Tvoja stvar #6: Ivana Vlaić – Football judge

Tvoja stvar #6: Ivana Vlaić – Football judge

I’m Ivana Vlaić and I’m a football referee from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
I think that football chose me. Hole my life I was connected, as a player, a trainer or as a referee.
Football referee is very cool and nice job.
Currently, in Bosnia and Hercegovina we have around 80 female football referees.
I’m the first FIFA female football referee in a country.
After my playing career, I wanted to be involved in the football world as a referee.
When I was playing football I was judging only for men’s, but now I’m an universal referee.
If you want to become an international football referee you need to be in a good condition.
And you will travel a lot.
My career as a referee comes naturally after my football career.
I got the chance to be a referee and for me, that was an excellent opportunity.
When somebody ask me why I choose to be a football referee I always replay with: Why not.
When I started my referee career I was doing it very seriously and I didn’t enjoyed so much on the field.
But after some time I become much more confident and I started to enjoy it.
I don’t have bad experiences but to be a good football referee is generally hard.
You need to have a clean head because you will always receive a lot of objections from the players or fans.
In a 50% of football matches that I was a referee someone was yelling something to me, but that’s a part of my job.
I can’t tell that fans was cursing me all the time but they are doing it very often.
It’s not a good feeling to give a red card to a player.
The adrenaline and the pressure are very high.
And men don’t accept very well when the red card comes from me.
A yellow card can be obtained when you can prevent an unauthorized attack,
for unsport behaviour, delaying the continuation of the game
and for the arbitrary exit of a player from the field.
You can get a red card after two yellow cards,
by preventing the chance to hit the target and intentionally hitting the player.
When I give a yellow or red card I have to write it down.
The paper I hold in my pocket, here. Sometimes it happens that it falls down.
While I was playing football my dream was to play in UEFA Champions League.
and I accomplish that dream with my football club.
I had once a sarcastic comment of players regarding on my job as a referee.
And one player said to others to be quiet because that’s girls are playing in a Champions League.
And that they can only play a Champions League via PlayStation.
On a daily basis, I give myself some smaller or bigger goals.
This year I will participate in Ljubljana half marathon.
Every free time I spend on preparation for a marathon.
If you want to become a football referee you need to pass a special course.
A seminar has two parts, theoretical and practical.
Practical part examines a physical condition of a referee.
After that initial testing, you become a football referee.
But if you want to maintain the licence you need to pass all of the exams every 6 months.
All my free time I spend in nature riding a bicycle or hanging around with my frineds.
My ideal day needs to be longer than 24 hours just to do the things that make me happy.
And it need to include a time that I spend with my family and friends and of course a football.
What makes me happy are people that I am surrounded, my job, football, etc.
My life motto is to utilize every day and to enjoy as much as I can.
I am always trying to enjoy in every second of a life.
In private life, I am trying not to give red cards so often.
But sometimes you need to give a red card in your life.
I am not perfect but I am persistent and tolerant.
My message to all young girls is to do whatever they love.
And to be persistent no matter what.
I passed the same path but I stayed focused and persistent.

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  1. #tvojastvar za mene predstavlja vrijeme koje provodim napolju sa društvom. Svi znamo koliko je sada tehnologija napredovala u sve je manje odraslih,djece i svih generalno koji izlaze. Većinom svi bulje u mobitele i kompjutere po čitav dan. Zato ja nastojim što više biti napolju i imati što više fizičke aktivnosti. Također u slobodno vrijeme se bavim informatikom i svaki dan gledam da proširim svoje znaje u tom smijeru. Informatika i razni programi predstavljaju moj hobi tzv. #mojastvar #tvojastvar

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