number two now if you want to watch more cool skills I’m teaching you some Paulo dibala skills if you click the video right down here now if you want to pick up name of APIs you can do so by clicking the link right over here and then of course you shouldn’t forget to go and subscribe with the notifications on and that’s going on right over here for more or less daily football videos skill videos do we even meet the Stars click up here and with that said guys I’ll see you later signing off cheerio

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