UCR CS 122A Fall 2015 — ­­Tristan Zickovich­­ — Soccer Pinball

CS122A Pinball project
components wired from breadboard to pinball board
Micro controllers contain the game program, and control hardware
Relays control solenoids
bluetooth module allows use of iPad to control flippers and number of credits
24 V power source for solenoids
Stepper motor controls goalie
IR sensors track scoring
LED matrix adds lights
LCD Display adds user interface
joystick control wiring
Pipes redirect the ball to the plunger
Top view of hardware
Use joystick to navigate LCD screen
iPad to add credits and control flippers
joystick controls flippers as well
Matrix lights and goalie moves on game start
Scoring differs based on which hole you sink in
if you set a high score, enter initials and it is saved
enjoy the gameplay

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