Twilight Zone Pinball Tutorial

Twilight Zone Pinball Tutorial

of pittsburgh to play some “Twilight Zone”
TZ is already one of the
hardest pinball machines
created in the last 15-20 years

but at PAPA they make it even harder when
they’re preparing for competition
so you may have noticed there have been some
modifications to the game

on the left side and on the right side
they’re usually little rubber bumpers to
help you shake the ball back out and
the player have just to bounce back
if it goes over there
those are gone
and the purpose of that is to help
players to lose the ball that much faster
and to make the game that
much challenging
this game was played in the World
Championship qualifying back in August
and Roy Wills from the Netherlands was
the only player to be advance
all the way through the game for
a score over a billion points, you see
it there on the screen as the Grand Champion
so as we fire the game up we’ll see some of
software settings that PAPA has changed
to make it pretty much the hardest TZ
you’ll ever see
and I’ve been challenged to try and take down
Roy Wills’ billion score here
so we’ll see how close I can get
now Roy earned his score
the lights and action
so no matter what happens here,
he’s the man
no big changes in the software
the extra balls are shut off,
the tilt setting is really tight
you can’t get away with much of anything
like I mentioned earlier the outlanes posts
are removed
both of the left and right
and both the “Slot Machine” and “Piano”
start off at the beginning of the game
that’s set to extra hard so
if you want anything on this game you
really need to earn it
so you get control of the ball, and I
want to make both ramps,
left ramp – right ramp, this would light
both of those shots
and everytime the ball is out control
you’ll see me be moving the game around
a lot more than normal
as I’ll try to make sure that I get
the ball back under control on a missed shot
I’m trying to make the right ramp right now
and that’s a tough shot from the right flipper
might be better from the left…
right flipper is a fun little shot
and then pump it in the piano
for a round if I can make that
it would be nice… but I didn’t
lock is lit ’cause I made both ramps
and there’s a lock shot brick out,
but that’s gonna happen, actually it
happens quite a lot on TZ
that brick out,
out of the lock
when that happens you know you
you can’t go: “wow the game screwed me over!”
it’s pinball man, and pinball is action
there’s the shot, got it this time
and I get credit for
two locks light multi ball, so I got to
get in there for a second lock
as quickly as possible
actually I managed to shoot the “Slot
Machine” on a lucky bounce
as it comes out of here I’m gonna try
to trap it immediately on the right
or at least get control if
I can’t get a trap
and in this game you get the ball towards
the outlanes, the way the posts are set,
you’re basically screwed
you wanna keep the ball away from the outlanes
as much as possible, it hasn’t got in
either of these areas yet
so that’s why I’m playin’ safe
let’s start multiball
and you see there, that was not
a “big move” save
but because I did not have the ball
trapped correctly
I lost it, and I tried to save it
with a quick move to the right
just a little bit too far
let’s see if I can get a trap again,
there I got a better trap
multiball is ready on the left ramp
during multiball the jackpot is a cross
from the little flipper to the “Piano”
and the relight is from the other
flipper into the “Camera”
well if you played some TZ and
are fairly new to pinball,
you might have not notice this but the
“Camera” shot that comes up from here
it goes underneath the little flipper
if you hold up the little flipper when
the ball is going there
it’ll go in a much wider shot
let’s try to start multiball
and play that out
I like this multiball, it’s got
a lot of action
great sound effects, one of the loudest
jackpot noise in all of pinball,
and just feels very satisfying to make shot,
there’s a great shot up there, up the upper flipper,
bank it in on the little flipper,
that was a deliberate shot
banked off the baby flipper and in
and I’m gonna try to get a second
the way this game though, it’s very hard
to get a second jackpot
there we go
the relight is the camera
and we’ll try to get relight here
Wow! How did that happen?
I was sure that was in
but apparently it bricked out of the
camera and the relight
I’m not exactly sure of what happened,
but we’ve got a video tape of that

