TSCC Continental Magic Game Bingo Pinball – Gameplay and features

TSCC Continental Magic Game Bingo Pinball – Gameplay and features

This is the Continental Magic Game Bingo, by TSCC in 1991.
Although the game reminds a flipper pinball, it’s a completely different game.
I made this video to demonstrate its gameplay.
Bingos usually have more buttons in the lockdown bar than flipper pinballs,
that usually have only one for some special feature.
This one has number buttons for statistics and one to set the stake on the right.
There’s also an extra ball and start buttons on the coin door.
Unlike flipper pinball, you can spend a lot more credits in one game.
You could play a game with just one credit,
but to get all the cards and see all the game’s features, you have to use over 10 credits.
First we set the stake, this machine is set for Euro cents.
I select 5 cent stake.
The first start button push gives me one card.
Another push gives me the second and so forth until the 6th card.
7th push gives the red diagonal lines for the cards 1 to 3.
The next does the same for the rest of the cards.
Then we get double score for one of the top row cards.
And the next one does the same for lower row.
The next feature doubles the score if you hit the lit magic number here.
Next one adds prizes for landing 3, 4 or 5 balls next to eachother in the playfield.
And the last is the name game, the “magic game”,
where one of the cards will be “magic”, and in that card
the golden numbers will give you these scores.
At this point we’ve bought all the features,
but we can wager more to increase the payout.
Now we have the largest winnings possible.
At this point the we have wasted 390 credits, which is 3,90 euro!
The game is now suggesting two winning shots.
As we can win with having 3 balls next to eachother, the machine is suggesting 3 and 6.
I still have 3 balls left.
There was atleast one 3-in-line.
And nothing else.
Now I can buy an extra ball for 497 credits.
And there’s possibility for 4-in-line, which gives 600 credits.
Let’s give it a try.
120 credits for 3-in-line. But nothing else.
The next extra ball is 939 credits…
The maximum win is 9000 credits for 5 in a line, let’s give it a try.
I can’t get 5 in a row with this ball.
It went all the way down and I can shoot it again.
Another freebie.
Obviously it doesn’t want to stay!
That’s a 4 in line.
The next extra ball goes for 2130.
Let it roll!
Got one 3 in line. And nothing else.
At this point the extra balls are so expensive,
that there’s no point continuing this round.
So I press Start once and the game returns to attraction mode.
Let’s play another round.
This time I got a bonus mode. 4 corners gives a 5 in line.
I notice one 3 in line, so I’ve already won something.
Let’s try that again.
That was the fifth ball, so it paid out the 3 line line I got earlier.
Extra all is 238 credits.
Got two 3 in lines.
I’ll take it.
The next one goes for 2000 credits.
There’s 9000 credits to be won if I’d hit 16.
The card number 6 has the jackpot!
I’ll try my luck.
No, not there!
It’s still about the same price, so I’ll continue. 3rd extra ball.
This machine has 10 balls, so you can buy the maximum of 5 extra balls.
Towards the end they become so expensive they’re not worth it.
That gave me 3 in line.
I’ll give the 5 in line another try.
Oh, I guess we won’t! We’re now so poor we can’t afford it any more!
I guess I need to admit my defeat and return to the attraction mode.

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  1. You can add credits to the game by directly writing in the memory area. The credits are in 4A1 .. 4A3. The fastest way is to edit 4A3 and change the value to 9. Exit the settings mode and you'll have 90000 credits on it.

    The memory edits works by flipping the switch inside the coin door, then closing the door. Buttons 1 and 2 select the memory area, 4 and 5 the value, I recall correctly.

  2. What was odd was that the only displays that did not show correctly in the video were the ones for the "credits" and the "extra ball" information. Everything else showed up perfectly. I wonder why that would be.

    You helped by reading some of the "missing" numbers aloud. And thank you for the English captions.

  3. Hey daapz i know this game , i missed this game so much and i want to buy this machine can you tell me where can i buy this Continental Magic Game Bingo Pinball , i will appreciate .

  4. Thoses machines are extremely popular in Belgium since it's one of the easiest way to gamble in a lot of drinking places. Just toss some coins/notes, your ID card (before wasn't even the case) and you're good to play. This model were used here during the 90's/early 00's before they went under fully digitized/online based models (due of governments regulations).

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