Tour of PINBALL HALL of FAME Las Vegas – (excerpt)

Tour of PINBALL HALL of FAME Las Vegas – (excerpt)

At the pinball Hall of Fame, it’s not the
players but the games themselves
that are being honored.
You can test your clipper skills on over
250 classic machines spanning nine decades.
And if you’re lucky the hall’s founder
will share his voluminous
and occasionally R-rated knowledge of all things pinball.
Hey Tim! That’s me, I’m the director of stuff and things.
And you get to wear a headlamp too. Oh yeah, that is so I can see in the dark
How did this whole thing get started? Me and a bunch of other
local pinball collectors that decided it
was kind of stupid to have a whole bunch
of games and not do anything with them.
So we decided we would rent a storefront, fill it full of pinball machines
and see what happened. A lot happened. How many machines you got in here?
There’s about 250 machines here. Are there inductees
to the Pinball Hall of Fame? No, that’s
just the name we came up with at the
last minute. We were gonna call itloads of pinballs, but we didn’t think that
would go over too well.
Right now, our clientele here’s largely
old farts with busted parts.
We don’t get a lot of kids in here, the kids
the kids come in and they go
“Meh, meh, meh, where’s the Kung Foo games?” When you’re a tiny tot
you play video games, when grow up you
become a man you play a man’s game,
you play pinball.
A game with balls. Right, steel
Now a lot of people coming to Vegas, if they put a quarter into something….
You going to spend twenty dollars on a slot
machine in 10 minutes
Here twenty dollars will last you all day,
literally. This is what passed for
entertainment in the sixties.
That’s why your grandparents are such
miserable people,
as this is all they had for fun.

One Comment on “Tour of PINBALL HALL of FAME Las Vegas – (excerpt)”

  1. I watched this full segment on the show last night and had to try to look it up and watch it again.  

    I was laughing my ass off.

    This guy Tim Arnold is just a naturally quirky and hilariously funny guy.  

    Listen to his comments….fucking classic one liners right off the top of his head.

    I loved the one about Grandparents being miserable people because this is all they had for fun.  

    In the full video he talks about one particular machine that he plays naked.

    All done in this calm, monotone voice…just perfectly funny.

    I get to Vegas a lot for work and I'm going to stop by this place.  I just hope I get to meet this guy!

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