and we’re back to single-ball
play again

and pretty much to get back in multiball
we’ve got to make more ramps and more locks
let’s got back to the ramps, left ramp,
right ramp,
the right ramp is pretty tough
on this game at times
but it’s pretty makeable from
either flipper
more importantly is getting control
of the ball
and it comes from the kick-out
“Slot Machine” a lot
you can try to trap it immediately,
you can try to bounce it over,
the way that PAPA games are often set
there is no safety belt
you’re basically in trouble
no matter how you slice it
so you just want to try to get to control
anyway you can
then go back on shooting your shots
every time you miss a shot though
you’re in danger
and lock is lit again, and I’ll
claim it if I can shoot
the friggin’ shot
left ramp… brick. trap…
and we’ll go for lock again
to advance to next lock at this phase
actually you have to make the lock
so I’m going for lock, and there’s
another brick out the lock
but that’s gonna happen. That happens
a lot more often on TZ than on some other games
and I’m not really sure why, I think
it’s kind of poor design
mechanically of what could happen back there,
such a tight playfield with
so many different things going on it
they had a few issues with those kind of
things so let’s try to get the second
bounce it over
and… no good
bounce it over, get a trap
and lock… missed.
you’ve gotta be prepared every time the
ball is shot
for a return shot that comes back to you
in trouble
always be ready
what I see from a lot of players
well, there’s no real professional
players, but players who don’t play
a lot of pinball, they flip,
and then they leave the flipper up
watching the ball go
once you flipped, it’s gone, you may
as well drop the button
and by dropping the button you put
yourself back in a ready position
to be able to trap the ball
on the next time it comes out
so at this point,
I’ve got one more lock to go to get
multiball, I also have a fair number
of shots to this “Gumball” shots available,
they’re worth a lot of points,
and eventually they release the “Powerball”.
So I’m gonna aim for those for a little while here
and see if at least I can pick up one of them
poor shooting there but…
let’s see if I can bounce it over
and get “Gumball” next… there we go!
that’s gonna return the ball
and the next ball out will be the “Powerball”.
“Powerball” is a white ceramic ball,
so let’s try again to shoot for
the Gumball, and we’ll get the next one released…
oh boy!
bye bye! I’m surprised I survived that
so I’ve got it trapped again
the goal here is to shoot the Gumball shot
and it’s a deceptively difficult shot,
it looks easy,
but it’s actually quite a tight shot
actually making this shot for the third time
releases the Powerball
The Powerball is white ceramic ball,
a really unique idea in this game
and the Powerball moves
very fast
much faster than the regular pinball
the goal is to shoot it back in the Gumball
the game keeps complaining: “Put it back!”
there it goes back in… not all the
you got to get it all the way to the
Gumball machine to get the award
let’s see if i can put that up back there
but meanwhile, this thing is bouncing
around like crazy
there we go
so that’s gonna start a multiball
called “Powerball Mania”. 3 balls
will come out,
and the goal is to get the ball into the
uh… the right ramp
here it goes, one on the right ramp
and you want to get that ball
in the very top
you just saw me cheat
designers of this game has a jackpot shot
at the very top of this game but…
they didn’t quite have the money to verify
whether you’d made the jackpot or not
so instead they let it
get verified by the next shot down
so if you shoot that shot instead
of the one they asked you to
you still get full credit
come on, let’s get control
give me control
so the game coming along pretty well now
I don’t know how close I am to Roy but…
not at all close to Roy but he had
a friggin’ great score
so you can see this area is the “Powerfield”
a really nice idea
using flipper buttons to control magnets
the goal is to get the ball off the top
it’s tough, very tough
get in, get in your hole!
meanwhile if you drain out of this
you’re in to the bumpers,
and bumpers are just a real challenge
in this game
very challenging to get the ball out of
there safely without dying
or losing or draining
but… I actually have multiball
ready again so
let’s try to get the multiball
ouch! crap! that put the ball
into the bumpers!
and I safely survived another
I don’t know how I survived that actually
get control, let’s get back to regular play,
oh, jeez again! you moron!
alright, back to regular play. Sometimes,
you take a little pause,
a couple seconds to refresh and get back
to regular play
start that multiball
and jackpot is the piano shot
and the relight is the camera shot
to try to get two or more jackpots
TZ is just a terrific game
it’s been in competition since they
came out in the early mid-90’s
great sound package,
I played it at PAPA 4, PAPA 5,
other PAPAs after that here in Pittsburgh
just a terrific game, also a great
competition game
so let’s get that relight
relight’s on
and we’ll try to put the ball in
he piano again
for another jackpot
now the relight
oh, no relight, no credit
as it’s in the back where different shots all feed
the same place, the game doesn’t really know
where the ball came from
so it can’t give you credit for something
if it doesn’t really know
there’s the ball, and the camera shot if
I can get it… will I get it? Nooo!
get in there
get in your camera
oh!… son of a whore
get in there!
all just a second or two to late for
another jackpot, that would have been sweet
but that was not
did not happen
okay this is a place for it’s a good
time just reset, get control
back to regular play
get back to good controlled play
and try to make ramps, make locks,
get back to another multiball
get back to some modes
holy macquerel that was a missed shot
there’s a bad play, ’cause now the ball
is in the bumpers
and it’s very dangerous right now
it’s in danger of draining, still in danger
I’m a little bit… no still back
in the same danger again
I’m trying my best to get control of the ball,
get the ball back to my flippers but
by shaking at the appropriate times
and I got it out
Wow, close one. Very close one.
as we go here
we’re gonna try to get some more Gumballs
I’ve also noticed my play bas been a little
erratic in the last minute
so I’m gonna pause that
I’m going to try to shoot the right ramp
get back on the mini-playfield
called the “Powerfield”
I gained a few lucky bounces
so good opportunities have been going by
and everything, is where I’m lucky not to have
lose the ball
and poor chaps have been
punished the way they are sometimes, and
there’s a really bad idea!
to put the ball back in the bumpers again
oh boy! bad break there… good ball overall,
very good ball overall
and I don’t feel like I’m much closer to Roy
as he went all the way through the game,
he got the “Lost In The Zone” but I’m close to
700 millions, a strong score
and Roy’s score is within reach
but no really
if you know what I mean
see if we can get back to multiball
pull-off a miracle here
and get that score
with good traps, and good shots, it could happen
one shot to the ramp, one shot that’s a bad shot,
I’m gone
I’m not gone okay
Now I’m gone!
a lot of these cases I’m able to save myself
by pushing the machine in the right way
to keep it from the right side
let’s make that ramp
make it through the “Powerfield”
get up to the top
get up there
as I fail out of this, I’m in danger right into
the bumpers, back out again thankfully
with a good push
oh! a second lock bricked out…
ooh! DAMN!
bad drain there but you know pretty solid
congratulations Roy
you’re still intact
that’s a little bit of Twilight Zone
great game, one of the best of all time
I feel
and I hoped you enjoyed watching this video
Subs: Emmanuel Marchand

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