Top Health Benefits of Cycling

Top Health Benefits of Cycling

Compared to running, studies have already
shown that cycling has lesser impact. It’s a low impact exercise. It’s also relaxing
activity that I can do on weekends. It’s easy to visit places. It has a lot of benefits – Cardiovascular
strengthening, muscle toning and it’s a very good de-stressor as well. It helps in
your cardiovascuar – in the sense that the more you cycle it brings up your heart rate and helps in conditioning
it. It also increases your muscle movements and the mobility. It keeps it conditioned,
toned and even if you can’t go the gym or make time for the gym every day, the only
fact that you just cycled that day makes you feel good. If you can substitute it with some
weight training, it will add more to it, so you can only get better and have a better

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  1. A bicycle, for me, was the only way to get around the city. If I wanted to meet some of my friends, travel across the city, go to school, play basketball—anything—the bicycle was the way I got around.

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