Triple A Program Experience

So I decided to apply for the
Triple A program when I was working as a co-op Analyst for the Regional Municipality of York. I had recently completed my master’s degree in public policy at the University of Toronto and so I really wanted to gain further experience and
particularly more hands-on experience within public sector finance. What excited me the most about Triple A was the opportunity to work with really experienced professionals and a lot of them are leaders in their field and so I thought it would be a great learning opportunity for me to be able to work with people like that. What surprised me the most about the program was the people that I was working with was a great positive working environment and
so I felt very comfortable learning and asking for help and reaching out. It’s the opportunity to rotate into
different parts of the department and learn about the various aspects of work
that one can find in our finance department. I think that’s the most
valuable opportunity for young professionals as they get started in
their career and as they figure out what they want to do in their career going
forward. For the Triple A program I had actually completed three work terms as a co-op student with the finance department. After my three work terms
here I went back to school to complete my master’s in accounting and that
allowed me to enroll in the Charter Professional Accountant Education
Program in order to help me to obtain my CPA designation. The focus in the
accounting stream in the Triple A program has helped me obtain a
professional experience needed to obtain my CPA designation and I’m happy to say
that not only I passed but I was able to make the national honour roll which is
given to the top one percent of all candidates who vote the exam. The Triple A experience has allowed me to gain experience in meaningful projects and are able to help guide us as we reach our career goals. You join finance department as part of an Associate Analyst and you start working with one of the branches on a different project. When you rotate
through the different branches you can kind of see all the different operations
and all the different roles in the branches I think the rotations are
important because you kind of get to see all the different roles and lives of
business at the organization. My first rotation was in the office of the budget. Eight months later I moved to the controllership office where I started a
new project under a new manager. I find it’s really helpful now now that I know the different areas and the capabilities in each group. I can apply that to my
current role. In the Triple A program I
find that I am very inspired by other Triple A’s in this program as well as
from the other professionals and mentors who guide us every single day. I also
find it’s really amazing that we are able to create new ideas as well as to
contribute to policy development at all stages of the policy process. I think it
feels amazing to be a part of a team. I think it’s an inspirational job to be
able to impact communities. It’s been a privilege to be able to to join in on a
team where we are able to be a part of the policy creation and development and
implementation of such important work. We certainly look for academic
excellence, evidence of community leadership and someone with good
character. The culture of innovation and an openness to learn more and do things
in a different way and that’s the kind of thing that we look for in our candidates. The hands-on experience throughout the Triple A program gave me a really good understanding of how the different teams
within the finance department work together so after completing the Triple
A program I felt that I had a much deeper understanding of how everything
operates and I felt much more confident in pursuing more challenging and
independent roles within the region After the program I felt like I was
ready to continue in the finance area and especially in the public finance
area because I just felt like a really high quality candidate.

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